• xombiebite
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    engaged wedding may 17 2014
  • MsKLarkin
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    Single, kind of miss hugs every once and a while!

    Xombiebite - congratulations!!
  • kiwigal41
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  • shaleasymphony
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    Will be married 5 years this december
  • ronit1601
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    single since 1995
  • Groovyca2022
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  • DIvorced
  • soldiergrl_101
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    Lucky *kitten* lol Married 5 years too long
  • DIvorced

    Lucky *kitten* lol Married 5 years too long

    Nice artwork!
  • Single for 20 years bet I topped you all. I was married he died in 93 so that is 20 years. Yes I was young when he died. Raised my kids alone as well.
  • in a relationship for 5 years
  • sunman00
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    25 happy years,..........and then I got married
  • Divorced and happy ever after XD
  • Married for 1 year, 3 Months. Sometimes not so "Happily", other times completely "Blissfully". :love:
  • rnctipton
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    Married 30 years this past August! Sometimes seems like forever.
  • married for 19 years and counting. many ups and downs, but we are each others soul mates so we do everything to make it work. we have 3 beautiful daughters ages 20,19, and 13 and a 2 yr young grandson. life is what you make it and mine is just as i need it to be.
  • SilverLotusGirl
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    somewhere between single, other, and spinsterdom
  • EdTheGinge
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    Single of course
  • simplycorey
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    Almost divorced.
  • TheRoadDog
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    Married 4th Time.

    1st marriage lasted 1 year
    2nd marriage lasted 2 years
    3rd marriage lasted 3 years

    At some point in time you have to take a hard look at the common denominator in your failed marriages. I did. Figured out that I was a dlck.

    Pretended to be a better person until I met my fourth wife. Some where along the way I realized I wasn't pretending any more. We just celebrated our 21st Anniversary this past summer. Every good thing that has happened to me in the last 25 years I can attribute to my wife.