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Facial Hair

SeaChele77 Posts: 1,103 Member
On guys!! :happy:

Girls - do you like facial hair? Moustache, Beard, Goatee?


  • Yes. It feels great when they go all Australia on ya
  • SeaChele77
    SeaChele77 Posts: 1,103 Member
    I'm not a huge fan of facial hair, but lately I'm kind of digging the goatee look with a small beard. I really don't know how to describe it, but its not a full beard - but very trimmed and quite sexy!!

    Moustaches seem creepy on most.
  • obrendao
    obrendao Posts: 318
    My favorite is when they have a bit of stubble. To me its very sexy, like a couple days after they shave. Goatees are nice, depends on the guy tho.

    I don't really go for a full on beard, but on the right guy if it was neatly trimmed it could work.
  • I love facial hair very much! My man has a mix between a goatee and a full beard, trimmed; whatever thatd be called! Anyways, SEXY :)
  • iLoveMyPitbull1225
    iLoveMyPitbull1225 Posts: 1,691 Member
  • beach_please
    beach_please Posts: 534 Member
    YES to facial hair. Except for mustaches. I personally think either scruff or a beard is best.
  • wolverine66
    wolverine66 Posts: 3,779 Member
    the main reason i have a goatee is because my wife prefers it. i can remember the last time i was completely clean shaven. September of 2002
  • MassiveDelta
    MassiveDelta Posts: 3,397 Member
    LOL @ going Australia
  • blonde71
    blonde71 Posts: 980 Member
    I'm always telling my hubby to stop shaving. I don't like a full-grown beard or mustache but rather days-old scruff. Love that. Sexy. On the weekends and vacations, he appeases me but not during the week as he's clean-shaven for work.
  • Newmammaluv
    Newmammaluv Posts: 379 Member
    love it, all forms...!

    back hair though... ew!
  • apedeb09
    apedeb09 Posts: 805 Member
    Yep.. I like goatees and mustaches fine.. Not beards though. I remember when my husband went on a trimming and shaving strike for like 2 years and i HATED his beard... Now he just keeps his goatee trimmed. way better.
  • juliecat1
    juliecat1 Posts: 3,541 Member
    Yes. It feels great when they go all Australia on ya


    I like it! The haven't shaved in a couple days look especially. Rawr
  • Meg_78
    Meg_78 Posts: 1,014 Member
    Yes I do definitely like a bit of a scruffy face on a guy, mmmmm like a few day old growth, that's kept trimmed to that length, but not a huge fan of the full on beads and mustaches.
  • Love love love love a good beard.

    Not like, a Dumbledore beard or anything, but a nice, short, well-kept one... yeah. I enjoy it.
  • I'm a huge sucker for facial hair.. although very few can rock a full on beard though :)
  • Trechechus
    Trechechus Posts: 2,839 Member
    Hot. Except hobo beards
  • AJ_Pete
    AJ_Pete Posts: 863 Member
    A little scruff is a lotta sexy.
  • TheTrimTim
    TheTrimTim Posts: 225
    I have a bit. :/
  • chelledawg14
    chelledawg14 Posts: 509 Member
    I'm all for "scruff" as I like to call it, DEFINITELY. Hubby says it is a pain to maintain, but he loves me so he does it :)
  • Yes! I love it! I say it makes them look more manly.. I like men, not boys.. :wink: