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Ladies that are losing 2lbs/week, what is your secret?



  • iluxoxo211iluxoxo211 Posts: 244Member Member Posts: 244Member Member
    Hello, I have been losing at least 2lbs a week for a while now.. I watch EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth... and I mean everything..I measure out everything I eat. I write down EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth even if it just water.. I make sure I get at least 12 cups of water a least..they say if your trying to lose weight to drink tons of water because it helps flush out your body. I have a water bottle with me everyday all day.. losing weight really is all about moderation and portion can have a treat but you need to know when to stop...I hope this helps a little! good luck and try to stay positive it takes time but once you get into the hang of becomes more of a life style not a diet. If you slip up one day dont get all down and think that the whole day or the whole week is in the dumps...everyday is a new day & remember your doing this for yourself (:
  • Megclark37Megclark37 Posts: 111Member Posts: 111Member
    Eat 1200-1400.
    Plan my meals the day before.
    workout daily (doesn't have to be super intense on a daily basis.)
    I am to burn around 200-400 calories a day with exercising (700 on good days!)
    HIGH protein/fiber, low carbs- keeps me sooo much fuller!
    no more processed crap- only eat fresh veggies/lean meats/etc.

    It's really hard to get into a consistent schedule.. but once you get used to it, it's not as hard as you think :)
    If you mess up a day or two don't let it ruin your whole week.. remember each day is a clean slate! Good luck!
  • heidiwebsheidiwebs Posts: 76Member Member Posts: 76Member Member
    I eat about 1400 calories a day, mostly fruits, veggies, lean fish or chicken, small amount of whole grains and dairy. I work off about 350 calories on my exercise bike, drink lots of water and I fidget. I bounce my knees when I'm sitting, stand up and work at my desk, and make about a million trips to the bathroom a day because of all the water!! I lost 4 pounds my first week, 2 pounds the second, 1 pound the third, and 3 pounds the fourth,10 pounds total!! I've been using MFP for 2 weeks and daily tracking helps SOOO much.
  • emilymeanssuccessemilymeanssuccess Posts: 24Member Posts: 24Member
    I eat 1200 calories a day, and try to workout 3-4 days a week, about 200 calories, and eat most of those burned calories back. I only weigh myself in 5 day periods, or else it just throws me down. hope that helps someone :)
  • kmg3475kmg3475 Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
    I set my goals for 1 pound per week but am usually getting under that so am losing more like 2 pounds. I am exercising almost daily and choosing nutrient dense foods (except for my daily wine....).
  • iluxoxo211iluxoxo211 Posts: 244Member Member Posts: 244Member Member
    Another thing I forgot to add is that I became a vegetarian about 4 months ago and ever since my weight has been falling off of me...I dont know why but eating no meat has made a huge impact on my weight loss..( not suggesting you dont eat meat just telling you what my life style is )
  • missfancy1980missfancy1980 Posts: 326Member Posts: 326Member
    Well done everyone, this is inspiring! Working out 60 - 90 mins a day 6 x per week and eating 1200 - 1500 cals a day and i managed to put weight ON last week :( I've been feeling a bit discouraged so this is good to hear..
  • TwoSpiritsTwoSpirits Posts: 30Member Posts: 30Member
    I've always been a fan of the low-carb diet. I don't subscribe to the intense type of diet, where you have to keep your carbs under 20grams per day the first two weeks and sometimes further on. Right now I'm allowing myself to consume up to 68 grams of net carbs per day, while also trying to keep close to my calorie goal, which is 1350 per day. I just joined MFP last Friday and since then I've lost 4.5 pounds. Its not two pounds per day, but its a consistent 1 pound per day lost. In my opinion, I question the healthy choices of anyone who is losing 2 pounds per day. I mean, One pound per day is a lot. A lot of people on here are striving for 1 pound a week. If you're taking off 2 pounds a day, the chances are they will come back eventually. I know because I've been there before. Remember that intense low-carb diet I mentioned earlier? I did that a few years back and I lost 50 in a very short amount of time. But I didn't stop my bad habits and I didn't change my lifestyle and eventually i started eating sweets and high carb foods again and now here I am once again, starting out at about 55 pounds overweight. So I'm doing my best right now to get the advantages of a "not so intense" low-carb diet and also work on changing my eating behavior and my lifestyle. For those of you who want to lose 2 pounds per day, good luck to you...I hope you succeed and remain healthy. But personally, I just think that's a little too extreme for a normal body to take. Thanx for listening. Have a good day...Dee
  • Megclark37Megclark37 Posts: 111Member Posts: 111Member
    I eat about 1400 calories a day, mostly fruits, veggies, lean fish or chicken, small amount of whole grains and dairy. I work off about 350 calories on my exercise bike, drink lots of water and I fidget. I bounce my knees when I'm sitting, stand up and work at my desk, and make about a million trips to the bathroom a day because of all the water!! I lost 4 pounds my first week, 2 pounds the second, 1 pound the third, and 3 pounds the fourth,10 pounds total!! I've been using MFP for 2 weeks and daily tracking helps SOOO much.

    ^^ haha totally agree with the fidgeting! I tend to dance in the shower.. bend my knees a bunch while I'm waiting for the water to boil... etc.
  • dingaleenadingaleena Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    I am doing a liquid diet at this point. Started 2/22/12. Down 13 lbs in 13 days. Must be choosing decent cuz I definitely have lots of energy at this point. Staying on it thru Easter Sunday. Will see where I stand weight wise at that point.
  • FranceeclaycombFranceeclaycomb Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    really all you have to worry about is diet. make sure you are eating foods that are good for, have a vegetable a day it makes you feel like you are eating but your eating right, and a lot of cardio!!! running is awesome for weight lost well for me, remember not to push yourself to hard though, your muscles retain water after a hard workout, your muscles try to repair themselves with the water so people see weight gain... so yourself a break once in a while :)
  • Hernandeak11Hernandeak11 Posts: 351Member Member Posts: 351Member Member
    -I work out 5-6 days a week for anywhere between 25-60 minutes (cardio, strength, the whole she-bang)
    -No soda or fast food..but pretty much anything else is fair game, although I try to stay as clean as possible
    -I EAT BACK MY EXERCISE CALS..I feel like absolute crap if i don't
    -I try to drink as much water as possible, as close to 8 glasses I can a day
    -I stay focused and patient, and give myself plenty of rest and me-time
  • Trail_AddictTrail_Addict Posts: 1,370Member Member Posts: 1,370Member Member
    i have a friend who lose about half a pound per day, that's at least 3 lbs a week. he did the HCG diet.

    Starving yourself is no secret... and far from healthy. :indifferent:
  • MissJay75MissJay75 Posts: 963Member Member Posts: 963Member Member
    I put my settings to 'lose 1 lb'. However I know that I must be burning more than MFP thinks I do, because I have been losing 2 pounds a week since I started 4 weeks ago. I fully expect this to slow down as my metabolism and body adjust. When that happens I will probably add a few hundred calories a day back in, and take the slower ride.

    Currently I am working out 6 days a week burning apx 200 calories a workout. I do 3-4 days of 30DS and the other 2-3 days either cardio or fun stuff from "Your Shape Fitness". I am eating about 1450 calories, netting 1250. I am almost always within 100 calories of that. I drink at least 8 oz of water every day. I am often "over" on grams of fat and sodium and 'under' on protein. Working on getting better nutrition, but I can't change it all over night. Right now for me working out nearly every day is a HUGE change.
  • Beatlegirl66Beatlegirl66 Posts: 68Member Member Posts: 68Member Member
    I think overdoing it for 35 years so that I got to this point where I have to lose a lot of weight has something to do with the reason why I lose about 2 pounds a week.

    What exactly am I doing? Eating about 1,600 calories a day. Doing Zumba five times a week (even then eating about 1,600 a day). Still eating fast food about once a week, but in much smaller amounts that I once did. Still eating at buffets once a month, but again eating a lot less. Whenever this no longer works for me, then I will make a different change in the routine. But for the past 10 weeks this has worked really well for me.
  • LeilaFaceLeilaFace Posts: 413Member Member Posts: 413Member Member
    I lost 2 lbs per week for about the first 10 weeks of my weightloss. All I did was set my MFP profile to 'lose 2 lbs per week' and then ate the calories it told me to eat. No starving, I like food so I ate all that was allotted to me. After the first 10 lbs I also made an effort to start being more active (cleaned my house more, walked on the treadmill, etc). At that point I also started eating my exercise calories. Then eventually I moved on to adding more exercise to my day. No special foods other than just trying to make slightly better choices than I used to. Still ate carbs. Still ate frozen meals. Still had cereal and other various 'crap', just in moderation and along with those other slightly healthier choices. The main thing was sticking to the MFP given calorie goal.

    You Rock!!! That's what I'm doing... I don't like dieting so I'm eating what I want but either in smaller portions or I'm making better choices, that's it and and a lot of exercise but still. Thank you for sharing.
  • brookepennibrookepenni Posts: 787Member Member Posts: 787Member Member
    I've been losing at least 2 a week for 9 weeks. My secrets:

    I eat when I'm hungry...I eat between 1250-1700 calories each day
    I drink water
    I eat what I want.
    I sleep at least 8 hours a night
    I work out.

    really, it's no secret...
    One thing to remember about the scale that people tend to forget: Your scale doesn't know it's "weigh in" day, neither does your body, so if you aren't losing today, just keep what you're doing, it will come off eventually.
    Good Luck!

    This. Ive been losing consistantly for the last 8 months - and even at the last 10 pounds, Ive still been dropping 1-2 (sometimes 3) pounds a week. Youre welcome to take a look at my diary. Ive also gone overseas or interstate on holidays 6 of these weeks too.

    This is also my story from the forums back in January (Ive lost another 3kgs since then).

    I eat healthy nutrious food
    I drink my water
    I exercise 5 out of 7 days (and no I dont eat the calories back - but Im not saying that works for everyone)
    I mix up cardio and strength
    I weigh my food, have cut down my portions and alcohol intake
    I dont participate in cheat days, however the odd special occasion usually puts me over.

    I love my life.
  • tessalearytessaleary Posts: 5Member Posts: 5Member
    Honestly, don't stress about the numbers on the scale. Someone else said this, but just keep doing what you're doing (so long as it's developing/maintaining healthful habits) and the numbers will slide off. Don't think of it as "what can I do to lose ___ by ___?" For me personally, I have to retrain my brain to eat/want/be satisfied with good food and lose the junk! "Diets" don't work, but implementing real changes in your life do.

    For the "quick" fat burning you're asking about, though, one approach is a pseudo-ketogenic diet. I could easily eat 1200 calories or less worth of junk food and exercise daily, but it's the carbs and processed foods/sugars that get you. Stock up on low carb/high protein snacks such as almonds, low fat/fat free cheeses, greek yogurt with fruits (the fat content in the yogurt will keep you fuller longer), etc. Don't 100% deprive yourself all or nothing of what you want. Sometimes, this only delays a binge. Just be conscious of what you're eating and its nutritional value (carbs, fat, protein). Also, try not to go longer than 4 hours without eating! You'll find that you can eat a hell of a lot, so long as it's good food. And with things higher in carbs, go for whole grain/whole wheat... On my carb days trader joe's wild rice and sweet potatoes are a God send!
  • tracymarie2012tracymarie2012 Posts: 164Member Member Posts: 164Member Member
    Bump..want to hear other success stories.
  • purpleipodpurpleipod Posts: 1,150Member Member Posts: 1,150Member Member
    I've been losing about 2 pounds a week on average, I get 1300 calories a day and I eat whatever I want, just try to stay at 1300. I walk 3 days a week for at least 30 min. each time.
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