Which part of your body bothers you the most?



  • angiemartin78
    angiemartin78 Posts: 475 Member
    My stomach....It's so freaking gross! I still have approximately 60lbs to lose to reach my goal weight and I hope that my stomach will flatten out. I can "hide" the rest of my fat in my clothes, but the muffin top kills me! If I buy pants to fit my butt and legs it squeezes my stomach over my pants...If I buy pants to fit my stomach, I have so much "baggage" in the butt and legs that it looks awful! :grumble:
  • angella_zumba
    Cellulite on thighs and butt needs a lift
  • nyrjasmine
    Hate, hate my arms!
  • sian_1989
    sian_1989 Posts: 33 Member
    My rear end and upper thighs. They are insulated by cellulite. The only way they will ever be 'shapely' is with a vacuum hose.

    I can completely sympathize! My thunder thighs bother me and I can't seem to get ride of my big booty...no matter how many squats or lunges I do.

    Me neither, squats and lunges don't touch my thighs and bum at all! I wish I could just skim off an inch or 2!
  • Ady0092
    Ady0092 Posts: 86
    My butt.. I hate it so much!!
  • LoopyLaura68
    LoopyLaura68 Posts: 76 Member
    belly,hips,tops of thighs & boobs :huh:
  • prism6
    prism6 Posts: 484 Member
    with the weight I have lost..ugh, my 'hanger' belly and flabby arms
  • dme1977
    dme1977 Posts: 537 Member
    love handles/spare tire thing

    that and especially my THIGHS!!!
  • AmyM713
    AmyM713 Posts: 594 Member
    My lower stomach, I have a lot of left over fat from my 3 pregnancies. I hate how it bulges when I sit and just hangs when I'm bent over. Oh and my under arm, I like to wave at people with out waving twice!
  • Gigilly
    Gigilly Posts: 37 Member
    Honestly? I hate my "cankles". You know, where most people have a lovely calf that connects to an ankle? Me, I have tree trunks attached to my feet. LOL
  • LikeNoOneElse84
    LikeNoOneElse84 Posts: 475 Member
    My back. Man is it ugly. Lol
  • Heather68462
    Heather68462 Posts: 49 Member
    definitely stomahc!~
  • here_I_go_again
    here_I_go_again Posts: 463 Member
    My Stomach

    This^ Definately my stomach. Ugh! I can't wait until it goes down. I want a flat stomach, dang it!
  • stacymama5
    stacymama5 Posts: 391 Member
    Most definetly my arms!!! I know it is something that I need to work on.
  • sportsjunkee70
    sportsjunkee70 Posts: 173 Member
    My MOOBS for sure
  • MissPiggyWiggy
    MissPiggyWiggy Posts: 45 Member
    I hate the little voices in my head....

    (chokes on her tea lol)
  • whtlatina1214
    whtlatina1214 Posts: 765 Member
    i hate the baby bump its like im losing wieght and still have that bump ...

    any tipes out there for this ???
  • FunandFitMom
    FunandFitMom Posts: 146 Member
    My stomach - I had an emergency C-section with my son and have one of the 6 inch vertical scars. Getting those muscles back into shape continues to be my most difficult challenge.
  • beckyinma
    beckyinma Posts: 1,433 Member
    My saddle bags and the back of my thighs, and the fact that after 60lb I still have fat ankles... damn genetics!
  • jazzykay1971
    My stomach bothers me the most. It's not even really that bad, just stems back from dance I think, my teacher always weighing us and criticizing everyone.