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I need help! Please! What am I doing wrong?

emphoto2003emphoto2003 Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
Hey guys! I am so discouraged right now and I could really use some guidance. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Can someone please look at my diary and help me out. I am alloted 1800 calories per day. I do step areobics for 20-30 mins, and according to MFP and what I have read I am burning about 500 calories per day. I am staying within my calorie range. Last week I decided I wasn't eating enough calories because my net was too low so I started eating closer to my 1800 and I lost about a lb or so.

I keep gaining/losing the same two lbs over and over. Do I need to eat more/less? Workout more? Can someone explain the net vs calorie intake vs exercise thing to me? I know there has to be a formula for losing weight and I'm just not getting something right.

I'd appreciate any insight anyone has. I'm still a newbie and trying to figure things out. I've lost around 13 lbs so far but I cannot manage to get out of the 290's range no matter how hard I try. I'm 5'9", 292 lbs.



  • emphoto2003emphoto2003 Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
    Oh, I'm 36 if the age helps. Thanks!
  • Nikid1926Nikid1926 Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
    I am not sure on the net front, as I don't look at that I simply eat my calories that I am allowed and then my exercise is a bonus, I would say you need to be eating your 1800 cals a day otherwise your body is going to have enough fuel and therefore could impact your weight loss, don't know if I have confused you more, soz if i have
  • merflanmerflan Member, Premium Posts: 216 Member Member, Premium Posts: 216 Member
    My first thought is you need to eat more. I am allotted 1600 and I'm under 200 lbs. I also eat more on workout days. Although, I've been struggling to lose too -
  • emphoto2003emphoto2003 Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
    So if my calorie goal is to eat 1800 and I burn 500 with exercise that give me a net of 1300. Do I need to make my NET 1800 or just my food? I am so confused. Sorry, I'm such a noob, but I'm trying really hard. I am trying to not get discouraged. It is especially frustrating when my friend is eating everything in sight and losing 2-4 lbs per week! Haha!
  • alexis831alexis831 Member, Premium Posts: 469 Member Member, Premium Posts: 469 Member
    Get a HRM. I find that MFP overestimates my calories burned by A LOT on all my workouts. Second, incorporate weights 3x a week and cardio 3x a week into your workouts. Cardio alone won’t cut it. If you have been doing the same thing over and over eventually it will stop working. You need different types of cardio so get creative. 3rd Look into HIIT or ladders as well. You can read about them online. 4th make sure you are tracking everything accurately. With these equations, you should be loosing. Try investing in a scale for your food. 5th think about a body fat tester and a measuring tape instead of a scale. Those are more accurate.

    These are just some ideas but really play around with them and see where you go. If I were you I wouldn’t eat more though. 1800 is pretty good. I might even go down 100 calories to play with it and see what my body does. It is calories in vs. calories burnt. Something isn’t mathematically adding up here.
  • Nikid1926Nikid1926 Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
    Don't be silly things can be confusing, I would keep your food at 1800 not your net thats the way I do it
  • freyamaclachlanfreyamaclachlan Member Posts: 22 Member Posts: 22
    Work out your BMR eat less than that, you will lose weight
  • alexis831alexis831 Member, Premium Posts: 469 Member Member, Premium Posts: 469 Member
    So if my calorie goal is to eat 1800 and I burn 500 with exercise that give me a net of 1300. Do I need to make my NET 1800 or just my food? I am so confused. Sorry, I'm such a noob, but I'm trying really hard. I am trying to not get discouraged. It is especially frustrating when my friend is eating everything in sight and losing 2-4 lbs per week! Haha!

    To maintain your weight you need to eat 2600 calories without exercising at your height and weight. MFP is set to subtract around 500 to give you a deficit that would enable you to loose 1 pound a week which would be 2100 calories. If you want to loose 1.5 pounds a week then subtract 750 calories which would be 1850. Your deficit is already their so when you workout you go even more in a deficit. Some people chose to eat those back, some eat half back, and some eat all of them back. It depends on what you want to do.
  • FeralsquirrelFeralsquirrel Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    I've been having the same problem since March. Last summer I was able to lose 20 pounds (which I've since gained completely back) through lots and lots of exercise (700+ calories burned every day for months).

    My personal problem is that my ideal diet and activity level don't match my lifestyle. I need a ton of exercise. 20 - 30 minutes isn't enough for me. Try adding a little bit extra to the aerobics and you may see some more loss. Just don't go crazy and do too much and hurt yourself (like I tend to do :\ )

    Your age could be a factor, 36 isn't old, but metabolism starts going downhill in the 20s. You may need to just keep at it a bit longer before you see more results.

    The obvious could be food. A lot of the entries on here (especially for homemade food) aren't correct so it's best to double check elsewhere as you could be eating more than you think. Also are you measuring everything out or just guesstimating? When I started actually measuring things out I realized I was that I was eating a lot more than I thought I was, and therefore going over on calories more often than not.

    One thing you can try is more, smaller meals throughout the day. You seem to stick to a more traditional eating schedule according to your diary. It's a little more to keep up with, but eating small amounts at the first sign of hunger really helps me with not eating a lot during mealtimes and it supposed keeps metabolism up.
  • vodkoffeevodkoffee Member Posts: 168 Member Posts: 168
    This calculator helped get me on track. I was eating too little.

    Also, I find keeping my carbs under 150 helps a lot.
  • mom2handh1975mom2handh1975 Member Posts: 224 Member Posts: 224
    It's really important to remember that food is not the enemy. Food is simply fuel for your body. If you don't have enough fuel, you will feel yucky and your weight loss will slow down. I wouldn't go lower than 1800 calories. You wouldn't have any energy and you'd be STARVING! I read the post about the heart rate monitor. That's a pretty good idea, and I might end up getting one myself. I see a lot of people posting that MFP overestimates how many calories we're burning. Maybe try to vary your workouts. Whatever you do, DON"T GIVE UP! We all hit that wall, and the only way to reach your goal is to knock the stinking wall down or climb over it. You can do it!
  • sarahleeroysarahleeroy Member Posts: 45 Member Posts: 45
    Ok sorry if this sounds harsh, but I have to be honest. Looking at your food diary, you are eating too much. There is no way you can lose weight eating at restaurants and fast food every day! Yes calories matter with weight loss, but the types of food you eat matter too. When you're eating a lot of processed white flour and fried foods high in sodium, you're not going to get the results you want. Also, 500 calories for 30 minutes of step sounds like too much to me. I wear my heart rate monitor for everything, and I burn around 450 calories doing step for an hour.

    ETA: I'm not saying that eating out is bad, or that you need to cut out junk food completely. When you eat out, there are ways to eat healthy foods and still feel satisfied. Take a look at my diary if you want to, there are only a few days on it but I've had a couple of restaurant meals in there since I started this thing on a friday. I still eat what I want at restaurants but in small portions, and I balance it out the rest of the day.
  • veganbaumveganbaum Member Posts: 2,002 Member Member Posts: 2,002 Member
    Since it seems like you haven't been following MFP's guidelines for very long, the logical place to start would be to do that. So, eat your 1800. Then eat some or all of your exercise calories. A lot of people find the exercise calorie estimates to be high and will eat only 50-75% of their cals back, while others find it works to eat 100%. You should be eating at least some of them back. I would say 500 for only 20-30 minutes of aerobics seems high, but at your current weight it could be fairly accurate. I would personally probably eat around 300 of those. Try that for four weeks to get an accurate gauge of whether it's working. One or two weeks is not enough time to measure how a change is working.
  • TenderBransonTenderBranson Member Posts: 114 Member Member Posts: 114 Member
    You're overestimating what you're burning no doubt. Get a heart rate monitor for a more accurate reading.
  • zaviersmom07zaviersmom07 Member Posts: 6 Member Posts: 6
    I'm having the same issue. My first week of 1200 calories and exercise I lost almost 6 lbs, now today I weigh myself and gained 4lbs even though I'm still following the 1200 calories and exercising - I take a 60 min zumba class 3 - 4 times per week. It is frustrating but I'm not going to give up.
  • trisha671trisha671 Member Posts: 28 Member Posts: 28
    Hey, I'm no expert but it seems like you are skipping meals on some day. On some days you are either not eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also are you drinking any water because you aren't logging it. Trying drinking at least 8oz of water each day! Also incorporate things like yogurt, fruits and vegetables in addition to your exercise.
  • lhgmrlhgmr Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    try taking your measurements as well. you may be exchanging fat for muscle, yet toning, I watch my carbs as well. good luck, no matter what-- it is a day to day mindful effort,
  • Lesa_SassLesa_Sass Member Posts: 2,213 Member Member Posts: 2,213 Member
    Okay, the issue is easy, you are eating crap.

    I do not care who comes in and tries to say you can eat 1200 calories of twinkies and lose, it is the quality of the calories that matter.

    Stop eating out and start eating good, fresh whole foods. If you can not cook and must go out to eat, make better choices. We do not just get fit and eat healthy to be pretty and skinny, we do it so we can be there for the people that love us and we love in the long run. Captian Ds , Chilis and Pappa Johns are not going to get you there.

    I have an open diary, please feel free to look at it to get some ideas. I also have a healthy cooking page on facebook , if you are interested in looking at it, private message me and I will give you the link to check it out.

    Since I do not make money on it, I will post my facebook page on here for people to look at if they please.
  • jaj68jaj68 Member Posts: 158 Member Member Posts: 158 Member
    hi......what about your sodium level. Several times you had Pringles...and you had Chili's several times. I know for me, if I eat potato chips, even a small amount.....I gain weight.
  • RealWomenLovePitbullsRealWomenLovePitbulls Member Posts: 729 Member Member Posts: 729 Member
    is it possible for you to not eat out every day?? seems like you are eating out a lot and not making healthy food choices and also that you are getting most of your daily calories in one meal and not really having 3 well-balanced meals a day....
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