What do you use when weighing food, ounces or grams?



  • PunkyDucky
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    bump for reference
  • zeal26
    zeal26 Posts: 602 Member
    Grams. I was never taught ounces. Though I was also never taught pounds and that's what I weigh myself in!

    Cups etc aren't measurements used where I live.
  • jmv7117
    jmv7117 Posts: 891 Member
    I'm in Canada. My food scale does both metric and Imperial but I prefer metric (grams).
  • thinkpositive92
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    I use metric as I'm from Australia but I've also got imperial on my scale :)
  • Kathryn41057
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    Bump for later... Thank you
  • doctorsookie
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    Depends on what the label has listed. Sometimes it just says Tbs so I enter a new food item listed as grams so I don't have to work the math every single time.
  • knra_grl
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    I try to measure everything (exept liquids) in grams - the only time I use ounces is when I can't find a gram measurement in the data base.
  • Kathryn41057
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    I forgot to add that my scale does: grams..Milliliters..Fluid ounces, and ounces
  • Francl27
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    1 ounce is 28g is it not?

    I just use grams. For servings that comes in ounces though, I use ounces.
  • RisiM
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    Grams - get more numbers for your money
    2oz or 50g - no brainer
  • Bry_Fitness70
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    Cups and other measurements pertaining solely to volume are fairly antiquated and largely useless to me. Grams make the most sense, but ounces are fine, too. I don't have the ability (or the will) to try to cram everything I eat into cups, but I can easily weigh it.
  • SezxyStef
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    Metric in Canada.

    psh I am Canadian and use lbs, miles, feet etc.

    I like grams personally and if I can't find an entry I make one
  • snowflake954
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    In Europe and on the metric system here, although I was raised in America. I can use either. For accuracy you can't beat the metric system.
  • michellemybelll
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    well it depends doesn't it? my scale has a few options, including grams and ounces. depending on what the serving size is listed in, grams or ounces, i use either/or.
  • paperpudding
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    Only grams for me.

    Not even sure if my scale does imperial measurements.

    And in Australia all food is packaged in grams ( or liquids in mls)
  • DrJenO
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  • _shannon92
    _shannon92 Posts: 33 Member
    Metric in Canada.

    psh I am Canadian and use lbs, miles, feet etc.

    I like grams personally and if I can't find an entry I make one

    Canada used to teach the imperial system. I grew up learning metric. My parents still use the imperial measurements though. Probably depends what you grew up with and learned.
  • Tracey_B_72
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    I use both, my scales mark every 25g or every 1oz so I use whichever gives me a line to weigh against. I tend to use lbs/ozs for baking and grams for weighing snacks.
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