Coffee doesn't wake you up.

Did a search - no dice so I think I'm in the clear for posting this.

Coffee doesn't wake you up - that early morning cup just reverses the effect of overnight withdrawal - according to a study.

eer yeh should probably say I'm really anti people who say they need a coffee to wake up or just have coffee for 'breakfast'. :oP

oh yeh, should also say I'm not a fan of addictions.


  • rileamoyer
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  • HeatherLeahxx
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    well tbh there have been times that coffee saved my life.... i beg to differ :flowerforyou: :laugh:
  • JoolieW68
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    It makes me feel better, and that's all I need.
  • marcia724
    marcia724 Posts: 180 Member
    I get that... but I still want it every morning or I can't get going! It's the only addiction I'm allowed to have. LOL!
  • AliciaNorris81
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    As I sit here, drinking my first cup of coffee in months. :ohwell:
  • gombolyu
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    Coffee never wakes me up.:) I can drink one before I go to bed and sleep in 10 minutes.
  • coliema
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    I think it wakes me up a little bit.

    There is a big controversy about coffee.

    I need it on week days....weekends...ehh not so much.
  • VenomousDuck
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    it was coffee or meth...

    I think I chose the right one...
  • camelgirlmn
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    Coffee is also high in Oxalate... ANd that causes Kidney stones, but yet I cant seem to stop drinking it. Oh well. I love my coffee it motivates me in the mornings!
  • Schraudt814
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    Pretty sure it's all mental...But I love my morning cup of coffee! :drinker:
  • shammxo
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    it was coffee or meth...

    I think I chose the right one...

    I beg to differ.
  • NancyG55
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    Well, all I know is, that if I don't have my coffee....I am a very grumpy person whose day just doesn't go right from then on out. Of course I am so addicted to the caffeine, I drink almost 2 pots of coffee a day. LOL
    NBARAKAT15 Posts: 4 Member
    I like my coffee. :). It's just preference, nothing wrong with that.
  • Fit4Evolution
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    i am usually a 6-7 cup a day drinker, but
    i actually quit drinking coffee for 6 months , and i used to wake up much faster and stay awake during the day much better than i do drinking the coffee.
    unfortunatly i slipped back into the coffee routine.

    oh and caffiene withdrawals are nasty headaches ,not tiredness .. so you article isnt all that true about withdrawals
  • soontobesam
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    I can't wake up until I reverse the effects of overnight withdrawal.
  • it was coffee or meth...

    I think I chose the right one...

    Amen, Brother!
  • waterwing
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    I love having coffee as part of my morning routine.. but I could quit anytime. Anytime... I think. Maybe.
  • 42kgirl
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    It's not just the coffee, it's the morning ritual I enjoy. I get up way before the fam, have my coffee, and poke around on the internet. I love everything about it from the way it smells to the way it tastes. My days are much happier with coffee. Plus, it's sterile and I like the taste.
  • engodwin
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    I don't think it "wakes me up" but it sure does taste YUMMY! :)
  • michelleepotter
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    Supposedly also cigarettes don't relieve stress; you only feel better when you have a cigarette because your body was stressing over not having one.

    Of course, while I don't smoke or drink coffee, I have my own addictions. (See below.) :P