T.H.E. (Trying Hard Everyday) TEAM Week 33



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    Jlb- congrats on seeing a change in the mirror. Any changes are a victory, but those ones you can see make it so much more a reality than the ones you cant. :0) Hope your week goes better for you and your puppy heals up quickly. I bet you will be TGIF tomorrow!! :) 60 hours a week. is a LOT!

    Nita- Awwww, taco bell dogs are so dang cute!!! I :love: them! So glad you are safe and was not involved in that accident more than what you witnessed. How scary!!!

    Prayerful- Yikes woman! How freaky! Id be takin a different route home from now on if I were in your shoes! :frown:

    Today is pretty boring. Daughter had a friend spend the night last night and Im trying to come up with something for them to do without spending a ton of money. Its either baking goodies (of which I dont want to do cuz I will eat them ALL) or take them to a movie at the cheap cinema (not sure there is anything good worth watchin there) Either way, they are happy watching their hannah montanta at the moment.. so I have a little time.

    Other than that.. I have to get some quotes for new medical insurance. Hubbys new job will cover him but thier coverage is too spendy for me and the kids so Im looking at other options. Also plan on creating a "menu" for next week so I have a plan of action while he's gone. He leaves early sunday morning so I just have the 1 night to myself while the kids are at their dads. Trying to think about what I should make for dinner that night since its just me, myself and I and I can make wierd stuff that nobody else has to eat or wont eat! hehe! I did that alot when he was gone for the 5 weeks to florida, especially since the kids spent alot of time with dad over spring break.

    Anywho... Since I finally have a day to do whatever I want, whenever I want... Im putting my walking shoes on and headed out the door in a couple minutes! No excuses!
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    hey ya'll i'm still alive and kickin' but just barely. have the flu (maybe the swine flu??) anyway it's kicking my butt. i get up, eat, and pass out agian, been like that for a week. not logging my food, not burning any energy. spent 3 days soaking wet with a fever, finally that broke.

    we have a new family member too, a kitty (7 week old kitten) that i got on a whim. hubby was mad for about a day and wouldn't look at her and now he's all "cmere kitty" and she purrs and snuggles with him. she's a cutie, i'll get a picture on here later.

    gotta go, kids are screaming outside, need to check on that. will check back in when i have the energy again..
  • nita/prayerful - Wow ladies, I'm glad I don't see accidents/events like those. Take care of yourselves!

    adopt4 - get better girl!

    jlb - congrats on looking in the mirror!

    li4g - plan, plan, plan - its the best way for me to stay on track too.

    Today was a rest day for me but got two exercise days in and plan to go tomorrow night after supper. Can't eat too much if I have to exercise after! The scale should move at weigh in tomorrow - I've been peeking. It's helping me stay motivated this week.

    Night all. See you at weigh in tomorrow!:yawn: