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    LI4G - thanks for the help. You are always there and I appreciate the advice.I have to laugh cause I can't eat just 1/2 brownie when I get in these moods. That is something I need to get control of too. I am sure I got overwhelmed with situations and when cheese and chocolate were there I really got scared because I didn't go crazy crazy over them but with the added crackers - oops - I did overdo with them. My old ways flash back. The family situation won't be too bad - it is Dad's 82nd birthday - but because I couldn't get off work I am not staying long - so I won't be eating - it is just the fact of having to deal with my sister.

    I am also one of those people who can not eat just 1/2 a brownie and save the rest for the next day. Im too much of a chocoholic to do that! :laugh: :laugh: In fact, all this talking about brownies is making me want to go to the kitchen and make some cuz I bought mix at the store yesterday for the first time in MONTHS....LOL (had a coupon & it was on sale). I just finished dinner and have like 300 cals to eat, but I am soooo not even hungry right now. In fact, I am stuffed full! My fear is...if I do make them-- not eating just 1 brownie, but sitting down and eating the entire fricken pan of them!! And that is no exageration! LOL Done it before, but its been over 6 months since Ive actually made brownies and it used to be a weekly thing for my house. :devil:

    Oh the torture... why cant brownies be as good for you as chocolate milk is?? :laugh: :sad:
    Ive seen some recipes where you take a box mix and use canned pumpkin instead of the oil and eggs and its supposed to make them a healthier version. Maybe tomorrow I'll see what I can find. :)
  • Dwray – thinking of you and those test results. I too had a “Flat Stanley” experience. My friend’s daughter must have been about 8 when she brought me the suitcase with Flat Heidi. I forget what we did but I think it’s a great idea to get kids excited about language.

    Jaime- welcome back :smile:

    Indianagranny – we all want to run and hide when things aren’t going well. The important thing is to keep coming back. Good luck with the family gathering – I find those stressful and challenging to stay on track with food because there is always too much unhealthy stuff!!!

    Adopt4 – wow you keep moving all day! Travelling Pants 1 was good, you may want to get it after watching Pants2 (I haven’t seen that one). I love watermelon too and its mostly water! Great for the calorie count :drinker:

    Li4g- good job on getting back on track! Keep it up. I too cannot leave the baked goods until it’s all gone. I made healthy banana bread but still ate ½ the loaf in 2 days! Now I say the baking is for my hubby to eat.

    I was under my calories again today. I feel really full now – my challenge is 3 or 4:00pm. I think the blood sugar dips because I feel so tired and start counting the minutes until supper. I have to remind myself – do I want food now or be lighter on the scale on Friday? That usually works.

    My exercise for today was taking my daughter to the park to slide, run and play. Then I walked to the grocery store for cottage cheese. I had spaghetti and veggies (gr. pepper/mushrooms/onion) with it. Tasted awesome.

    Catch everyone tomorrow!
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    I was under my calories again today. I feel really full now – my challenge is 3 or 4:00pm. I think the blood sugar dips because I feel so tired and start counting the minutes until supper. I have to remind myself – do I want food now or be lighter on the scale on Friday? That usually works.

    Did I mention I :love: chocolate milk ESPECIALLY for these moments? :bigsmile:
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    Good morning...

    First thing, I come in here and read what everyone has wrote. I find it's my inspiration for the day. It's funny, but the fact that it feels like a "team effort" is what helps keep me on track.

    A few months ago, when I was trying to lose weight without tracking my calories, I could have dropped to 132 in a week (from 136), and I'd say "Woohoo!" But then, sure enough, I'd be back at 136 within a day or two. I think it must have been because I'd lose a pound or two...and then reward myself with salty foods the next day.
    Whatever it is...it's working this time. I am down to 132, but I got there over the course of a month...and I'm very happy with it. The reason why is because I've been at this number for a few days. And no rewarding myself...:laugh:

    So thank you, ladies, for inspiring me, and for keeping me on the right track.
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    Good morning. I never did check in yesterday nor did I log my food.. But I know I didn't even come close to calories let alone go over.. I was so busy I didn't even have time to eat.

    Up and around and got in 30 mins of Walk Away The Pounds - also did 100 crunches.. Burned 362 calories.

    Off to work have a great day all..

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    Morning, everyone. Cyndee, good for you! And nita, you still need to eat, woman! :wink:

    Today is body fat day at the gym... I'm anxious. I've checked it over the past few days myself to make sure that (1) it's gone down, not up again and (2) to see how water affects that number. So I'm trying not to drink hardly anything until after the reading. :happy: I know the pounds won't go down, they are up a little, TOM crap. But that's ok... as long as my body fat goes down for the contest!

    Today hubby goes in for his shoulder, we think he ripped his rotator cuff. He went in for xrays last night (insurance required, even though it's not going to show anything) and the tech about ripped his arm off for the xrays. Um, there's an injury there, moron, could you be a bit more careful? He literally couldn't move his arm when he got home. I swear some people are mean.

