Met a goal I didn't even know was achievable!



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    So very happy for you,congratulations!
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    Wow. Now that's just about the best NSV I ever did read.

  • This is such a fantastic NSV!!!! I literally teared up when I read your story. I suffer from PCOS myself which was my motivation to lose weight and you have given me hope that this journey I'm on will lead to a positive outcome. Great big huge congratulations to you and your family. I hope to feel the way you feel right now someday soon! <3
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    Super happy for you! I have a friend that has PCOS that tried to conceive for 15 yrs with all kinds of fertility treatments, etc... she had stopped fertility treatments, lost 60 pounds and BAM! Preggo! So excited for you! I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy!:flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
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    Awww - this is the best success story I have seen a very long time. You brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you. Having 2 babies myself - I know how much it means to be a mother. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy, and remember to get back on the weight loss training after the baby is here, so you can reach that goal weight. Enjoy!!!!
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    OMG I'm so happy for you! I'm dealing with the same thing myself and trying to lose enough to get pregnant!! SUPER EXCITING!! Congrats!!
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    That's fantastic! Congratulations :) Sending you blessings for health and happiness to your newly conceived little bundle.
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    That is so awesome!!! Congratulations!!!
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    ..that is so awesome..brought tears to my eyes!
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    I got goosies! What a great story! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! :flowerforyou:
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    Well, my first goal was to lose 10% of my starting weight and run a 5K. I did both by Mother's Day weekend in May. But then I got a little monthly visitor that thanks to PCOS I had not gotten in quite a while. Okay, so maybe my body's in better shape now that I'm taking care of it, controlling those symptoms as well. We went on a vacation and I was totally confident strutting the beach in a (modest) two piece, so I have a great NSV there. Only gained two pounds while on vacation. I assumed it was water weight, because if I was going to have the "visitor" again, it would show up our last day at the beach.

    But it didn't come on Friday.
    Or Saturday.
    Or Sunday.
    Or Monday.
    But, dawgone it, I felt PMS-y and sore.
    So Tuesday, I went to the store and picked up a PT.

    For the first time in 11 years of trying to conceive, and 18 months after adopting two precious little girls from Russia, I saw - for the first time ever - a positive Pregnancy Test result!

    I always dreamed about posting my MFP success story when I met my fitness and weight loss goals. But this one really threw me for a loop.

    Thanks for helping me stick to the plan, guys!
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    congrats. this is so wonderful.
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    Awwww that's lovely, congratulations x ;)
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    this was really touching. Congratulations!! :)
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    That's an amazing story. Made me all warm and tingly.

    Huge Congratulations to you and your family on this amazing miracle!
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    congrats!!!!!!!!!! :love:
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    wow!! CONGRATS!!
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    Awww! Congratulations! That is a wonderful surprise for you! I've struggled with PCOS too and it really can be frustrating.
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    congratulations!!!!! I am hoping to be in the same boat as you soon, as I too deal with PCOS and have been ttc for 5 years now. I am so glad for your good news!