Coffee doesn't wake you up.



  • KellyBurton1
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    Im havin a cup of joe right now but its decaf! :yawn:
  • winninga
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    I don't care. It still takes me to my happy place, and that's all that matters. :happy:
  • VenomousDuck
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    it was coffee or meth...

    I think I chose the right one...

    I beg to differ.
    You may be right, meth-heads are fantastically skinny....
  • fitnsandyfun
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    I never need a cup of coffee to wake up. Usually just go for a morning jog the i'm awake.
    Although! I love that people love coffee lol
    Imma open up a coffee shop soon so please keep drinking haha
  • CherokeeBabe
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    I used to drink coffee, to mimic my dad, when I was like 8 years old. We'd both sit together and drink coffee before I went to school with my little mermaid backpack. I got into liking it then, then kinda got more into the 'fancy' coffee, like sweet starbucks drinks and iced coffees in my teens. Then, I stopped cold turkey since I was about 18. Don't know why, it didn't bother me, I just stopped drinking it. And now when I drink it, I immediately get an awful stomach-ache within an hour, no matter how much or how little milk/sugar, etc I put in it. I can also seem to 'smell' it coming from my pores and sometimes my urine. WTH?

    Why do me and Coffee have such a difficult relationship?
  • chachita7
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    *As I sip some coffee* I need to have my coffee, but I am well aware that it is an addiction -- it if alters my personality in any way or form if I don't have it then that is addiction.
  • Silverkittycat
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    eer yeh should probably say I'm really anti people who say they need a coffee to wake up or just have coffee for 'breakfast'. :oP

    I'm really anti people who tell me how to live my life.
  • neverstray
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    That article doesn't even make sense.
  • ahamm002
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    Both coffee and tea have been linked to numerous health benefits. So what if the caffeine is addictive? You're still probably better off drinking coffee or tea than not drinking them.
  • mama2shi
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    :drinker: It makes me happy and easier to be around in the morning, and even if it only feels like it is helping me wake up, that's good by me. I figure if this is my worst addiction, I'll take it :):drinker:
  • tkcasta
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    Personally, I get crazy buzzed on coffee. Granted I very rarely have any caffeine now - so when I do I am feeling it like crazy!
  • dancingj2
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    I love having coffee as part of my morning routine.. but I could quit anytime. Anytime... I think. Maybe.

    I gave up coffee for Lent one year. My family told me never again! I guess I was a bit cranky....
  • pullipgirl
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    the article doesn't make any since it keeps contradicting itself
  • AlsDonkBoxSquat
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    Based on generally accepted and real scientific studies what I read was "herp derp." Thank you for trying to impress your opinion on me and giving me a daily chuckle all at the same time.
  • I used to drink a full pot of coffee every day. Then, I started drinking Shakeology in the morning instead of my coffee. It completely cured me of my need for coffee just to function. Now, I'm enjoying a cup of coffee with caramel while chocolate creamer...not because I have to...but because I want to. I will drink my shake afterwards and probably won't desire another cup of coffee all day.

  • VenomousDuck
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    Coffee sure can wake you up.

    First thing you do when you wake up is pour a scalding hot cup in your lap,

    I bet you wake up very quickly!
  • wrecktechno
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    eer yeh should probably say I'm really anti people who say they need a coffee to wake up or just have coffee for 'breakfast'. :oP

    I'm really anti people who tell me how to live my life.

    Err how did I tell you how to live your life??? You seem grumpy, go have a coffee :huh:

    I find it weird that people are so opinionated about a drink. and I find it even more weird that people laugh about addiction. *shrug*
  • JonesJennings
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    I think also, the fluid intake is probably good for waking up, as is handling anything hot. I suspect the brain goes, "come on hands, look lively, remember the last time we handled the kettle in our sleep".

    Also, sugar in coffee is very accessible form of energy, and as has already been pointed out, the ritual is a pretty good source of 'wakeup'.
  • VMarkV
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    Did a search - no dice so I think I'm in the clear for posting this.

    Coffee doesn't wake you up - that early morning cup just reverses the effect of overnight withdrawal - according to a study.

    eer yeh should probably say I'm really anti people who say they need a coffee to wake up or just have coffee for 'breakfast'. :oP

    oh yeh, should also say I'm not a fan of addictions.

    I'm guessing you are one of those "caffeine is toxic, ______ is toxic, etc." type people who don't realize that dose determines toxicity, not simply chemical identity (caffeine in this case).

    The body is more than capable of handling poisons, just pick you poison(s) and choose your dose(s) wisely.'s so much less stressful than labeling things as "toxic" or "bad"
    Alcohol, caffeine, and sugar can all be extremely health promoting in the appropriate doses
  • WhittRak
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    Coffee does wake you up. I stopped drinking it because it began to make me too awake and I would get the jitters.