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    JLB... good for you!! Congrats getting through the weekend! 1 time a month of hitting that drive through wont kill yer goals. Congrats for accomplishing it and staying within your calories!!

    Greyhounds are sooo cool! We saw some yesterday at the Fall Portland Home & Garden Show and fell in love! They were such sweeties!! Would love to adopt 1 if we didnt have a neighbor that was mental. :laugh:
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    Hi y'all! I'm still going strong! Hope all is well with everyone. Can't wait for the cool weather to come!

    Just got back from the gym. I did the treadmill, circuit and came home and hit the Pilates! I feel really good. I burned a total, according to my HRM, 680 calories today. I REALLY wish I could figure out how to wear my pedometer with my dress clothes at work...:ohwell:

    Anyway, I have a Smart Ones in the micro for dinner. Later I plan to have a little peanut butter and animal crackers for a snack. Usually I have my peanut butter with my waffles in the morning but I didn't have time to eat it this a.m. Gotta have my peanut butter!

    You guys, speaking of peanut butter, I've tried the all natural one I liked it well enough but the cals and fat vs. the "regular" peanut butter was confusing...The natural was more. What do you guys think? Does it make that big a difference?
  • ohhh can I say how happy that our girls are coming back!

    kristi- glad your back. missed your wit. you can know those little pounds off in no time. you go girl.

    l4g-you are a cleaning machine! hope you and adopt4 got to walk. hope it wasn't too much on her hip. we are having amazing weather today. in the 70's. its amazing home much better we seem to eat when we stock the house. I did a lot of cooking this weekend which is key for me. Its so good to have you posting again=)

    button-good to see you back to lady. how about using the birthday to get someone to join you for a leisure walk after the cake? it is so helpful to know how to use that equipment and not feel intimidated it and not using it. Good for you.

    ahmee-nice job at the gym today. on the PB thing...eating a little more fat and not getting the hydrogenated fat from the regualr is worth it. i didn't care for it so much at first but now i am a fan. i also am able to find a no sodium one at whole foods which is exciting to me=) only wish i could get single serving sizes for when i'm on my bike for hours.

    Here is my day wrapped up:
    TOTALS: 1,310

    Swimming laps, freestyle
    TOTALS: 537

    probably should have eaten more but i ate late today. nice and full.
  • I was nervous about my first weekend but I handled it really well. :smile:
    Saturday was 1315 calories with 920 burned from exercise and Sunday was 1345 calories with 587 burned from exercise.

    I tend to crave fast food once a month when I'm on my way home from a greyhound adoption meet & greet. I realized yesterday as I was convincing myself to stop at Wendy's on the way home that I hadn't eaten any fast food since the last meet & greet (we have one each month). So I went ahead and did it. :devil: I stayed within reason and ordered off the value menu, and as you can see, it didn't even cause me to go over my 1200-1400 calorie goal so I still feel okay about it. :wink:

    I feel so much better already!

    good for you for fitting in life within your calorie budget. we are all about real life and real food here. wouldn't advocate ff a lot. but an occasional one is life right.
  • Welcome newcomers - You will love this group

    Hey glad to see people coming back. I have been here after some computor problems and some health issues. Just taking a quiet approach to life right now and trying tgo get motivated to budge some more weight - feeling fat again but lacking motivation badly. I am maintaining about six pounds above my lowest weight. Gotta roll to work
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    My Day
    Total Cals. In

    Cals. burned
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    Yep, summer is winding down alright.... Anita and Kristi are back (YIPPPPPEEEEE:bigsmile: ) Now, where are Cyndeebee and Swignol and April and our other AWOL teamies????

    Prayerful - What an amazing example you are! And how exactly do you consume that protien powder? I'm just picturing you choking it down by the spoonful! lol... And hey, on the peanut butter thing - my girlfriend walks 8 to 10 miles 6 days a week and then twice a year walks in the 60 mile cancer walks -- she makes pre-measured PB snack packs in the small baggies - bites off the tip of the baggie and squeezes the snack out with her teeth!

    Kristi - You do not have permission to be embarrassed! We were just talking last week about how lax a lot of us have been through the summer - myself included:blushing: - But we're all still here - making our way to healthy.... even if it is in starts and fits!:laugh:

    JLB - (those are my daughter's initials by the way:-)) Great exercise cals burned and way to fit the drivethru into your lifestyle! Allow for the cals, burn the fat! Good job.

    LI4G - Since you're back in the swing, then that makes you aaaaaaa swinger?? Heehee. Hope you and Adopt4 had a great walk today!

    Adopt4 - hope your new walking shoes leave you less sore than your old ones!

    Buttonnose! Lookatchew! Being here bragging about eatin' cake!!!! lol - hope you have a GREAT birthday!

    Ahmee - Way to burn girl! Good job! And I'm a peanut butter lover too - I buy regular, allow for it in my cals and eat it at least 4 times a week. Love it! But I should probably try to do like Prayerfulmom and get used to the naturals....

    LW4M - Good to see you - just keep coming here - just post, the motivation will come back I'm sure! We are all in this together and that includes during the highs and the lows! ((((hugs)))))

    I did good on water today. I'm handing over my slipper to one of you guys... PLEASE use it on me! I have NO motivation to exercise! What is up with that!!!!

    :heart: later gaters...
  • smacking lulu in the fanny with the padded slipper. I double dog dare you to walk tomorrow! thanks for the pb tip. i will try that baggie trick. i'm hooded on morning smothies before my bicycle commute in. I'm addicted!

    lw4m (aka: IG) so are you getting some walking in besides work?

    ahmee- nice day. keep it up.
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    Double DOG dare me??? Double DOG!?!?! Fine little missy!! You're ON!:grumble:

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    wow sorry guys I've been MIA for 2 days, didn't even realize. did walk around the amusement park, even rode a roller coaster which gave me whiplash or something, LOL. So today I wore those shoes again for walking on the pavement, think it was 1.5 miles (each way?) and I was sore when I got home but no more sore than I was in before that from being whipped around on that roller coaster. And tonight - I feel almost completely better. whoo-hoo! baby steps, but I'm getting back on it.

    also realized why this summer has been so hard on me, had kind of an ephiphany about why i seemed to not care anymore... it was about self esteem and i felt really low after that thing with my parents... once i realized that, i'm thinking how dumb i was to bury that (thought i had dealt with it) and i was stuffing it down with food. so now that it's "out in front" i can deal with it completely.

    have 1 child tomorrow, need to do some shopping so i can have a healthy lunch, so not sure what i'll do as exercise. might not do it tomorrow and see if i am sore or not, since my goal is 3x/wk and i've done 2 so far. although my eating has still been off... part of it is because we ran out of fruit and veggies (day before payday) and so i had nothing "good" to snack on, which is why i'm going to the store first thing 2morrow.

    not logging my food... have not called my trainer... lulu, keep beating me... prayerful, keep reminding me please until i do it! i'm wasting money now by not making that call!
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    Good morning Team :flowerforyou: I'm back and going strong so far :laugh:
    Started back at it yesterday... ate well, logged my food, walked for 40 minutes and drank a lot of water ... of to a great start of the week :smile: I really don't know what happened to me the last couple weeks ... I think I just needed a break from it all, it could have been the stress at work as well... who knows. Whatever it was I'm not going to let it get me down...

    I still want to hit under 200 by my 40th birthday, which is in January prayerful :smile: I've lost 50 lbs in the first 4 months so hopefully I can do the 35 lbs in these next 4 months.

    That's all for me for now :smile:

    So lets do this TEAM... lets log that food, drink that water, exercise and keep it healthy!! We CAN do this together!!!

    Have a great day everyone!!
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    wow it' nice to see the newbies and to see people start to gravitate back. I have been reading but not really having anything to say. BUt today I am happy and I thought I'd post. I leave Thurday for Vegas so I am going to weigh in tomorrow and post it on this thread. Then if one of you will cut and paste it to the weighin on Friday I would appreciate it. I've not been logging barely excercising or posting much since my vacation in July BUT and I mean BUT.....I have still lost weight since then and I have maintained the loss so I am excited and I feel like I learned a few things while I was doing this gunho. When I went on vacation then I had lost 17lbs and so far I've lost 25lb total which was my goal for Vegas. My best friend promised to help me keep on track in Vegas and not let me go way overboard. Besides I don't want to spend money on food I want to GAMBLE and see a couple of shows. When I get back from Vegas I will make a HUGE effort to get totally on the stick. I will also make an efort to get Swignol back on here too. I think it is was just the summer fun that kept us away and off track.

    Ok now a totally different subject, but I am gonna share anyway :laugh: I met a man. :blushing: He is very nice and he seems to think I am pretty nice also. We had our first date on Sunday. We went to lunch and then to a park and walked and talked and found we had a lot in common. We've been on the phone like crazy since then. He is coming to work to take me to lunch today becaue he says he can't stand the thought of not seeing me before I go to Vegas :blushing: My kids say I am acting like a 15 yr old school girl. But it is so nice to have someone like me and say things that make me feel like a special person. I haven't felt that way in a long time.

    His name is Darrel and he is retired military, has 1 child who is 21. He drives a nice car ( not a junker and a looser guy LOL) don't rememeber what kind but it's a 2009. Owns his own home. He lives about 20 miles from me, so that's not too far. Anyway that is all for now..

    I hope everyone has a great week and weekend. I'll see you when I get back. I am turning my laptop in to be fixed tomorrow night before I go. It might take a couple of weeks to get back but my son is getting our home computer up and running. I am so sick of the s's not working and having to proof-read everything I type. Those of you on facebook who have been the victim of me not proof-reading my IM's..I am so sorry. I am really not an idiot and I can type LOL

    Love to you all. Remember to drink your water, post your foods and LuLu get up and dance like I did when you told me to do something before I farmed LOL Also rememeber the challenge of lose 13 lbs before Thanksgiving. It was 13lbs in 13 weeks. Is anyone paying attention to that. I have been...lets keep going on that one. Thankgiving is right around the corner.!!! Have a great day.
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    Good morning!
    My calorie totals from yesterday were...
    ...1268 calories eaten. I made the meat loaf muffins recipe I found on MFP, buttermilk mashed potatoes, and green peas for dinner -- OMG yum! I'm absolutely loving how delicious eating well can be. Having leftovers for lunch today. My boyfriend claims to have lost 3 pounds over the last week just because I'm cooking healthier!

    ...587 calories burned. 30 minutes of cardio: stationary bicycle -- I have the kind that works arms & legs, but I just figure calories for a regular stationary bike, 15 minutes of strength training, 15 minutes of stretching.

    I'm feeling great. My muscles feel tired this morning, and they felt tired last night during my workout so I think I'm going to have a light exercise day today to rest. We'll see how I feel when I get off work in 12 hours (I just love these 13 hour work days). I weighed myself on my old dial scale this morning because it had been 1 week since I started & I was just curious and I couldn't believe what it said. :bigsmile: I'm keeping my mouth shut until Friday though. :X
  • lulu- soooo?  

    adopt4-=)  glad to hear your back to walking.  i'm sorry that your summer vacation ended up being so emotional and impacted you as it did.  It is awesome that you've now recognized it and can move forward.  My challenge to you is that you call that trainer and make your 3rd workout session this week with the trainer at a later more appropriate time for you.  You've been challenged!  Time to face the trainer and get it over with.  Your gonna feel so much better once you do (ok sore, but the emotional part of calling and facing the trainer will be over and you can move on=).

    Lorann- glad to see you jumped back on the wagon.  press on my friend and achieve that dream.  Your going to have to stay focused with the holidays coming but you have great resolve.  You can do this thing.

    cb-have a fantastic time in LV.  that is great you got your friend to help on the food end.  and awesome on the new friend.  I'm still on the thanksgiving challenge.  we'll be sure to tx your stats to the new board.

    jlb- awesome day.  isn't it just not fair when the men don't even try they are just products of our cooking and they start melting away.  ugh.  ohhh 13 hour work days.  I do 10 and i ride to work in the dark.  soon it will be dark on the way home.  not so sure about that.  Its good to listen to our body and if we need to take a rest day it is so rejuvenating for our bodies.  

    I'm finding success when I plan everything and log it the night before.  So right on track this morning.  Bicycle commute.  Breakfast and snack as planned.  
    I think this Friday's weigh in is the 4th week of the thanksgiving challenge that was posed.  Is that right?    Have a great on task day ladies.  add some steps into your day.
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    prayerful - thank you for the confidence in me :flowerforyou: I think this is the first year I'm not looking forward to the Holidays :laugh: I know it's going to be really hard... but I know I can do this!!

    jlb - great job!! Keep it up!!

    crazybee - Have a wonderful time in Vegas and don't stress over it to much... just get back at it full force when you get back :flowerforyou:

    Well I better get back to work here ... talk to you all later!!
  • Well I am here again today as you can all see.
    Prayerfulmom I would go out for a walk tonight but already have some B/day plans made. I know I have to get back on track and have been working on it slowly yesterday and today...I am at least drinking my water again. Even got off track on that one. I find it so much easier to stay on track when at work...than at home. Bottle of water on desk, food not so accessible and I eat more regularly and think about what I eat instead of grabbing the first thing I see. So hopefully now that vacations are all over with and b/day's are almost done with ...I can get more focused and on track again.

    Glad to see that so many of you all are staying on track and meeting your goals. I am so happy for you all. I am sure that the newbies will find you all as supportive and inspirational as I have found you.

    Will keep posting...and checking in just for the hello's and support.

    Button :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:
  • Not really much to say except

    Prayerfulmom - I like you I really do but please don't send a challenge my way right now - I might have to get up and do something before going to work

    cb - have a great timein Vegas
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    hey gang, just a quick check in before heading to work. Great workout today, burned 544 calories. Love the HRM. Kelly, lets get back on track! Summer's over, and its time for us to get our groove back. Crazy, congrats! Be a 15 year old, thats fabulous. LULU - thanks fur being you. Really.

    All of you all - love you , take care, have a blessed fall day. I'll check in later. Hope weigh in day is a good one.
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    Hi all... Just checking in... Eating is going well.. Just have to get back onto the exercise wagon...

    Hope all is well...

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    I LOVE checking in and seeing ALLLLL my friends gathering in this place!!!!! It makes me all crazy-happy:bigsmile:

    Okay, Prayerful with your blatant double-dog dare:grumble: How 'bout 30 minute circuit training and 20 minutes yoga ball exercises??? I didn't walk - I actually ran - sorta. Well, truth be told after the first couple of rounds, I stumbled forward really quickly, but it was very similar to running, I promise. And I breathed very very hard AND I was drenched in sweat. So there. I hope you feel good about yourself:tongue: (and thanks for the challenge!)

    Gotta run - all that exercise put a kink in my night chores, gotta go pack my lunch for tomorrow... Sorry, I'll catch up on posts tomorrow.

    Hugs all around:heart: