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Facial Hair



  • Wabbit05
    Wabbit05 Posts: 439 Member
    Not really... a few guys can pull it off i guess but i'm not a fan except for the goatee (again on some guys, not all)
  • ChrisRS87
    ChrisRS87 Posts: 789 Member
    I'm incapable of growing anything but a scraggly goatee :frown:
  • davery1985
    davery1985 Posts: 142 Member
    not a fan of facial hair, but my husband always has a beard coz he cant be bothered to shave!! Haha!!
  • Nope....no facial hair! If it's just the shadow, it's fine but no beard and especially no moustache!
  • canelly
    canelly Posts: 738 Member
    Yes hot......
  • lucyster92
    lucyster92 Posts: 51 Member
    yes, yes, yes.
  • LauraMacNCheese
    LauraMacNCheese Posts: 7,214 Member
    It really depends on the guy...some guys look right with facial hair & others don't. My oldest brother, for example, looks fab with his beard & bizarre without it. While, some other guys are the polar opposite...Brad Pitt & his "Colonel Sanders" look, for instance = :sick:
  • greenbox06
    greenbox06 Posts: 101 Member
    Here is me about 3 months ago with a full beard.

  • I have a gottee but i keep it close.
  • zeebruhgirl
    zeebruhgirl Posts: 493 Member
    My man has a full beard. Talk about full on STUD.

    I love his mountain man look, so hot haha.
  • Nope..I like my men clean shaven :)
  • LauraMacNCheese
    LauraMacNCheese Posts: 7,214 Member
    Now the scruffy, "I haven't shaved for a couple of days" look...:love::love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
  • GambinoGirl
    GambinoGirl Posts: 139 Member
    I like mustaches.
  • What about clean shaven vs 2-3 days growth?
  • Bernabrook
    Bernabrook Posts: 19 Member
    facial hair is sexy
    love a goatee
  • LauraMacNCheese
    LauraMacNCheese Posts: 7,214 Member
    What about clean shaven vs 2-3 days growth?

    Love the scruffy look :bigsmile:
  • What about clean shaven vs 2-3 days growth?

    Eh, prefer clean!
  • TexasRattlesnake
    TexasRattlesnake Posts: 375 Member
    Facial hair... so gross.
  • quietHiker
    quietHiker Posts: 1,442 Member
    Yum :) I love weekends when my boyfriend can get that five o'clock shadow going and then he trims it a little into his silvery goatee stubble....mmmmmm, mmmm :o) LOVE!
  • Used to have this rule about facial hair - none at all! Now I think it's hella sexy - especially a well manicured goatee - grrrrrrr! But I could go either way.