SwEEt TooTH - need ideas



  • HeatherNoyes
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    TCBY has chocolate fudge frozen yogurt bars. They are DELICIOUS! 80 calories a piece so even if you have two, its ok. Hershey's also makes 100 calorie chocolate sticks. I also like any Fiber One bar.
  • Mrs16
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    Del monte frozen fruit bars ( strawberry kiwi) are only 50 cal
  • Donnacoach
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    Pudding, fiber 1 bars, dark choc. granola bars, strawberry's to name a few.
  • dmanning0819
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    I found this on skinny taste and this was really awesome. I really love banana's and this really hit my sweet tooth.

    Baked Bananas Servings: 1 • Calories: 143 1 medium ripe banana, cut in half lengthwise 2 tsp honey or agave
    Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
    Peel and cut bananas in half.
    Arrange banana in an oven safe dish or on tinfoil. Sprinkle with cinnamon and honey.
    Cover and bake for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how soft you like them.
  • Julem22
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    One of those little cups of sugar free jello mixed with one of those little cups of Kozy Shack Tapioca pudding (sugar free kind) Mix it together...it sound gross but it is good, and you feel like you are eating alot!! Only 60 calories!!! BTW I am the SAME way, at night I cut up and apple and sprinke cinammon on it and microwave it for a few minutes!
  • perfect10isha
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    I don't know if anyone else recommended this, but try GUM! Not just any gum, a real sweet and juicy flavor like 5 gum, they have like a watermelon flavor and if I pop a piece of gum after a meal... I'm soooooo good. It satisfies the sweet tooth and keeps my mouth busy so I can think about other things. Other than food.

    If you have a serious sweet tooth like me than having a bite of chocolate or something only feeds the beast and makes you want it more, so if you can try to break the habit by chewing gum instead. It really helps me. If you just have to have a sweet treat try the skinny cow ice creams. Its cold so you can't eat it too fast, they are relatively low in calories and just as satisfying as a full fat ice cream.
  • Bordenave
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    I am on the jello binge. Also visualization helps me. I sit quietly and envision the look of a desert that I would like to eat. I imagine the smell of it and then I am able to remember the taste of it. Once I have gone through this exercise, my craving usually has passed. Call me crazy or.....
    Has anyone else tried this?
  • JJShotz
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    Nips brand hard carmels. 30 calories and last a long time if you don't bite them. Very tasty!


    ...and no this isn't my Amazon page, but a good deal if you're interested.
  • Jmd1970
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    We are entering ice cream season, and there is a little ice cream shop close to our home that my kids like to frequent. Whenever we get them ice cream I have this...which makes me feel like I'm not missing a thing!
    Chocolate Shake:
    1 Banana (not ripe = YUCK!)
    1 Cup Almond , Soy or Skim milk
    1 TBSP Natural Peanut or Almond Butter
    1 TBSP Unsweetened Cocoa Powder


    Funny--I make the exact same thing, but I use 1% milk for extra creaminess. So good!
  • cbart2818
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    Bump to read later!!
  • Lord007
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    Depending on how handy you are in the kitchen, you can satisfy that sweet tooth by using Splenda (awesome in cheesecake) or Xylitol. Xylitol is a natually occuring sugar alcohol, meaning your body doesn't react to it like sugar. It's used in many brands of sugar free gum.
  • JennONeill
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    Brookside dark chocolate covered pomegranate or acai and blueberry.. I find you don't need many to satisfy your sweet tooth and they are delicious!
  • marieautumn
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    i'm the same way...i make protein packed oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as a day time snack, and strawberries with indulgence chocolate cream cheese as a night time dessert. when im lazy i just put a scoop of protein powder in a pudding cup and call it dessert.
  • markaholden
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    I love a handful of baby carrots. I've really cut out sweets so these just seem so good to me.
  • marieautumn
    marieautumn Posts: 932 Member
    I love a handful of baby carrots. I've really cut out sweets so these just seem so good to me.

    as a chocolate lover, this made me sad.