    I go back to the sports nutritionist today, and although I'm not technically following their diet, I have added more foods that I can eat, thanks to them. LIke bagels, which I'm munching on now. Since it's morning of a big workout day, I get a bagel and cream cheese and cheese and lunch meat. Mmm! It's a lot of cals but for a day when I work with a trainer it helps me thru and I work it off anyway.

    My arms are still pretty sore from working them out myself on Sunday, but I worked my legs out yesterday and they are not sore at all. So guess I could have done a lot more. Although I did irritate my bad knee jumping over hurdles at the boot camp, and then made it worse yesterday by doing squats incorrectly... have to pay so close attention to where your knees are bent! They have to be straight in line with your ankle, not over!! Mirrors at the gym are beginning to be useful rather than something to be avoided at all costs.

    Like Cyndee, every morning I get the kids breakfast and then grab mine and sit here and read thru all the posts. It's like having a morning cup of coffee with ya'll every day. I LOVE it! Especially this group of people ya'll are SO AWESOME!

    And the next person who skips out because they were off target, rather than coming here for support, will get flogged with a wet noodle! We ALL screw up, lose motivation, get tempted and can't resist, get depressed, fall back to old habits - that's the whole point of having a group with you. We can sympathize, lift you up, encourage you, point out how far you've come, and kick you in the butt - but we NEVER judge.

    And remember, each and every one of you (that means you too, adopt4) - falling back into an old habit briefly is not something to get upset about - because it was brief. That used to be how we were ALL THE TIME and now it's once in a while we slip back - but a majority of the time we do it RIGHT and HEALTHY. If we were using batting averages, we'd all be SUPERSTARS.
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    Hey everyone! Well, I'm NOT pregnant....TOM woke me up at about 1 this morning :sad:
    Needless to say, I'm a bit disappointed, but doing okay. Just have to keep trying!

    It was so gorgeous last night, I just had to go for a walk. So, Tony and I walked about 2 miles, and it felt great! It was about 60 and a little breezy, just perfect!

    My little sister is coming this weekend, and I'm pretty excited about that. She thinks she needs to take care of me, so between she and Tony, I'm going to be so spoiled! Hate to see her leave! :laugh:

    Well, better get to work! Hope you all have a great day!
    Lauri-HELLLOOOOOO :flowerforyou: Where are you??
    LI4G- You forget about me girl, still waiting for your address!! :laugh:
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    Got in 30 minutes of weights this morning and followed it up with 45 minutes on the elliptical.

    That felt SOOOOO good!!

    Back on track this week and Im excited to see the results this Friday, Im gonna stay off it now for the rest of the week but I popped on the scale today just to see. Another pound down so Im now at 219.2!! Woot Woot!!!

    Since I burned about 878 calories at the gym today, My calorie goal is 2316 calories... Breakfast was 1 Blueberry Sarah Lee Bagel, 2tbsp ff cream cheese, 1 cup of milk ,1 scoop of my protien and a medium apple. Just wasnt up for Oatmeal 3 days in a row.. :sick: Lunch is 2 tuna sandwiches (made with light mayo & mustard), 3/4 cup of blueberries, 1/2 cup lettuce, 1 small tomato. I have two 163 cal protien smoothies to drink and dinner is about 510 calories, so I am right on target!

    Have had to mix some benefiber into my water. My body isnt used to this many carbs and was starting to get constipated. Hopefully that will "fix" that problem... :happy:

    Dwray- I sent ya a message with my addy a couple days ago, but I'll send ya another!! Going to do that now.
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    adopt4...Your post was truly uplifting. Between that, and the threat of a flogging with a wet noodle, I'll be sure to keep checking in.

    LI4G...Good luck with the Benefiber. If you're into vitamins and such, fish oil capsules are also good for keeping the digestive system on track. Plus...They're good for your heart. Omega 3 and all that...

    I went out with my parents again today. I had half a turkey club, NO butter, NO mayo. So I've still got half of the sandwich to eat later. I'm learning...

    I, too, can't resist the temptation to step onto the scale between weigh-ins. I'm so happy with my slow, but steady, weight decline, since I started this site. No more jumping around from 132, back up to 135...then 136...
    By sticking with this, it's slowly gone down...but it stays down!
    Oh happy day!
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    LI4G...Good luck with the Benefiber. If you're into vitamins and such, fish oil capsules are also good for keeping the digestive system on track. Plus...They're good for your heart. Omega 3 and all that...

    Thanks Cyndee- I already take my multivitamin, cinnamon & the fish oil every day. At first the fish oil made me go, but not anymore. I think Im gonna talk to the nurtitionist about how many I should take. They are 1g gel caps and I take 1 a day. Not sure if I need to up that or not but I didnt think about that until you said something! So Thanks!! Will put that on my list of questions for tomorrow's meeting with him.

    Dwray- Sorry your TOM showed up. Practicing at the baby making is fun tho so keep tryin if yer ready :wink: Im past that stage, but I still keep track of my TOM using a free tracker called Fertilityfriend.com. Ive used it since my 2nd month on MFP and it gives me an idea of when TOM is gonna show up so I can not freak out at the water weight....:laugh: Would totally be helpful if your trying to get preggie.
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    Hey Everyone,

    DWray44 - well like you say - just keep trying. Was really excited for you.

