Women That Sweat: Sexy or Gross??



  • pkfrankel
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    Why do you care so much? You're there to bust *kitten* and take names. Focus on your workout. If anyone has an issue with your sweatiness, tell them to kiss your sexy hot sweaty *kitten*.


    It's not so much that I care, it was more posed as an opinion poll because I was curious & because I personally find it to be gross on me. I hate the feeling of my clothes sticking to me & getting in my car afterwards to drive home...ick! I'm working out & eating healthier for a variety of reasons, but I don't think any of us can completely ignore the vanity in it...if I didn't care how I looked, I wouldn't be busting my *kitten* in the first place. I don't allow my sweat to interrupt my workout, but I also can't help but notice that I sweat the most out of all the other ladies in my Zumba class & I sweat way more than my friends. Sweating obviously isn't a problem & I applaud all of my fellow heavy sweat-ers out there! I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my sweaty sexiness! ;)

    To sweat or not to sweat. That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the aches and pains of outrageous fitness, or to take arms against a sea of french fries….

    Seriously, sweating means hard work and that is sexy. However, if you are disgusted by your own sweaty shirt, try a good dry-fit shirt, They evaporate sweat much faster than the old cotton tee.
  • castroje
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    Sweaty means alive and healthy, there can be anything sexier than that!
  • Marper8521
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    Definately HOTT!!!
  • glenr79
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    it is beyond sexy!!!! :P
  • TheKitsune6
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    mine is soaked & clinging to me.

    'nuff said.
  • hedgiie
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    super sexy
  • human beings sweat. It's a thing that happens.
  • Sweat is sexy. It means you're willing to work towards something you want. Determination is sexy! :) But I'm biased because I definitely sweat a lot when I work out.
  • mustgetmuscles1
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    When I see a lady just killing it at the gym and all soaked I think its pretty sexy. Now when she leaves the station and doesnt clean it up first. That b***h is friggin nasty. : )
  • ashtonvv
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    SEXY. I leave hair soaked, shirt wet. What is the point otherwise?
    If you still look pretty when you leave, you didn't work hard enough ;)
  • Mummyadams
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    Ha Ha!
    Sweat = sexy result
  • Micksgurl
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    Maybe you should rethink why you work out??? I am amazed at some of the things people worry about. This topic is strange...
  • Sierra_419
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    gotta sweat to get sexy. sweat is a natural thing. who cares.as long as u shower after u sweat & dont stink all day u are fine lol
  • stephyy4632
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    Sexy as hell :)

    I am a mega sweater I can wring my hair out lol
  • olygirl1971
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    hands down, not even kidding - that is sexy. and hot.
  • KySny82
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    Let me clarify.





    So basically, if you're a human female, and not a bovine...you win.

    LMAO...NICE! :laugh: :flowerforyou:
  • MiloBloom83
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    Sexy. Anything created from a woman showing off her strength is awesome, Nothing is sexierto me than my wifes "boob sweat". :happy:
  • shodaimetruth
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    If you're not sweating you are not working out. To me any girl/woman working out is at some level of sexy. Either she is sexy or getting sexier. I know that sounds a little shallow, but hey, my honest opinion.

    To me, if you still look like you did when you started the workout, you do not look sexy, you look foolish. Raggidy hair, sweaty clothes, running mascera and exiting the gym, SEXY!
  • onequirkygirl
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    I find the people who leave the gym looking exactly how they came unsexy.

    Awwwwww, he beat me..*throws hands in the air*
  • kdeaux1959
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    It is what is under the sweat that counts... I am impressed with anyone working hard enough to sweat... Would not turn me off @ all. What is unattractive to me is somebody who casually pedals a bike while reading a book. Like what is the point in that? If your caloric burn after an hour is still in the single digits... not attractive at all... So sweat sweat sweat...