Are you a hugger?

JJinWI Posts: 197 Member
I am not. Never have been, never will. Have a social event coming up this weekend where there will be some hugs. Ugggh. I'm just not a hugger. Is something wrong with me? :tongue:

Anyone else anti-hug?


  • EmCarroll1990
    EmCarroll1990 Posts: 2,853 Member
    I am so a hugger.
  • Sh1tsRainbows
    Sh1tsRainbows Posts: 1,228 Member
    I LOVE HUGS!!!! but i think i put off a "dont touch me vibe" so people dont usually try to hug me.. :cry:
  • I am a hugger and so is my dog!
  • ItsCasey
    ItsCasey Posts: 4,022 Member
    I am not a hugger at social events like you're describing. I like hugs when they come from close friends and family only. Hugging someone I don't know very well or don't have a close personal relationship with is just weird to me.
  • fiveferrels
    fiveferrels Posts: 398 Member
    definitely not a hugger
  • PepeGreggerton
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  • Poetic_
    Poetic_ Posts: 274
    Not really, I don't even hug family for the most part. A Hello or Goodbye is enough, I don't need a hug every time...heh

    Only people I regularly hug are my mom and niece.
  • JJinWI
    JJinWI Posts: 197 Member
    "Hugging someone I don't know very well or don't have a close personal relationship with is just weird to me.
    Amen sister!

    :laugh: Gupton: Loved the cartoon! I needed a good laugh. Rough morning!
  • SinIsIn
    SinIsIn Posts: 1,893 Member
    I don't mind hugging... if I know the person.
    Stranger hugging is not something I am comfortable with.
  • SinIsIn
    SinIsIn Posts: 1,893 Member

    i want to squeeze Gir!
  • scs143
    scs143 Posts: 2,190 Member
    Not a hugger at all.
  • CourteneyLove
    CourteneyLove Posts: 246 Member
    I am so a hugger.

    this.. and a major cuddler.
  • I used to not be a hugger, but up until a few years ago, I love to give and receive hugs! Hugs are the best free gift you can possibly ever give. :)
  • clydethecat
    clydethecat Posts: 1,094 Member
    i'm happy to hug someone i know and love, but a stranger, no, never. way too intimate..

    i dont even like shaking a strangers hand.. i dig bowing like they do in japan..
  • leynak
    leynak Posts: 963 Member
    Not a hugger at all. The only people that I like to hug are my kids & my fiance.

    I usually try to avoid hugs from anyone, even family. With the exception of my Grandma. I just usually tense up & get all awkward. Yeah, I don't know, my social skills aren't the greatest. :smile:

    * And as far as strangers- shaking hands is as far as I'll go. I've got a problem with personal space- stay outta my bubble :wink:
  • non hugger..
  • kbw414
    kbw414 Posts: 194
    I'll accept hugs from someone I don't know super well, but I am not a hug instigator.
  • Scott613
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  • onedayillbamilf
    onedayillbamilf Posts: 662 Member
    It depends on the person. When it's people I know, or close friends, I LOVE hugs. I'm a snuggly hugger. When it's people I just met for the first time and they go in for a hug, I give a half hug while thinking "Ummm....why the F are you touching me?"
  • getfitdiva
    getfitdiva Posts: 1,159 Member
    LMAO!!! I'm a hugger if I know you. If I don't know you I don't want to hug you!

    Just like when I was pregnant . . . I don't want strangers touching my belly. Yeah we in the same elevator you still a stranger!!!