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    I'm on week 9. I honestly thought my Lungs were going to explode at the 200 metre mark on the first week (probably ran too quickly:-)

    I just did the complete 5k earlier this eve. The best tip I can give is to just stick with it, I remember getting to wk 5 and looking ahead to what I would be doing in wk 6 and thinking 'how the hell will I manage that?!'.......but I did and you will all too, just stick with it, can't recommend enough!!

    I agree 100%! I am on week 9, planning on doing my 5k at the end of this week. I am still slow, but I am running at a consistent pace and not stopping so it's a huge accomplishment to me! You can do it!
  • Excellentia
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    I'm in.
  • Prahasaurus
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    I'm on week 3. Is there a group for this? Feel free to add me for encouragement. I was always sporty, but never a runner. I was always terrible at it.... So far so good with the C25 program.

  • JustDeena
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    I'm new here, but I am in. Me and a friend are starting tonight! I am hoping having a friend do it with me will result in me finishing!
  • Im with you all the way................"WE CAN DO THIS":smile:
  • annkath40
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    Was reading all the comments and couldn't agree more. I HATE (or hated) running. I started the C25K program so I would have an alternative to the gym and I think it is so incredibly wonderful. I couldn't run 1 minute without feeling sick to my stomach and I just did week 6 workout 2 yesterday. I ran ten minutes straight without stopping, and it wasn't even that hard.

    Just amazing!
  • bazaar1982
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    Just done day 1, was pleased I could do it! Don't feel too bad either but not going to skip ahead, just Incase I do myself an injury! Blooming belly wobbles though and then Ll the blood rushes to it and it itches, I can exactly have a good bear style belly rub in the middle of town can I? What's a girl to do?!
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    where can i find the info on this? i want to try it too!!! someone get back to me!!!! thanks!!
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    I started last week, but started at wk 4, day 2 since I've been running some already. I'm doing the ipod version so I don't have to look ahead and freak about what is coming next. I just run when they tell me to run and walk when they tell me to walk and try not to think about it too Been a killer running in mid 90 degree weather though.
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    I only managed to do 17mins of it, i was dying!!! Hope I get better and improve?
  • MrsSweetT
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    Starting today...haven't ran since high school (many, many years ago). Let's see how this turns out. :wink:
  • hannahchiarella
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    where can i find the info on this? i want to try it too!!! someone get back to me!!!! thanks!!
    Just scroll to the table at the bottom and it tells you the 3 workouts you have to do for each of the 9 weeks!

    I started on Sunday
  • Northern30
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    I finished up W2d1 this morning, am doing it on the treadmill. I was never a runner but so far am liking it and am amazed that I am surviving. lol
  • Mheisey86
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    I just started this today! Good Luck! :o)
  • penrbrown
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    I only managed to do 17mins of it, i was dying!!! Hope I get better and improve?

    You will! Just keep doing as much as you can and eventually you'll be doing it all. :)
  • rachaela06
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    I'm in!!! I'm on Week 3, day 2. I absolutely love this program. I have it on my iPhone, so I run while I listen to my music and just do what it tells me. My husband and I would like to do some 5k races next summer, so we both are training for it. I hope I'm ready by then, lol.
  • lostinureyes17
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    I just started today as well. We can do it! :smile:
  • summerbert
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    I would love to do this. It would be perfect when I am at our office since they have sidewalks. Normally at home we live in the country so there is no way to run on the road and be safe
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    I am in. I did week 1 day 2 today.
  • bazaar1982
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    I went for a walk/jog to day - but gentle so as not to mess up my C25K plan. But did it with my 'hold you in'/spanx undies on - thanks to a tip from a friend and it did stop the wobble! making it much more comfortable to run!!!

    so tip for those with a wobbly belly, get some spanx!!! :)