PCOS - Have you ever said "I would never get that big!"?



  • TiniBambini
    I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I have read months of research and articles on how to control symptoms and improve fertility. The past 3 months I have lost 7 kg (over 1 stone)
    This is what I have been eating and avoiding
    -NO caffeine
    - anything sugary I don't eat anymore
    - NO potatoes!! No white rice , white bread or white pasta. Replace with brown bread , brown rice and brown pasta.
    - eat fresh fish, 2 portions of oily fish twice a week only. chicken, lentils, legumes and beans
    - eat lots of vegetables, esp greens. Eat fruits ealier on the day.
    - avoid too much salt and season with pepper, paprika etc

    Diet must be LOW GI (glycemic index) With PCOS we are insulin resistance which means basically if we eat too much sugar our bodies produce too much insulin. If we produce too much insulin this effects our hormone balance which causes cysts on the ovaries. Therefore we need to cut down completely on sugary foods

    I drink green teas , I also boil 1 cinnamon stick In Water until brown. Drink 2 x a day. Cinnamon is very good to control blood sugar levels and digestion in PCOS.

    I exercise 3 times a week for 30-60 mins yoga only. Yoga is good for keeping you calm and helps to reduce stress levels. When stressed the body produces cortisone which is also a hormone and effects PCOS. Women with PCOS tend to have higher levels of androgen (testosterone) which can make us stressed so yoga and low GI diet will help to keep this level low.

    If you stick to this you won't even need medication, diet will make a big difference. I know this from my own experience.

    There's so much more I can write but the above are a must. It's hard at first changing your diet , it will work and need to stay positive.
  • musicgal86
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    I have struggled with it myself. What has worked for me is eating really clean and eating a lot of green leafy veggies
  • bizness4you
    Great Job! You are doing what most will not. Helping yourself!
  • mandieschmitz
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    Hi! I have PCOS too. I was diagnosed shortly after getting married. My husband and I have struggled with the effects of infertility thanks to it, for the last 11 years.

    My highest weight was 336. I've always struggled to lose weight but started counting calories (I don't count carbs, sugar, etc I eat what I want within my calories and exercise. Not everyone with PCOS is insulin resistant) and I've lost 84 pounds so far AND I've gotten my period for the first time in over 12 years on my own so we might actually be able to have kids finally. So it's very possible to lose weight with PCOS :)
  • bumbledust
    I have PCOS. And all the fun stuff like extra hair, extra pain during periods, super heavy bleeding (if I bleed at all), mood swings, weight gain -- you name it, I was afflicted.

    I went on a strict ketogenic diet, and it has mitigated (or made disappear) every single symptom (along with a ton of weight). I can't recommend it enough to people who suffer from the same. It even got me off blood pressure medication. And my blood work (including cholesterol) is PERFECT.

    Less than 20g net carbs per day, roughly 1g of protein per pound of lean body mass, the rest fat (preferably from sources that are high in Omega-6, but I also take fish oil). About 1500 calories a day (some days more, some days less). Lots and lots of water (somewhere around a gallon a day) -- and magnesium/potassium/sodium supplements, to combat any electrolyte imbalance that drinking so much water might cause.

    I will eat this way for the rest of my life. It probably isn't for everyone, but it has DEFINITELY been my magic bullet.

    ed. - The reddit keto community (reddit.com/r/keto) changed my life. Maybe saved it. This is the FAQ where my research started: reddit.com/r/keto/wiki/faq

    Low-carb/high-fat isn't for everyone, but maybe someone who it -will- work for will see this, and it will change their lives, too. :)
  • TLei9h
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    I have had pcos for 6 years diagnosed at 19 after missing my period for 10 months. And having extreme pain. they had to go in through my belly button to remove some cysts and everything. I was put on metformin and was on it for 4 years before I decided I did not want to rely on medication anymore. the heaviest weight I have reached was 155 pounds at 5'6 and I always told myself growing up I would never let my self gain weight. originally 119 pounds. I now have 2 children without the help of fertility medication and am now on this site because I have realized im letting myself gain all my weight that I said I never would. best of luck to all of you suffering with pcos and I hope that your life style change will reduce your symptoms :)
  • beccamarks56
    I have OSH which is a severe form of PCOS an had lost 40 lbs taking metformin, spironolactone, and bc combined. I felt better and had less symptoms. No my husband and I have decided to start trying to have a baby. The dr. took me off of the spiro and bc. It's only been 3 weeks and I've already gained back 15 lbs! And I feel awful all the time. Have any of you experienced this? What did you do to keep the weight off and to feel better in a baby making safe way?