whats the weirdest thing you've eaten?

SmartWhatever Posts: 718 Member
I'm watchin Fear Factor, so I got to thinking about it. Mine would be a housefly, it was accidental though!


  • Bucky83
    Bucky83 Posts: 1,194 Member
    There's 3...

    1. Not with intent, but I swallowed a fly....gross
    2. Haggis (which I actually enjoyed)
    3. Chicken heart (very chewy, tastes like chicken...not)
  • YokoJ
    YokoJ Posts: 253
    Dog treat. :ohwell:
  • SmartWhatever
    SmartWhatever Posts: 718 Member
    Dog treat. :ohwell:

    Lol! That reminds me, when I was a kid, I had a friend who used to eat all the dry dog food out of the bowl every time she came over. My mom used to get so mad, lol!
  • caitychu
    caitychu Posts: 39
    Before I went vegan, I ate a rice crispy with a peperoni, like a sandwich. It was delicious.
  • Savemyshannon
    Savemyshannon Posts: 334 Member
    Grilled alligator tail... it was kinda good :)
  • tehzephyrsong
    tehzephyrsong Posts: 435 Member
    Syrniki. Basically a syrnik is a puck of fried cottage cheese.

    I had about six.

    I regretted every single one of them.
  • obrendao
    obrendao Posts: 318
    Chocolate covered crickets , I think it was 6th grade.
  • megsmom2
    megsmom2 Posts: 2,362 Member
    Curried goat. On a beach in Jamaica.
  • MarincicS
    MarincicS Posts: 265 Member
    Bull's testicles, kangaroo, camel, emu, crocodile . . . .but that is exotic to Americans, not to Australians (which was where i ate it).

    At Food Street in Beijing, you see scorpians wiggling around on skewers to be snacked on while walking the markets, but i drew my line there, so can't claim having eaten that delicacy!
  • thelovelyLIZ
    thelovelyLIZ Posts: 1,227 Member
    Nothing super crazy. I've had sort of odd things like bison, alligator, buffalo, caviar, snails, etc.
  • stupidloser
    stupidloser Posts: 300 Member
    I ate a chihuahua once.
  • directorj
    directorj Posts: 537 Member
    Balut. aka duck embryo. Popular in SE Asia countries. Asian people laughed when it was on fear factor :laugh:
  • artickb22
    artickb22 Posts: 411 Member
    rocky mountian oysters! delish!!
  • matchbox_girl
    matchbox_girl Posts: 535 Member
  • Devlyn_P
    Devlyn_P Posts: 294 Member
    Sheep brains
  • justdazed
    justdazed Posts: 57 Member
    Frog legs in Montréal
  • iguana, in costa rica.
  • abbyaxiom
    abbyaxiom Posts: 33
    Blowfish and horse in Japan. Also had alligator. Uhm.. choco covered crickets and locusts.
  • Laura_Suzie
    Laura_Suzie Posts: 1,288 Member
    Rattlesnake, it was pretty bland.
  • sun33082
    sun33082 Posts: 416 Member
    A banana, mayo and bologna sandwich. My aunt made me. She swears she loves them (with pickles on them too I think). It wasn't horrible, but never again.