Advice for a Spin Class

I'm starting a Spin Class on Monday at my college rec center. I was wondering if anyone who has had success has any advice for a beginner in this class.


  • mbmorse1011
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    I just went to my first one this Tuesday.

    Be prepared to Sweat
    Be prepared for your legs to feel like jello
    Be prepared for your AZZ to hurt.

    I really enjoyed my first class and I'm doing back again this week to try it with a different teacher. On Tuesday she told me you have to try 3-4 times to know if you really like it. I did everything that they did just at less of the resistance. I wasn't too sore or anything the next day but I stretched good and do other exercises with those muscles on a daily basis.

    Id say just have fun and don't try to over do it!
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    Just keep at it! The first few classes are hard because the saddle hurts your butt so much! Also, don't be afraid not to do everything the instructor tells you to do ---- adding resistance or standing up. Listen to your body and only do what you can handle the first few times.

    My first class, I sat and rode most of the time. I only stood when I needed to give my butt a break!

    Spinning is totally addicting!
  • Hi!! I love Spin class!! Make sure you tell the instructor that you are new so that they can "fit" you properly on the bike. They will make adjustments to the bike for you. If you have a heart rate monitor wear that so that you can stay in your range. Drink lots of water and go at your own pace dont kill yourself on the first day...ENJOY THE RIDE!!
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    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And, go at your own pace--a heart rate monitor is especially helpful for making sure that you are not pushing too hard too soon. Best wishes to you on your journey!
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    I started Spinning when I was 315lbs. My advice is as follows:

    (1) HYDRATE
    (2) bring a hand towel for sweat
    (3) go at your OWN pace, remember, it is your ride, take it slow and don't expect to be able to go full tilt on your first day
    (4) your butt WILL hurt, don't give up, keep going back, it DOES go away!
    (5) ENJOY IT!

  • cmccoy0901
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    Thanks for the advice I'm really looking forward to this class. :happy: Also, is there a certain type of clothing that I should wear so that way I'm not slidding of the seat?
  • i'm gonna try go to one for the first time next week, i'm super excited!
  • jmathews
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    make sure your seat height is correct..instructor will help you.
    don't have the resistance too low when you stand, you'll feel it in your knees
    have towel and water handy
    your lower region will get used to it after a few times
  • Finally22
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    Important to set up the bike to fit you....
    Yes your butt will hurt but stick with it. Also make sure you keep your foot straight and knees forward. Spinning is amazing. I've been doing it since August and it has changed my whole body! Have fun!
  • The first time I went, it really hurt my (bottom portion of body, LOL) and some of the other people there told me to get some shorts with gel padding. That really helped! I got them at Academy Sports. They were a bit pricy for shorts ($45) but well worth it.
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    I love Spin! I just started back in December and am totally addicted. Like all the other members have said, it will hurt your butt for a few classes, but once you get used to it, the workout is great! Always remember to bring a towel. There have been a few days when I forgot mine and it is the worst! If you decide you really like it, I would look into getting spinning shoes. They clip into the peddle of the bike giving you a completely different workout because you are able to push and pull with your legs.

    Good luck! I hope you love it!
  • timadotcom
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    I love spinning do it twice a week. One word for advice is be honest with yourself ( you will know what I mean when you take the class) and take it as often as you can at first because you will need time for your bum to adjust to the seat. It will hurt at first, but after a while your bum won't feel it.

    If you want good tips on setting up the bike, just youtube it. Make sure you push down with your heels so your calves do not tighten up.

    Good luck and have fun.
  • donjar
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    i have been spinning for twenty years... go at your own pace... go slow until you get into not stand or get out of saddle because of group dynamics .... and pressure. pace yourself try twenty minutes first session twenty five minutes second session etc. and just show up
  • lisapr123
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    I've been spinning for 5 years, it's kinda like my version of therapy. I used to help set up the newbies and was the class model for form when I went to the gym (I have a bike at home now).

    1. Wear something you're comfortable in....for bottoms I prefer fitted shorts or capris. I get a little ride-up between the legs if I wear loose bottoms. For the tops I would say a tank or tshirt. Wicking would be good but certainly not required.

    2. Bring at least 1 bottle of water. Drink it!

    3. Bring a towel.

    4. Get there a few minutes early and ask the instuctor or a peer to help you get your bike set up correctly.

    5. Do things at your own pace. If the rest of your class is going harder than you, don't worry. This is YOUR class and it's about YOU, not them. The only one you're competing with is yourself.

    6. If you don't like the class, please please please try again! Either with the same instructor or another. I cannot stress this enough. Do NOT quit until you've tried it several times and possibly with several instructors. They have their own styles and not all agree with everyone. My friend teaches and she's a yeller. I hate it! My instructor was encouraging and fun and was constantly reminding me of my tip #5.

    7. Your butt may hurt. Padded shorts are an option. Sticking with it until your butt adjusts is another. Personally I don't wear them unless I'm doing a very long trail ride (4+ hours).

    8. I like to wear a bandana on my head. It keeps the sweat out of my eyes. And if I forget my towel (it happens) I can use it as a towel instead.

    9. Remember your size has nothing to do with your ability to do this. It is sheer willpower and desire. I was once passed on a road ride by an extremely obese man riding a BMX bike. He had the biggest smile ever!

    10. Have fun! Enjoy the ride. Fake it 'til you make it. Don't quit! Smile.

    Good luck and let us know how you like it! Personally, it changed my life. It was the launch pad for a healthier lifestyle. As it turned out, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer days before my first class. I almost didn't go but figured it may help my mind. And it did. Over the course of the next 8 months I used that hour to cry, laugh, and just lose myself in the ride. I went the day we buried my dad. While people around me were spinning out of control, I found my balance and peace.
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    @ lisapr123 your advice is really encouraging thanks. I have heard spin class burns alot of calories that's what first got me interested in doing it plus watched videos of it on youtube got me interested in it. it looks fun and that's the only way I usually can stick to working out is if I'm having fun with it. With my school schedule and the other classes my school's rec center offers I plan on taking spin class twice a week on Mon and Fri

    Thanks, everyone else for the advice I'm really getting excited to start it on Mon.
  • lisapr123
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    Hey, feel free to add me or message me if you have any questions!