MFP weight loss challenge!



  • mel_hunt
    mel_hunt Posts: 3
    I'm new at MFP but part of my reason for joining are things like this. Count me in! I have 70 total lbs to lose and would love to be 40 lbs down by Christmas. My goal is all 70 by May 2013.
  • kuntkick
    kuntkick Posts: 4
    I'm in :) I need to loose 23 pounds at least in 5 weeks but my goal is 63
  • klkutz1405
    klkutz1405 Posts: 18 Member
    I just joined too and could definitely use the motivation! I want to lose 50 by Christmas.
  • vida79
    vida79 Posts: 4
    I would love to join! I have about 40 pounds to lose to be at my goal weight. I'd like to lose it by December because we are traveling to Disney with our kids for the first time.
  • casherrill76
    casherrill76 Posts: 38 Member
    I'm in...need all the support I can get. I would like to lose about 40lbs total, before or by Chirstmas....count me in. The only problem is a joined a long time ago, but am just really getting started. I have no MFP friends....not sure what I need to do...... Any help would be appreciated....

  • smcesko
    smcesko Posts: 126 Member
    I'm in! I want to loose 40 by Christmas!
  • rukus1
    rukus1 Posts: 112
    Count me in. I need a challenge!
  • I'm in too... I have to lose 70 lbs.. I joined myfitnesspal 2 weeks ago and I see the difference.Need some motivation to go further. Hope this challenge would help me.. :wink:
    -Sumitha Ganesh
  • Kaylasmom
    Kaylasmom Posts: 116 Member
    I am in!!
  • Hi, I couldn't find the group. Can you please give me the group name?
  • nay33
    nay33 Posts: 31 Member
    I want to lose 30-40 by Christmas. So I am in. :)
  • jazzzzzy97
    jazzzzzy97 Posts: 9 Member
    im definitely in! :)
  • jazzzzzy97
    jazzzzzy97 Posts: 9 Member
  • fch29
    fch29 Posts: 2 Member
    My goal is to lose 50lbs by December... :)
  • lovemy4boys79
    lovemy4boys79 Posts: 22 Member
    Yes! My goal is to lose 50 by January = )
  • angieyu34
    angieyu34 Posts: 8
    I really need to lose about 50 lbs. but I read different posts about not eating your workout calories and starvation mode, and now I have no idea if i'm eating right. What do I do. This is my 5th day on MFP and now my spirits are down. Should I just eat my calories and forget about everything else?? Please Help Me! :' (
  • Kaylasmom
    Kaylasmom Posts: 116 Member
    what is the groups name? I want to make sure I am in the group challenge.
  • dadof2boyz
    dadof2boyz Posts: 156 Member
    Who's up for a little challenge?! Im currently in a weight loss challenge locally. But i thought it would be great to get those on MFP involved too for extra support for everyone's goals! So who wants to join me?

    My goal is to loose 50 "ish" by December! I have 120lbs to lose total, but i would love to set short term goals too!

    Who's with me!

    I am definitely up for this... I have a big trip planned for Maui in March/2013 and 50lbs is pretty darn good goal for me to reach before I hit the beaches of Maui..... how do we do this?? I am in.
  • mesee619
    mesee619 Posts: 87 Member
    Am in too
  • dadof2boyz
    dadof2boyz Posts: 156 Member is the group guys! JOIN BY MONDAY!! The challenge is currently PUBLIC but after monday, it will be made private so we dont have others joining in the middle! sound good? :wink:

    your link doesn't work. I actually found another group that is trying to do exactly the same thing, and their link is working fine. it can be found here... why create another group when one already exists?