Topic: T.H.E. (Trying Hard Everyday) TEAM Week 32

If your new, please join us. All are welcome here. We are here to encourage, motivate, and hold each other accountable.

This is a journey about becoming an expert on our own body. No two bodies are the same. Therefore, no ‘diet’ plan works for all. Anyway, this is a lifestyle change not a diet. If we don’t see a loss; let’s not count it as a failure. Let us experiment and discover what works best for our beautifully and wonderfully made bodies. With that being said if someone strikes a challenge to the team and its not beneficial or is harmful to you please don’t feel bad (for example many drink half their weight in water but having a kidney disease excludes me from that challenge). There is no judgement here. No finger pointing. No one else can claim to be an expert on your body but you. It’s a process. We are here to support that process.

Fridays are weigh in days for those participating. Record it like this:
(username) sw208 gw150 cw 172 loss -2 lbs

When you post, copy and paste the list and add your results to the bottom of the list in your post, so that at the end we can see our results as a team - because that's what we are. A team Trying Hard Everyday.

Welcome to T.H.E. Team!

Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for a mistake but also don’t lie to yourself.

:drinker: Chug, chug, chug....stay hydrated. Determine the amount of water you should drink and just do it!

Move your body at least 3x this week.

Read an article, book, magazine, or watch something that will spur you on to motivation and sucess this week.

Manda-SW198, GW 135, CW 171 = no change (but inches lost)
prayerful-sw 277/gw195/CW226.8= -2lbs (promise fulfilled)


  • 10 diet mantras:

    Mantra #1- Fat is not Funny. When you reach for that extra piece of bread or "just two" cookies, remind yourself that you find no humor in being overweight.

    Mantra #2- Food is my Friend, Fat is Not. Like any friend, food can wear out its welcome. In measured quantities it is enjoyable, but overdo it and it becomes annoying.

    Mantra #3- If it is Sweet, It is Sugar. You don't have to read labels to find the sugar in a lot of snacks. Remind yourself that if the reason you like it is because it is sweet there is probably sugar in it somewhere.

    Mantra #4- My Family, My Friends, My Food. This is to remind you that food should not be used as a comfort. Family and friends should always come first and food is simply a necessary distraction.

    Mantra #5- Live, Love, Lose Weight. Just like #4, this one is a reminder. While losing weight is important, don't forget to live life and spend time with those you love.

    Mantra #6- I am a loser. Turn a negative into a positive with this one. In most cases being called a loser is bad, but when dieting we all want to be losers.

    Mantra #7- I think I can, I think I can... It worked for the Little Engine and it will work for you. Just remind yourself that it can be done and keep chugging along.

    Mantra #8- One pound at a time. The great pyramids were built one block at a time, a long journey is accomplished one step at a time, and your weight loss will occur one pound at a time. Total success will be measured at the end.

    Mantra #9- Food does not control me. When those cravings strike remind yourself that food is an inanimate object that does not control you. You control when and how you put food into your body.

    Mantra #10- I can do this! Deep down you know that you can. It is important to fight the urges to give up or slip from the path. When that urge creeps into your brain, just shout it out with a hearty "I can do this!"
  • LittleSpy
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    I'd like to join this team, if that's okay. :happy:

    I just changed my lifestyle on 09/08/09, so this is my 4th day but my old dial scale told me this morning I've lost around 2 pounds already! I know, I know, it's probably water weight, but it's encouraging to me no matter what kind of weight it is. I'm just glad I'm not carrying it around anymore.

    I bought a digital scale yesterday, so I'll set my starting weight at what it told me this morning (and this new scale is not nearly as kind as my old one! It says I'm about 13 pounds heavier :grumble: It's more accurate, though, because my old scale was always 10-15 under any physician's scale).

    Manda-SW198, GW 135, CW 171 = no change (but inches lost)
    prayerful-sw 277/gw195/CW226.8= -2lbs (promise fulfilled)
    jlb123- sw266.8/gw150/cw266.8= newb

    I look forward to meeting everyone -- I already think MFP is pretty much awesome. :bigsmile:
  • Lorann
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    Good morning team!! :flowerforyou:

    Well as you know I didn't have the greatest week... I knew it was going to be a gain this week but it's not as bad as I thought it would be :laugh: I think I just had an off week ... I think I'm entitled to it once in a while :laugh: about the only thing I kept up with was getting my water in. Starting Monday I will get right back at it... no more cheating and I will log everything again. (not going to do it for the weekend, weekends have always been my days to just relax and not worry about it) I'm not changing my ticker as I know that I will lose what I've gained really quick :smile:

    Welcome jlb :flowerforyou: you've joined a great group here!!

    Manda-SW198, GW 135, CW 171 = no change (but inches lost)
    prayerful-sw 277/gw195/CW226.8= -2lbs (promise fulfilled)
    jlb123- sw266.8/gw150/cw266.8= newb
    Lorann - SW 285 / GW 155 / CW 235.5 = gained 1.5 lbs

    Have a wonderful day everyone!! :flowerforyou:
  • jlb-welcome! Good outlook.

    Lorann- are you still 5 months out till your birthday? Something about that 4-0 birthday is giving me drive. I have until next august:wink:

    I have to celebrate. I hit 50lbs off the body this week. I got in 106 miles on the bike so far this week and a hike.

    My personal goals for the week:

    eat closer to 1800-2000 each day (my rmr is 2000 plus I bike 32 miles several days a week) instead of a few high days and then a few make up low days.

    log my food except my 1 off day (and only have one off day)

    eat my last meal of the day by 5pm- (i go to sleep between 8-9pm)

    These are my personal goals for the week. I know this is what works for me and I need to enforce it!:tongue:
  • adopt4
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    Manda-SW198, GW 135, CW 171 = no change (but inches lost)
    prayerful-sw 277/gw195/CW226.8= -2lbs (promise fulfilled)
    jlb123- sw266.8/gw150/cw266.8= newb
    Lorann - SW 285 / GW 155 / CW 235.5 = gained 1.5 lbs
    adopt4 - SW 273 / GW 165/ CW 235.5 - starting again from today

    Hello all. Well I am changing my ticker and my signature and owning these pounds I've put back on. Thank you so much for the encouragement of this week's post, and the diet myths. Although I've changed tons of my eating habits the past eight months (geez, has it been that long?) I haven't changed ENOUGH of them so that I continue eating right. Realized I've been hitting the easy/fast stuff again, not nearly as much fresh stuff, not as much veggies, back on the Diet Pepsi again (had 4 cans yesterday, I was down to 1). I am so unmotivated.

    I watch XWeighted and the one I watched last night, this woman just really didn't put any effort into it, did change her eating habits but had excuse after excuse for her exercise (or lack thereof). She lost some weight, yeah for her, but she could have done so much better. And the guy said, "She got out of it what she put in - a half-hearted attempt to lose weight." Her boyfriend lost a lot of weight but cheated on it (just did whatever he needed to do to lose weight fast, lost 25 pounds in 2 weeks, would eat a whole pizza the other times, etc) and the guy said, "He'll gain that right back, he hasn't changed his lifestyle at all. He cheated and that weight will come back." And it kind of struck me, that I have been giving a half-hearted attempt lately, and so I am not getting the results I want. Well duh. And it was a good reminder that if I CHEAT and just do the "quick weight loss thing" that I am not really accomplishing anything. This is for the long haul, this is weight I do not want to gain back. It seemed to me like the woman was "waiting" for motivation. I am too. But motivation isn't a fairy that taps you on the shoulder and suddenly you're "motivated". Sometimes you have to pretend that you are and do it and the feelings will follow.

    I also realized my hesitancy to go to the gym is the same one I've had for years... with that plateau and loss of the endorphin rush (probably caused by medication I am no longer on) I wasn't getting any fun out of the gym, so I don't want to go back. But since I'm not on the med anymore, the gym should be fun again, because I should get that endorphin rush. And that's what kept me going back again and again.

    So today I am pretending to be motivated. I am in my gym clothes, I am charging my mp3 player, and I have my stuff collected to go. I am pretending and the feelings will follow. And if they don't - well, I'll keep pretending. I've been pretending for years I'm not as fat as I am... so at least I can be pretending something positive!!!
  • adopt4- wow! I love when I get that kind of insight. biggest loser starts next week so have have a feeling people are going to get motivated again. I like it. Fake it until you make it!!!!! I have to share that I use to hate exercise. But as you might already know I'm a junky now. I'm hoping you get back to the gym or you get outside for your workouts and it just grabs ahold of you in such a good way. I prefer the great outdoors. But there was a time I needed the machines as they were more gentle on my joints. Plus winter is on its way. Hard to believe as its 101 in N.Cal but fall actually starts the 22nd. I'm proud of you for watching something to try and remotivate.
    I use to buy myself rewards with weight loss and I stopped doing that. Today I went and bought a couple of cycling books as a treat. I'm going to admit that I'm back on the diet soda too. But ya know what even that is about moderation.
  • Manda-SW198, GW 135, CW 171 = no change (but inches lost)
    prayerful-sw 277/gw195/CW226.8= -2lbs (promise fulfilled)
    jlb123- sw266.8/gw150/cw266.8= newb
    Lorann - SW 285 / GW 155 / CW 235.5 = gained 1.5 lbs
    adopt4 - SW 273 / GW 165/ CW 235.5 - starting again from today
    Pawprint- sw 168/ gw 130/ cw 157--- lost several ounces....

    I'm not changing my ticker over a few ounces... That's silly lol. I'm mostly maintaining. I'm liking it. I'm happy. I'm doing good on my calories for sure. Starting to pick up more water when I'm at work since I'm outside... But I'm not going back to how I was where I was over drinking. Things are good. Noticing some small changes...

    Welcome jlb.. good luck on your journey. We are all here for you. Your going to love this group. Way to go on those inches Manda. Keep your chin up adopt4. Don't ever give up hope. Your a huge inspiration for some of us on here girl.
  • CrazybeeRX
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    Manda-SW198, GW 135, CW 171 = no change (but inches lost)
    prayerful-sw 277/gw195/CW226.8= -2lbs (promise fulfilled)
    jlb123- sw266.8/gw150/cw266.8= newb
    Lorann - SW 285 / GW 155 / CW 235.5 = gained 1.5 lbs
    adopt4 - SW 273 / GW 165/ CW 235.5 - starting again from today
    Pawprint- sw 168/ gw 130/ cw 157--- lost several ounces....
    Crazybee-no change again

    I think I hit a plateu. Oh POOP! It's hard to get excited and behave when you aren't seeing results. I am off to Vegas before the next weigh in so I will weigh in on Thursday this week and someone else can add it to the list for me. I also plan on turning my laptop in for repair while I am gone so you might not see me for a bit. I don't know how long it will take to be fixed. Hopefully I can get my regular home computer up and running when I get back from Vegas and before the laptop returns.

    Welcome jlb the gals here are great. They listen to everything you have to say from good to bad and try to help. I wouldn't have made it this far without them. AND I WILL MAKE IT THE REST OF THE WAY!

    I have not gotten used to eating healthy. I am not much of a cook so I use a lot of boxed foods which are not good for our diet. So making myelf learn to eat differently and cook differently is a chore. I haven't been trying very hard lately. I cut my diet soda back. I started drinking Diet Rite. It has no calories, caffeine and no sodium and no carbs. NOt sure what it DOES have in it.

    Well have a great weekend all and I'll post a couple of times before I leave for Vegas.
  • Paw-sometimes its not about the scale but about those non-scale victories we need to celebrate: change in muscle tone, change in clothes fit.

    crazybee-have an amazing time in Vegas.

    September 11, 2009
    Eas - 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder - Vanilla
    Farmer's - Non Fat Milk
    Bananas - Raw
    Coffee - Brewed from grounds
    Coffee Mate - French Vanilla Liquid Creamer
    Dole - Frozen Blueberries
    Arrowhead Mills - Steelcut Oatmeal
    Asda - Cherry Tomatoes,
    Cedarlane - Garden Vegetable Enchiladas
    Kashi - TLC Cookies - Oatmeal Dark Chocolate
    Barilla - Whole Grain Medium Shells
    Chicken - Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast,
    Bolthouse Farms - Yougurt Dressing Chuncky Blue Cheese
    TOTALS: 1,467
    No Exercise
  • I'm not so focused on the scale because of that reason.... my clothes fitting better is more important lol. I'm not in a race, I'm taking my time. I'm doing good at convincing myself that it's a lifestyle change not a diet.... I am however picking back up my pop habit. I'm still trying to keep a limit... If I can't manage a limit then I'm going back to none. It's good, but I can't over do it. If I can't enjoy it and manage it then no more. I am learning though that I need to start cutting out the greasy food.... I've cut most of it out already but I'm border line IBS and it's getting worse. It runs in the family and once you have a child is when it comes out in my family and I knew that there was a chance that I would get it and it's coming... It sucks. But oh well. We all have goals and we just have to take it one day at a time. I think I'm going for a walk..... later girls.
  • adopt4
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    morning all. well we have a new member in our household as of last night, a french exchange student. man is she skinny and she says she never eats hardly at all... i believe it. well maybe she can help me eat healthier... either that or worse cuz i'll look at her all skinny and "hate" her... LOL

    well seems like busy is good for me to not eat wrong and to be more active, if i have 'little' time to exercise i seem to schedule it in, when i have all day i just don't seem to get around to it. still working on my schedule but getting there. had to wait and see when the busses really come, so i can plan gym time. think we're signing up one son for soccer (if i can find a babysitter for the little guy while he's napping) that will be 2 days/wk on the days he's not in K. It's for about 6 weeks. Or can do a Sat one. Requires parent participation so although i'd like hubby to go, and do the bonding guy thing, i need to go to run up and down the field!

    put on my new gym shoes yesterday in preparation for going to the gym (didn't go) but as I was walking around it was uncomfortable. not as in they don't fit but as in my other shoes must be worn down and i didn't know it, this was putting things right. so huh maybe that's why i was so sore walking. might take a walk today and test that with the new shoes. tomorrow we are going to Oaks Park which is a small amusement park/picnic area and so there will be lots of walking there, don't want to be sore for that though so i may just wear them 2morrow and see if my hips/knees get sore again.
  • nitag
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    Good Morning everyone...

    Yes it's Anita...

    Dang it took me a long time to find this thread going from week to week....

    I don't know what happened to me!!! I can't explain it I can't make up excuses.. I'll just tell the truth.... I got lazy, frustrated and just plain didn't care anymore.. The littlest bit of stress and I seem to spiral out of control.. Food is my comfort zone.. When my husband told me a few months back he was going to Texas to work I just didn't handle it well.. He didn't end up going and has been working here in NV and CA however this winter he will be working in TX which I am now sorta okay with.. Just regular up's and downs.. My Dad had hip replacement surgery and it went well, the after care didn't and we are still dealing with that.. He is on the road to recovery and the home nurse said he will be fine...

    As for me, I joined Jenny Craig.. We ( my husband and I ) decided that with him working so many hours and then going to Texas that this would be a good option for me.. Not having to cook and not exposing myself to unhealthy choices.. Although expensive we can afford it for now....

    I missed you all.. I have thought about you all.. and most of all I am glad to be back...


    P.S.. I will now go and update my ticker to follow Jenny Craigs scale...
  • Ahmee2034
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    I'd like to join. I've joined other teams but did not seem to "fit in" quite right.

    Anyway, when I started this lifestyle change about two years ago, I was weighing in at 180. I started out with baby steps and now I weigh 143 pounds. I no longer look at food as a friend. It is mearly a tool to maintain my existance. Of course, occassionally, I slip. I've learned to keep swimming and not drown myself in sorrow.

    I've come to love exercise as well as despise it sometimes. I get in at least three days a week of about no less than an hour of exercise a week. I've come to appreciate my body and what it can do for me. I no longer smoke and my body thanks me for it. My motto is now "No excuses. No blame. I control my own actions. My body is a vessel of God. Treat it as such."

    Should I wait to post on Friday?
  • Hello all. Welcome new members... your going to love this group. Well ladies, I went shopping tonight with birthday money... I'm no longer in an XL shirt in the JRs section. I'm in a large... I got several tops and I even got a new pair of jeans... a new pair of 13's that aren't stretched to the max from being pregnant lol... I feel so good. And to top it off, I just got a message from a friend on face book who I don't see a whole lot except maybe once every two months... Well he saw me over the Holiday weekend and sent me a message saying that I've lost weight and that I'm looking good and to keep up the hard work. Made me feel so good. I'm tired of looking like a slob when we go out wearing my big T-shirts... they've all turned into work shirts anyways... I have no nice clothes... no fun clothes... so I got a bunch of nice polos from my grandma today but I still need fun shirts... so I went and got me some cute shirts dang it. It was with my birthday money so I don't feel that bad lol.
  • lulubar
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    But motivation isn't a fairy that taps you on the shoulder and suddenly you're "motivated".

    Well. Crap.:grumble:

    Welcome JLB and Ahmee!!!!! I LOVE new teamies!

    I'm not gonna talk about my weight this week. And the rest of you shouldn't either ~ that would just be rude!: (heehee)

    I'm loving all the talk about motivation!! I knew fall would do this to us! I too am giving it a strong new push this next week....

    :heart: :heart: :heart: Prayerful:heart::heart: :heart: CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! 50 POUNDS! What a great milestone! :drinker:

    Anita - sooooooooooooooo glad you're back! Missed you!

    Have a great week all - eat well!
  • I'm popping on. May be a stall tactic. Not sure what exercise I'll do today. a bit sore still from my run saturday.

    lulu- too funny=)

    paw-you should spoil yourself with your birthday morning! Congratulations for recognizing your accomplishments.

    ahmee- welcome! post away. accountability is key. I use to despise exercise. now with bicycle commuting I manage about 10-12 hours a week. Might slow down a bit here soon as the rain is here. We'll see;) I hope you can develop that love.

    Anita-good to see you back. I did JC in the past. Its nice to not think about what to eat. Its nice to not have to prepare. But the best part is the accountability of having to stand on the scale of someone. Best of luck.

    adopt4-cracking up over your new roommate motivation.=) Remember, fake it till you make it. Did you r/s with the trainer yet????

    I did well this weekend. took my 1 alotted date off. Just 1:smile: Saturday wasn't way healthy but it was in my calorie allowance.

    September 12, 2009

    Orowheat - Whole Grain & Oat Bread
    Polaner - Sugar Free (Made With Splenda) Seedless Blackberry Preserves,
    Coffee - Brewed from grounds,
    Coffeemate - Hazelnut Fat Free Creamer,
    Bananas - Raw,
    Eas - 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder - Vanilla
    Albertsons - Frozen Mango Chunks,
    Dannon - All Natural Non Fat Yogurt Plain,
    Figs - Raw,
    Generic - Home Made Soft White Bread,
    Skittles - Original, 1 pack
    Homemade - Beef Tamales, 1 Tamales
    TOTALS: 1,534
    Run/Walk 623

    Sunday-off day. I get to eat and not log one day a week.
  • stillkristi
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    Hi everyone. I'm back. Its been a crazy summer, and I had a great time, and now am ready to settle down and work again. I gained back about 10 lbs, but have lost about half of it so I should be back where I was when I left a few weeks ago.

    I am glad to be back, and pretty darned embarrassed at myself. Thanks to all of you that private messaged me. You are a great bunch, very supportive and caring. Thanks!!! Just got done exercising, and now I need to shower and get to work. Again, sorry to be such an idiot this summer.

    I will catch up on the posts later today and see what challenges you are doing. And, prayerfulmom, thanks for always sending me the link to the new week as a pm. That really was nice - means a lot.
  • LittleSpy
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    I was nervous about my first weekend but I handled it really well. :smile:
    Saturday was 1315 calories with 920 burned from exercise and Sunday was 1345 calories with 587 burned from exercise.

    I tend to crave fast food once a month when I'm on my way home from a greyhound adoption meet & greet. I realized yesterday as I was convincing myself to stop at Wendy's on the way home that I hadn't eaten any fast food since the last meet & greet (we have one each month). So I went ahead and did it. :devil: I stayed within reason and ordered off the value menu, and as you can see, it didn't even cause me to go over my 1200-1400 calorie goal so I still feel okay about it. :wink:

    I feel so much better already!
  • LosingIt4good
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    G'mornin everyone!!

    Well, today i am back in the game full swing. I got my rear up early this morning and got in 1 cup of coffee and plan to eat breakfast here in a minute. (something I havent been doing right lately!) Then Im cleaning out the fridge (it needs it anyway) and hitting the store for fresh produce and HEALTHY stuff to eat. It will be nice to have time to actually PLAN my menu this week for a change! I havent been able to do that in months and I really miss it!

    So... I have no other plans today besides that and a massage @ 3pm. Ive been having issues (due to repetitive movement I think) with my right wrist, elbow and shoulder and am not ready to go swim or do weights yet but Im hoping my masseus can work her magic on it and make it feel a little better so I can at least get something done over at the other house. We just have to finish painting the master bath and master walk in closet and are DONE except for cleaning out the garage.

    I just called adopt4 and we are gonna go for a nice walk this morning since its not hot or raining! :wink: Have a great day everyone!! Be kind to your body and it will be kind to you!
  • I am group...I went MIA for about a week...and thought this is not good.
    I did no I planned to, no watching what I ate. I have hit a big time wall. :angry:
    Thing is not quite sure why - I know I have discussed this with you all before. How I was going to get back on track but struggling...big time. Know this week is a write off my B/day this week...and know there is cake on the way tomorrow and this coming Sunday...and you guys surely can't ask me to not have any of my own Bday cake.
    So going to just say do what I can this week...and then I will try and return to the exercise and eating properly. But know I can't do it this week. But on a good have appt scheduled with gym on Saturday to go over how to work machines. So that is a plus.
    Other than that not much happening...good to see you are all doing so well. I hope to be joining you all soon.
    Welcome to the newcomers...this is a great group. They are supportive in so many ways. Good luck with your weight loss and meeting your goals. :smile:
    Well back on the water thing today if nothing else. :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:

    Talk to you all later,