    Adopt4 - like Cyndy, your post was uplifting and so true. I join you and Cyndy every morning when I get home from work, eat my breakfast every day while reading the posts.

    Cyndeebee - The scale at this house is going down slow and with a few mistakes on my part is staying down too. And I am satisfied with that. I know it is slow but it is healthy which helps the body also.

    LI4G - WTG GIRL - The weight is going good. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

    Anita - you got to eat girl. but I have had a couple of those day where it seem liked no time to eat.

    Well the next two days are really bad at work so if I DON'T log know it is work and exercise. have a good night everyone. gotta go eat before work
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    I only discovered this the other day - and by accident - but my fish oil capsules said I should be taking 3 a day. I was taking just one.
    (Ditto for the calcium/magnesium I was taking. I took one...supposed to take 3...duh...:embarassed: )

    Hope that inventory goes quickly for you, indianagranny...
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    WOW!! 3 of those horsepills?? LOL I hate taking them cuz they are huge...They are 1000mg each.
    BUT....Low and behold I just looked at the directions: Take 1 horsepill, up to 3 times daily with a meal.

    Thanks for pointing out to read the directions! Youd think as a former Pharmacy Technician I should be able to read the flippin directions listed on the bottle... but doh.gif:embarassed: :laugh: :laugh:
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    You can stop smoking. You are the healthiest you have been in how long? I stopped 15 years ago, after a few failed attempts.

    It was like the food addiction thing. For a couple weeks, I did fine, then some drama happens, and I got all panicky. It was my way of coping (food, cigarettes, alcohol, blah blah blah, right?) Cigarettes are great for boredom, frustration, anger, habit, habit, habit. And as my childhood friend said (when she stopped at age 18 - I still hate her for that - "Cigarettes after a meal just take away that nice full feeling and you lose the great taste of the food". ) She was very wise at age 18.

    I came looking for kitty.gif....more off-topic stuff from me.....ooops. You guys read Kristi's topic didn't you? It's awesome...


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    I thought of you when I took this picture today.....


    Can you guess why?? :laugh: :bigsmile:
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    Kristi, what'dya do today for exercise? Haven't seen you post today....

    Today I met with a trainer, so 30 mins on elliptical, 30 mins of torture, then he said do another 10 mins so I first chose the escalator from hell but it hurt my knee so after a few mins I switched to the treadmill and walked fast... He did abs today and kept making me run in between exercises. Dude's trying to kill me, I swear.

    Came home and was really beat, tried eating a protein bar, didn't help, ate my lunch, still tired - so I took a dang nap. So I didn't get anything done around the house that I wanted to, like finishing the painting in my dining room (only a few days till the surprise party, I need to get it done!!!)

    I asked my trainer about being sore after exercise, and what's too much, not enough, etc. He said that if you're too sore to do your daily life, you've done too much. If you dont' feel anything, if you're not energized the next day, if you don't feel like you worked your muscles, then you didn't do enough. (He's not one of those "if you're not dying the next day writhing in pain then you're not really exercising" kind of guys.) I did my arms/shoulders/upper back on Sunday, was sore but not incredibly so, and was still sore today, so I wasn't sure if I should exercise if I was still a bit sore. He said that doesn't matter (if I'm sore or not) but if I"m really sore 48-72 hours later then it was too much. He said my soreness would go away after we did those areas again today - and he was right. I just needed to get it all moving again.

    I am frustrated, I have to say, that as hard as I've been working the past few weeks, that I'm not seeing an incredible drop in the scale is disappointing. I know I am certainly smaller, because I swear I've dropped a pant size without losing any weight in the past week, so I'm seeing results - I just wanted to see them on the scale! I also worry because I'm doing the Max Muscle numbers - 50% carbs - that maybe I'm eating too many carbs and maybe that's why... but I know in my head not enough time has gone by for me to make any sort of determination or decision about changing anything, but my heart is saying, it must be wrong! Truth be told - I'm pretty damn fit now and so it's going to take a lot more work to get those pounds off. When go start at nothing, as far as exercise is concerned, the pounds come off fast as you start to move around. But after a few weeks, it's harder and harder to get those pounds to come off as your body is used to the new activity level. I know all this in my head - but my heart ain't listening! :grumble:
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    Cm- you musta been reading my mind....stay tuned... Im in the process of upload good pics now from my Nikon of the babies :) Will have them up in a sec...

    Also.. thanks for the support on the quitting. Hubby and I have both decided to quit after his birthday party BBQ which is June 6th. Lots of smoker friends, with wine, food, ect.... Id crack for sure if I tried to do it right now. I have been cutting back alot tho even from what I was smoking :wink:
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    No time like the present, Li4g. I'm just sayin.

    Waiting for kitties :happy:
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    Aww! Sooo cute, those babies.

    A three-way!

    Kristi stayed up too late last night and had to get up early. But I didn't tell you :noway:
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    This is Oddball Opa...


    And here he is being used as a pillow by his brother....not that he minds a bit..:laugh: