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I need help! Please! What am I doing wrong?



  • abbeamerabbeamer Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Are you varying your exercise? If you are doing the SAME aerobics routine -- and if you have been doing the same aerobics routine for a while -- your body may have gotten used to the regimen. Try switching some exercises...maybe elliptical or stairmaster...throw in a very light free weights, even.
  • koneruspkonerusp Member Posts: 250 Member Member Posts: 250 Member
    500 calories for a 20-30 mins excercise is too much,get a HRM so you would get an accurate burn numbers.Food wise you are good at 1800.
  • APawli1224APawli1224 Member Posts: 82 Member Posts: 82
    Not sure if anyone pointed this out or not but first off you should be eating small meals every 3 hours beginning when you wake p to keep you energized and you metabolism running and second off your carbs are through the roof.. Try to stay away from the carbs and sodium.. I am only 24 and I can look at a carb and gain weight so I am sure it has to do with that as well as not enough water intake.. I didnt read everyones posts but that is my input..
  • emphoto2003emphoto2003 Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
    That's a good suggestion. I have been doing step for a few weeks now. Getting ready to start tap dancing class again after labor day, though, so that should vary it up a little bit. It will be interesting to see if it changes then. I should start tapping a couple times a week and see if that changes it.
  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 19,296 Member Member Posts: 19,296 Member
    Got the HRM..Just have to figure out how to work the thing now. How accurate are these things anyway?

    So I have a new question...this HRM is showing I am burning WAY fewer calories doing aerobic step than ALL of the online calculators and MFP. How accurate are these things for showing calories burned because that can make a huge difference on what I do and don't do as far as eating is concerned.

    Depends on what you got, and what stats it asks for, and what you can correct.

    The biggest correction will be the HRmax stat. If you worked out at say 140 bpm, it HRM thought 150 was your max - that would appear to be a huge effort, worthy of huge calorie burn.
    But if actual max is 180, then 140 was not actually that hard an effort, and should not be a big calorie burn.

    If you really want to test it, go for a walk on treadmill of known incline of say 1%, speed about 3.5, ect.
    Use this site to nail how much energy it literally takes to move mass so fast so far, and compare to HRM.

    Use the GROSS figure for comparing to HRM, but use the NET figure for how much to eat back.

    There is also a calculator for step routine, but still compare the treadmill test too.
  • sirisaac87sirisaac87 Member Posts: 33 Member Posts: 33
    Just going to throw out a few ideas ---

    It seems like you eat out a fast food restaurant alot -- Try having ONE cheat day, or maybe even just a cheat meal... Staying under your calories is good, but QUALITY calories are important. Healthy fats, complex carbs, and protein, there is alot of trans fat in fast food (Not good for you). Also try and up your water consumption, water is VERY important.

    When working out if your going to dedicated 20-30 minutes then make that time worth it. Work hard, push yourself ... Everytime you go to the gym, try and make it better then the workout before . Also you need variety in your workouts, if you do the exact same thing everytime your body will adapt. Try using different cardio machines, maybe throw some weight training(or machines) into the mix. If possible take a spinning class, or different classes at your gym. Keep your body guessing.

    If you want to add me as a friend feel free, ill try and share as much knowledge as I can ... Good Luck on your journey.
  • JenniferMarqJenniferMarq Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Consider trying a low glycemic index diet and minimize all flour and processed sugar (basically, you want to eat everything in its least processed/most natural state). Weight has a lot to do with hormones, and high glycemic index foods cause spikes in insulin levels, which causes hormonal changes. I have had a lot of succeess with switching to a low glycemic index diet and completely avoiding processed sugar and flour when in terms of calories, there is no explanation why I'm not losing weight. You should also feel more energetic on this type of diet due to no extreme rises and falls in your blood sugar. You can google low glycemic index to find a list of foods.
  • You want to drink half your body weight in oz when it comes to water...
    ex. 200lbs = 100oz water

    If you find you have trouble drinking that much water, there are lots of things you can do to flavor it up with fresh fruits and such. Message me if you want to talk more one on one. I struggled for almost 3 years at the same weight before things started turning around for me!
  • emphoto2003emphoto2003 Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
    Thanks for the input! I actually do drink water throughout the day but I have never bothered much in logging it. I guess I need to do that. Ha! Thanks for the reminder. I didn't think it made a difference the calculator. <----newbie
  • IUSE2BAHEAVYHITTERIUSE2BAHEAVYHITTER Member Posts: 105 Member Member Posts: 105 Member
    hi......what about your sodium level. Several times you had Pringles...and you had Chili's several times. I know for me, if I eat potato chips, even a small amount.....I gain weight.
  • AngelAtkins61AngelAtkins61 Member Posts: 52 Member Member Posts: 52 Member
    Ok.. I went for my weigh in on Friday and asked my nurse practitioner about the exercise cals, to eat or not to eat , as I hear so much about EAT THEM ALL!
    Well she says no. Eat 1/2 of them. You will still have enough energy cals for your body and healthy weight loss.
    I am 51 now. Started this last July. I have lost 42lbs so far.
    My intake is 1200. But I exercise ALOT. I walk almost 3 miles at lunch most days at work in addition to aerobic step 60 min, some weights etc.
    I would say keep up with your calorie intake , be sure to DRINK WATER! And lots of it. Watch the foods you eat.
    no more than 10% fat calories as much as possible. And exercise! Even if its a mile or 2 walk. you do not have to run. 1 mile is 1 mile no matter how fast you are going!
    And also maybe have your hormone levels checked? You are young but you never know!
    Exercise will boost your metablism. And be sure to get your Vitamin B's!
    You may want to look into a FitBit also. I got one and I swear its how I FINALLY broke a 7 month plateau!
    Keep up the good work and again WATER and EXERCISE! CONGRATS TO YOU BTW on your new healthy habits!
  • Robin_BinRobin_Bin Member Posts: 1,083 Member Member Posts: 1,083 Member
    It's really hard when you have to eat out, but try checking your fiber. I find when I'm having trouble, I've usually not been eating enough fiber (a bit more than MFP suggests for me) or it's the wrong time of the month (and I'll lose that a few days later).
    And as someone else suggested, try following the MFP guidelines to start with. Then try adjustments if you still want after a month.
    Good luck!
  • LozzeLozze Member Posts: 1,954 Member Member Posts: 1,954 Member
    So I have a new question...this HRM is showing I am burning WAY fewer calories doing aerobic step than ALL of the online calculators and MFP. How accurate are these things for showing calories burned because that can make a huge difference on what I do and don't do as far as eating is concerned.

    The machine that is attached to your body will be correct. Not the calculators online.

    I personally have to use MFP because I can't afford a HRM by I routinely take 100-200 calories off.

    I'm someone who started about your weight. At that weight what you eat doesn't have a lot to do with weight loss. The amount of calories you're eating determines weight loss. Health is of corse a Completly different matter. Where he fast food makes a difference is sodium which if too high can make you retain water masking your actual loss.

    Eat to 1800 calories. Eat your exercise calories (from your HRM) back if you're hungry. Do it for a month and then reevaluate if not working for you.og EVERYTHING!
  • honeylunnyhoneylunny Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Eat Breakfast! It kick starts your metabolism. Also drink lots. It will stop bloating and weight fluctuation
  • jltaft21jltaft21 Member Posts: 35 Member Member Posts: 35 Member
    Okay, the issue is easy, you are eating crap.

    I do not care who comes in and tries to say you can eat 1200 calories of twinkies and lose, it is the quality of the calories that matter.

    Stop eating out and start eating good, fresh whole foods. If you can not cook and must go out to eat, make better choices. We do not just get fit and eat healthy to be pretty and skinny, we do it so we can be there for the people that love us and we love in the long run. Captian Ds , Chilis and Pappa Johns are not going to get you there.

    I have an open diary, please feel free to look at it to get some ideas. I also have a healthy cooking page on facebook , if you are interested in looking at it, private message me and I will give you the link to check it out.

    Since I do not make money on it, I will post my facebook page on here for people to look at if they please.

    I agree. You need to change the quality of what you are eating. What I have learned from mfp is how many calories, carbs, and sugar are in that junk I used to love. I still eat out, but I plan ahead. I am only allowed 1200 calories per day, so I have to make careful choices. I have also switched yoplait for Greek yogurt. I like Fage with strawberries the best. It's really creamy and has lots of protein. Request me as a friend nd I would love to help.
  • Nektirun84Nektirun84 Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
    I just use this as a guide. My nutritionist says that 1500 is the goal for anyone. Don't add or subtract the amount due to exersice. Try to do at least 30 min of exersice a day.
  • Heather_RiderHeather_Rider Member Posts: 1,159 Member Member Posts: 1,159 Member
    in the last 4 days, you have had candy, crappachino (sorry, i hate coffee.. lol) papa johns pizza & captain D's, which is deep fried..

    So i would say thats what you are doing wrong.
  • lamericanalamericana Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    I agree with most of what people are saying- less junk food, and you've over estimated your exercise. Another really great tool I have come to love is a body fat scale. While not as accurate as medical tests, they do give you a base line so you can tell if you are loosing body fat. I can't tell you how defeated I used to get not losing weight for weeks until I got a body fat scale. Sometimes I gain a pound or two, but I lose several percentages of body fat. Ultimately this means gaining muscle and losing fat. It's important to remember that fitness is not all about weight!
  • larnspergerlarnsperger Member Posts: 161 Member Member Posts: 161 Member
    I looked over your diary for the past couple of days. I can only say that even if you stay with in your calorie range if you aren't eating high quality foods you will not be successful longterm.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I worked at WW for several years and there were literally TONS of people who ate within their point range and did NOT lose weight. Their food choices contained too much restaurant food and too many 100 calorie snacks.

    I do not follow WW or any other organized plan, but I know one thing after several years the quality of the calories consumed matters greatly. Any food consumed from a restaurant is going to be full of sodium and make losing weight very difficult if they are indulged in more than here and there.

    Sometimes when you undertake this journey it helps to change just one thing at a time, give yourself time to adjust before undertaking another . You said you had given up coke and were drinking water and you are walking.

    I do not eat my exercise calories but lots of people do and are successful, that is a personal choice. You are going to have to change the quality of the food you eat to see some success. Please hang in there!
  • RoyaltviiRoyaltvii Member Posts: 160 Member Member Posts: 160 Member and as everyone else said, watch sodium, drink water, and eat your veggies. ;-)
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