I am starting this today, who is joining me???
Motivation is what i need.


  • Jess830409
    Jess830409 Posts: 285 Member
    I started I am in with ya :)
  • julieh391
    julieh391 Posts: 683 Member
    I started week 7 today. I LOVE IT! You will be shocked at how quickly you progress. I started it 60lbs overweight when my son was a month old after a long hard pregnancy. If I can do it, anybody can. :)
  • sam2674
    sam2674 Posts: 55 Member
    I started it this morning!
  • mrskellyray
    mrskellyray Posts: 114
    i started yesterday! :) would love to have some friends on the journey with me!
  • irishkrissie
    irishkrissie Posts: 36 Member
    Count me in! I've actually run 2 5K's (my second I ran on Saturday, finished in 43:30)- I should have been doing the C25K before but I figured since I'm only jogging I should be okay, right? WRONG! I could hardly move yesterday- my shins and abs hate me.

    Long story short, I'll be training the right way from here on in because nothing feels as awesome as knowing you've ran/walked/jogged further than you ever have before, and you did so without zombies chasing you!

    Good luck everyone!
  • chezhk
    chezhk Posts: 3 Member
    I'm on week 9. I honestly thought my Lungs were going to explode at the 200 metre mark on the first week (probably ran too quickly:-)

    I just did the complete 5k earlier this eve. The best tip I can give is to just stick with it, I remember getting to wk 5 and looking ahead to what I would be doing in wk 6 and thinking 'how the hell will I manage that?!'.......but I did and you will all too, just stick with it, can't recommend enough!!
  • aimeeinohio
    aimeeinohio Posts: 301 Member
    If you can't pass the 'talk test' while running- SLOW DOWN!!

    I actually injured myself because I was going too fast.

    If you have bad shin pain, you need to rest for a few days and ice those babies. I didn't, and ended up with an entire week off, and my shins are still tender.
  • irishkrissie
    irishkrissie Posts: 36 Member
    Thanks for the shin advice! I've been off them since the race - today is day 2, and I don't plan on exercising until at least tomorrow evening, but we'll see how I feel them. I may end up just on the elliptical.
  • bazaar1982
    bazaar1982 Posts: 159 Member
    I'm starting today!
  • kristalfrissy
    kristalfrissy Posts: 158 Member
    I started this morning!! I completed the program once before so it really does work but I slacked off and stopped running so I'm back at it!!
  • tabik30
    tabik30 Posts: 443
    Me too! I was up to week 5 then had to have surgery. Im starting back at the begining today
  • Im_NotPerfect
    Im_NotPerfect Posts: 2,181 Member
    I'm on week 4. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! And you will be totally surprised at your own body's abilities. I could barely run a block when I started. Now, just 3 weeks in, I can run 8-10 minutes (.75 - 1 mile) at a stretch! Running a 5K in July!!
  • 2moonNback
    2moonNback Posts: 61 Member
    I started today on my lunch hour!
  • Lesley2901
    Lesley2901 Posts: 373
    I'm finishing week 5 today
  • ambercholtz
    ambercholtz Posts: 84 Member
    I will join yah, I have already finished my week 3 - Day 1 this morning.
  • alyson820
    alyson820 Posts: 448 Member
    I'm on week 3 and I love it. I had never run before in my life, so this has been a good way to ease into it. My first 5K is August 25 - so there's motivation for me to complete it.
  • penrbrown
    penrbrown Posts: 2,685 Member
    I'll join you! I'm re-starting though... to be more accurate. Haha. Had to stop due to flu last time. ): And then when the flu finally cleared up I didn't have the stamina to keep up where I was so I have to start from the beginning.
  • buckeyegirl0103
    buckeyegirl0103 Posts: 194 Member
    There is a C25K group- if you haven't joined, you should!!
  • DangerSass
    DangerSass Posts: 138
    Did it and loved it. Could never run before now I'm flying and doing 50 min at a time.
  • JBG1987
    JBG1987 Posts: 71
    I started week 3 this morning. At 242.5lbs, if I can handle this, anyone can handle this.

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