May Challenge!!!!

I've been up and down and round and round with this journey and I'm ready to take back the control and make it mine!!!!!!!! I need you with me!

Who's ready for a challenge?

Prior to May 1:
Post here and let us know:
What your goals are for the month
How you will be measuring (I know that some people have thrown their scales out the window)
What your motivators are
What your biggest weakness are

Starting May 1:
Take your daily calorie allowance and add 1000 - that's the number of calories you have to burn per week. Yes, I said per week!
Each week, you have to pick one new activity to burn calories - variety is the spice of life, people!!!
Each week, you have to choose something to do that you don't necessarily like, but you know is good for you....and do it twice. Not a fan of broccoli? Eat it!!! Twice!! Toss the cigarettes on your break and take a walk around your building. Twice!! You get the picture!
Post on Tuesdays - since May 1 is a Tuesday, we'll go week to week on Tuesdays!

This is a motivational challenge, there are no prizes (except your health), there are no eliminations (except those who cannot committ to this for one month).


  • NicoleZ1515
    NicoleZ1515 Posts: 27 Member
    Sounds good. Im going on a cruise on May 20th, so I'll count that as my last day in May. I hope to lose about 4 pounds by then, making my total weightloss over 10 lbs. I'll be measuring with a scale. Motivators are the cruise and cruise clothing! My biggest weaknesses are office sweets, and nighttime ice cream cravings!
    I'm zumba-ing tonight, so that should put me at a good start for the 1000 exercise calories.
  • bonniejo
    bonniejo Posts: 787 Member
    Goals: Lose 2 pounds
    I will measure in the morning on my own scale
    Motivators: Chalean Johnson and a pair of jeans in my closet I'm just a tad too big for!
    Weaknesses: Laziness, not being able to stop eating when I'm full
    Calorie Allowance: 1,400. Exercise goal: 2,400 cals a week!, That's about 400 a day, which is way more than I'm doing now :(

    Is that everything?
  • Im so on to do this challange my goal is to loose 8 pnds by labor weekend that means I have to burn 2200 calories per week my weakness is gathering with my friend and having a few drinks which triggers me to eat but Im over it Good Luck Ladies
  • mosneakers
    mosneakers Posts: 343 Member
    Wow - I should probably fill this out too, huh?!?

    May: Lose 10 pounds (measuring w scale on Tuesday morning)
    Motivators: Weddings - 2 this year and MINE next!!!
    Biggest weaknesses - Eating at night, eating junk when stressed, excuses

    Starting May 1:
    2200 calories per week
    Hot yoga is my activity next week - thanks, Groupon!
    Giving up coffee twice next week
  • fowler3clan
    fowler3clan Posts: 2 Member
    I can do this! I recently signed up on Fitness Pal and am committed to loose 50 lbs and be at my ideal weight (150). I love to use the Cybex machine and 24 hour fitness but have not worked out all this week. My daily allotted caloric intake is 1880, so add 1000 and I need to burn 2880 calories in exercise next week.......I WILL DO THIS. Good luck everybody. We are worth it! Keep you all posted, do the same.
  • Johnece
    Johnece Posts: 7
    I'm in!

    Goals: Lose 8 lbs during May.
    Measuring: Just started a Weight Loss Class and the mid-point measuring is on May 29th. Will weigh in on my own every Tuesday.
    Motivators: Health is a big one for me. I was just told my cholestrol is high for the first time in my life. Gotta get and stay healthy!
    Weaknesses: Like Julie, if I drink, I overeat. So much of my social life is centered around food. Going out to eat withe friends, having them over, going to their homes. I have to figure out how to resist temptation and find some pig-headed determination!

    I'll need to burn 315 a day to reach my weekly target. The class I joined will be introducing new fitness classes every week, so I'll be changing it up anyway.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all!
  • Jenn925
    Jenn925 Posts: 6
    I am willing to give this a whirl.

    What your goals are for the month: To lose SOME weight. I am not even going to put a # out there since I seem to have hit a brick wall lately any is better than none at all, I guess.

    How you will be measuring: I guess the scale is the easiest way to tell. Or I may also pull out those summer outfits that have not fit me for far too long. LOL

    What your motivators are: Definitely trying to age as gracefully as possible. I am trying to get pregnant and will hopefully need all the energy I can get for chasing little ones around soon.

    What your biggest weakness are: Knowing when to put the utensils down. :-(

    Starting May 1:
    Oh boy! 2400 calories per week. Well.....that will be a bit of a challenge but it is worth trying.

    New activity? I guess. LOL

    "Each week, you have to choose something to do that you don't necessarily like, but you know is good for you....and do it twice. Not a fan of broccoli? Eat it!!! Twice!! Toss the cigarettes on your break and take a walk around your building. Twice!! You get the picture!"

    HAHA ..... But I really like broccoli and eat it regularly. I tossed the cigs some time ago, too. I will try to come up with something.
  • l3xii
    l3xii Posts: 160
    sounds great im ready....

    What your goals are for the month.... lose 12lbs
    How you will be measuring..... New bathing suites and scale
    What your motivators are ...... cancun trip in June
    What your biggest weakness are ...... eating too much:blushing:

    so my total caleries burn per week will be 2200
  • KilikiMom
    KilikiMom Posts: 237 Member
    so i already burn 3600 a week....anymore and i will die....can i just stick with 3600??
  • I would love to accomplish this challenge!

    What your goals are for the month - Lose 6 pounds and do 30 Day Shred
    How you will be measuring - the scale and tape measure
    What your motivators are - a family reunion in June, beach vaca in July
    What your biggest weakness are - boredom in the afternoon leads to a lot of snacking!

    I will exercise 2200 calories a week. I plan to do 30 DS but not every day. In the days in between I will walk, bike ride, Wii Fit

    I will try greek yogurt. I read about how great it is but it sounds gross to me... not a fan of yogurt
  • conniehv40
    conniehv40 Posts: 442 Member
    I am in!

    My goal is 2 pounds in May. I keep losing the first four and then, junk food attacks every night, prohibit me from doing what I WANT to do!!!!! I am my worst enemy! What is wrong with me!!!???

    SO, goal is to get over this hurdle by losing 2 pounds in May. Step on the scale and say "I can do this!"

    Biggest problem: The junk food at night? Crazy stupid!

    Motivation: Feel better about spring and summer clothing (no more sweaters or jackets)

    How: Eat right at lunch and snack, having dinner organized each day and this will help me stop the crazy eating at night.

    Exercise: I do 2 days of strength training, but in May, I will add 2 more days of walking.

  • Collins35
    Collins35 Posts: 10
    I was doing so good for a little while then I started slacking. Now I have put back on all but 3 lbs of what I lost. A Challenge is just what I needed to get me back on track!
    Goal: To lose 10 lbs in May
    Measure: With a scale
    Motivation: Aeropostale T-shirts, they are just so darn cute. Not liking them being snug.
    Weakness: Ice Cream

    I will need to burn 2200 Calories a week I plan to do this by walking. I'm not likly to try anything I don't like, however there are a few things I could give up a few times this week such as Ice Cream.
  • pmaxson
    pmaxson Posts: 137
    Prior to May 1:
    Post here and let us know:
    What your goals are for the month Lose 5 pounds
    How you will be measuring (I know that some people have thrown their scales out the window) Scale, but will also use measurements as I'm increasing my strength training
    What your motivators are bikini season!
    What your biggest weakness are egg biscuits from my favorite restaurant, snacking once I get home from work, eating when tired, not hungry.

    I'm in!
  • teetee1281
    teetee1281 Posts: 1,076 Member
    What your goals are for the month: Lose 10 lbs or 2 inches off waist
    How you will be measuring: Scale and Tape measure
    What your motivators are: Navy Physical Readiness weigh-in; returning to my pre-injury weight (157); regaining strength
    What your biggest weakness are: Sweets (chocolate)
    Weekly calorie burn: 2370
    New activity: Treadmill at 4% incline
    Eat fresh veggies (non processed)

    This challenge is exactly what I need, to jump start my recovery!
  • rmh21
    rmh21 Posts: 7
    Goals: Lose 4 pounds
    Measuring: Scale and tape measures
    Motivator:Getting out of this horrible frustrating awful 2 month plateau!!!
    Biggest weakness: Not exercising
    Weakly Calorie Burn: 2300
  • byrkar
    byrkar Posts: 14 Member
    Goals: Lose 5 lbs and run 5K (no walking)
    Measurement: Scale and Endomondo
    Motivators: I've come so far, why stop now??
    Weaknesses: Eating out because I don't like to cook.

    So let me get this straight.... My daily calorie allowance is 1200, so I add 1000 and my new goal for calorie burn is 2200 per week, right? I can do that (<-convincing myself)
  • Maalea
    Maalea Posts: 15,554 Member
    I am in, as well! This looks like just the thing I will need to keep going.

    Goal: I want to lose 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
    Measurement: scale
    Motivators: I have a pair of summer trousers I want to fit in again,
    Weakness: eating very unhealthy in the evening when I come home from work

    I will have to burn 2500 kcal per week! (ups...)

    New activity: Up to now, I have mostly been walking for my exercise - for something different, I will do some cross training as well in the first week.

    Things I don't like: I'd say climbing the stairs to my flat (it's on the 7th floor), but that counts as an activity (maybe for the last week...) I will think about it and let you know ;-)
  • msbrenduh
    msbrenduh Posts: 10
    I'M IN !!
    What your goals are for the month: Building the habit of posting consistently and keeping track of my food.
    How you will be measuring (I know that some people have thrown their scales out the window) : I have my scale at home, I'll weight in every week as well as with the measuring tape.
    What your motivators are : my health and fitting into cuter clothes.
    What your biggest weakness are: myself. I lack self control :indifferent:
  • mosneakers
    mosneakers Posts: 343 Member
    Hey guys,
    It's Sunday night - - - are you thinking / planning for the week / month ahead?
    You have just a little over a day to get your game plan down for the first week of May.

    The calorie burn goal is to push you to the point where you'll be sweating away that plateau, those bad foods that you know you shouldn't have eaten and those negative thoughts you have about whether or not you can burn those calories in a week. YOU CAN!!!

    The making good choices goal is a way to look at things in a different way- doing things that you know are good for you can only lead to good things. Not eating late at night, opting for the "skinny" version of your coffee drink, etc - good choices = happy people!

    The trying a new activity is an attempt to get you out of your comfort zone. Did you always want to do piloxing or try running out?!?!? DO IT! You might love it. If you don't, at least you tried!

    Looking forward to this month with you!!! :flowerforyou:
  • I'm definatly in!
    My goal for the challenge: lose 10 lbs
    Measuring: scale and tape measure
    Motivation: Health! Recovering from breast cancer treatment for the second time! The biggest thing to prevent recurrance is activity and maintaining an Ideal weight. I also want to wear my sun dresses this summer, they're too tight right now!
    Weakness: myself, self pity, fatigue and low energy.

    Ready to take on the challenge!