Red High Heels Week15!



  • JoyousMaximus
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    Mmm not doing so hot eating wise. Too much food. :cry: Gained almost a pound back this week. :sad: Resolve to do better Sunday...plans to eat out tomorrow so kinda screwed calorie wise no matter what I get at the Yardhouse...

    How have we not met? It seems like you spend a lot of time in SD near me...
  • foxyforce
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    hey ladies!

    did the new thread start? \i can't find it.

  • foxyforce
    foxyforce Posts: 3,078 Member
    My daughter is in Labor with her first baby! Can't wait to know who we are welcoming into the world!

    omg, congrats GRANDMA! :flowerforyou:
  • foxyforce
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    i def. have to stop eating crap too. once the new thread is kickin' i promise to do better! yesterday all i ate:

    -1 medium macintosh apple
    -8 Brookies (brownie cookies)
    -1 Panzerotto with extra sauce
    -1 bottle of naked grape white wine

    and while its not an intensive amount of food, i am packin on the pudge. i am at the same weight but i am soft and my belly looks gross. i gotta eat healthier....

    however, you can tell i started my day well lol
  • Kityngirl
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    New challenge!

    see you all there! :flowerforyou: