Met a goal I didn't even know was achievable!



  • patchesgizmo
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    wow, congrats!
  • pinuplove
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    This is the best success story I've ever read! Hope you have a healthy, boring 9 months :heart:
  • mamamudbug
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    Truly a blessing, congratulations!
  • bratleen
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    Congratulations, That is the most wonderful NSV I have ever heard of...
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    OMG! That is great! Congratulations!!!!!!!:flowerforyou:
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    such amazing news!!! congrats!
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    That is truly wonderful. Congratulations!
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    OMG you have to name him/her MFP!! :) Is your last initial a P?
  • rrhennen
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    Amazing! Congratulations!!!
  • That is so awesome. As someone with PCOS, I can totally understand how exciting this is!! I am so happy for you.:flowerforyou:
  • Nailrep
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    I almost cried when I read this!! Congratulations to you!!
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    This made my day! Thank you for sharing! Congratulations!
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    Congrats! What fabulous news for you!
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    Congratulations. I know that this is very exciting for you.
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    Congratulations!! What a blessing. :)
  • Wonderful news! Congratulations.
  • rubytOU
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    AWESOME! Congrats! Now that's something to be happy about. :) well wishes for a safe and happy pregnancy.
  • parikak
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    Congratulations! And a job well done (losing the weight).
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    Thank you so much for sharing your story and congratulations. :drinker:
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :smile: