Are you a hugger?



  • stenochick0417
    stenochick0417 Posts: 124 Member
    Not a hugger at all. The only people that I like to hug are my kids & my fiance.

    I usually try to avoid hugs from anyone, even family. With the exception of my Grandma. I just usually tense up & get all awkward. Yeah, I don't know, my social skills aren't the greatest. :smile:

    * And as far as strangers- shaking hands is as far as I'll go. I've got a problem with personal space- stay outta my bubble :wink:

  • morganhccstudent724
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    Lover...not a fighter :flowerforyou:
  • PepeGreggerton
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  • pinuplove
    pinuplove Posts: 12,880 Member
    I'm a total touch-me-not. The only people I care to hug are my husband, kids, and a couple of really close friends. And maybe my grandma, but only because she's awesome.
  • Spinelli2288
    Spinelli2288 Posts: 188 Member
    I have never been a real touchy person, not even with family. My mother and sister are insane huggers, they hug EVERYONE. I hug when I have to so I'm not an a-hole but I don't go out of my way to hug. Even boyfriends, up until my current boyfriend I wasn't a hugger, but he changed me. lol I love to hug my boyfriend, and his son. I've always loved hugging my god children, little cousins, friends kids and what not. The way I see it, little kid hugs are awesome because they mean it with all of their little hearts. It seems to me like most hugs are just out of habit.
  • megz4987
    megz4987 Posts: 1,008 Member
    Total hugger here.
    People that I know aren't huggers, I'll hug them longer 'til it's that uncomfortable time lapse. Makes me laugh.
  • PepeGreggerton
    PepeGreggerton Posts: 986 Member
    Total hugger here.
    People that I know aren't huggers, I'll hug them longer 'til it's that uncomfortable time lapse. Makes me laugh.

    lol me too
  • _snw_
    _snw_ Posts: 1,362 Member
    yes and no.

    I like to hug my friends.

    but there is a guy at work whom I've been freinds with (work only) for like 15 years. When he hugs me, he squeexes his chest against mine a little too tight ... and holds it there for a little too long.
  • Maximus0005
    Maximus0005 Posts: 85 Member
    I am a hugger. I have experienced them all...

    The normal hug
    The mutual one arm over the shoulder one around the waist hug
    The bear hug
    The lingering hug
    The slow rub on the back hug
    The fast rub on the back hug
    The shoulders in, rear end out hug
    The hug where your heads are around each others arms

    and of course

    The double pat on the back bro hug
  • Bronx_Montgomery
    Bronx_Montgomery Posts: 2,310 Member
    Im such a huge hugger........especially when im hugging woman smaller then like a bear RAWR
  • skittybang
    skittybang Posts: 1,525 Member

    No way!
  • SexyCook
    SexyCook Posts: 2,284 Member
    I can be at times... but mostly at person that hit when saying hello....Like" Hey Girl and smack on the arm"..:laugh: :laugh:
  • aneumany
    aneumany Posts: 165 Member
    ive been told by many that i give the best hugs! how can anyone not like hugs? one hug from someone can instantly make the worst day better! love hugs! but im a cuddler and super affectionate!
  • LaDiablesse
    LaDiablesse Posts: 862 Member
    Total hugger here.
    People that I know aren't huggers, I'll hug them longer 'til it's that uncomfortable time lapse. Makes me laugh.

    This is me too!
  • I'm a hugger lover ! I Love to hug non huggers and creep them out !
  • kb455
    kb455 Posts: 679 Member
    It really depends on who it is.

    I'm not big on the whole girlfriends hugging whenever they see each other. Not sure why. I just try to give the 'back tap' and end the hug as soon as possible.
  • Huge hugger here.
  • oberon0124
    oberon0124 Posts: 10,550 Member
    Very much so, big time hugger here!!!
  • garnet1483
    garnet1483 Posts: 249 Member
    I like hugs in social situations. There are a couple people I know professionally who hug, and it's a little odd. Mostly because I know that if I were a man, they wouldn't try to hug me. It's irritating. BUT I definitely try to respect other people's views on hugging. There are one or two people I'm very good friends with who are very anti-hug, and I don't hug them. I think you can avoid hugs by keeping a reasonable distance between you and the potential hugger when you say hi. There's a chance they'll step in, but if you can catch the moment before they open their arms, stick out your hand for a handshake. Hug avoided! (This is what I do at work.)
  • The only thing I like to hug is my dog, anything else can go away x