Women That Sweat: Sexy or Gross??



  • Elizabeth_C34
    Elizabeth_C34 Posts: 6,396 Member
    Why do you care so much? You're there to bust *kitten* and take names. Focus on your workout. If anyone has an issue with your sweatiness, tell them to kiss your sexy hot sweaty *kitten*.
  • sthrnchick
    sthrnchick Posts: 771
    SEXY! I prefer to call it glistening!
  • TrophyWifeSass
    TrophyWifeSass Posts: 495 Member
    If she is lifting heavy than yeah sexy as hell, because that would be me:blushing:
  • Luvmesumkenny
    Luvmesumkenny Posts: 779 Member
    Sweat is FAT Crying!!!
    I personally think Sweat is a Big TURN ON!!!!
    As long as it's not Stinky Sweat!!
  • DiscipleN2k
    DiscipleN2k Posts: 24 Member
    Definitely sexy! One of the many reasons I love working out with my wife ;)
  • bluebird321
    bluebird321 Posts: 731 Member
    Ladies that work out and sweat are hot... and sexy.
  • LovelyLifter
    LovelyLifter Posts: 601
    By the time I'm done with my deadlift sets I'm dripping sweat .... And I feel damn sexy and strong so yeah I think sexy
  • Bagman12002
    Bagman12002 Posts: 216 Member
    Sexy, and shows the effort and put in to the work out:smile:
  • gpstrucker
    gpstrucker Posts: 930 Member
    I also sweat a lot when working out. That's just how it is. It isn't sexy or gross, it's just a natural bodily function and as such I don't give it much thought one way or the other.
  • lombrica
    lombrica Posts: 1,666 Member
    I think it's DAMN SEXY!!

    ... I sweat, I like it... I know that it means I've worked, that I am improving my health and my body! To me, what could be better?!? I feel accomplished when my ponytail drips!

    ... and, when a guy gets done with a workout?!? And he's all sweaty... I find that sexy too! Very much so...
  • KickassAugust
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    I took my sweaty profile pic today and it's my new favorite photo...

    I vote sexy as hell!
  • hofdog
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  • amyowens08
    amyowens08 Posts: 107 Member
    Why do you care so much? You're there to bust *kitten* and take names. Focus on your workout. If anyone has an issue with your sweatiness, tell them to kiss your sexy hot sweaty *kitten*.

  • KySny82
    KySny82 Posts: 97 Member
    neither sexy nor gross.

    women that sweat: lose weight.

    Agreed. Sweating while working out is alright with me. Now sweating in nice clothes not moving- gross.

    I actually got a fortune cookie that was perfect for this, it simply said..."Theories get you thinking, sweating gets you results." It couldn't have been more dead-on for me! :)
  • AzhureSnow
    AzhureSnow Posts: 289 Member
    It's not about sexy or gross... it's about working your *kitten* off and getting results. If your hard work manifests in a sweaty t-shirt, then more power to you! Wear it as a badge of honor!
  • HopefulLeigh
    HopefulLeigh Posts: 374 Member
    Neither. Women that sweat at the gym are the ones who are actually making a difference in their bodies. You're not there to look cute.
  • KySny82
    KySny82 Posts: 97 Member
    I don't find it either I guess... I mean, I see sweat and I'm like "damn, they're working hard" and I'm impressed. But I don't want to jump anyone's bones because they're beasting their workout. Maybe after they shower, then we can talk ;)

    LOL, too funny! I wouldn't want to jump anyone's bones while being that sweaty...a shower beforehand is definitely needed, lol
  • annahiven
    annahiven Posts: 185
    I sweat like hell when I work out.

    I don't wonder how I look, but I do hope I don't splatter it on anybody when I'm on the exercise bike! :blushing:
  • victoria4321
    victoria4321 Posts: 1,737 Member
    It's only sexy if she's hot already. Same for guys


    Also, a womans sweat is SO not even the same thing as a mans. I've never dated a woman who smelled WORSE from sweat. Different sometimes, but never worse.

    Maybe to another guy lol. Fresh man sweat smells amazing to me :love: Now stale old sweat on anyone...that's a whole other problem
  • Hezzietiger1
    Hezzietiger1 Posts: 1,256 Member
    I'm getting sexier every time i drip with sweat! LOL Plus, boys smell!