Sweets under 100 calories?

Anyone have any suggestions for sweet treats under 100 calories?
I generally crave chocolate amongst other sweets when I get stressed out, which tends to happens a lot.
(Broke college student.)

Anyone haveany suggestions for sweets under 100 calories? Healthy ones, or semi-healthy ones I suppose, are preferred, but I do love chocolate...
I need to cut down on sweet stuff, so this should be a nice replacement.


  • www.arcticzero.com

    A whole pint of ice cream for 150 calories. So if you wanted 100 cal or less, just eat 2/3 the pint or less.
  • Dark chocolate is my favorite for my college stress snack. But in moderation. Also, peanut butter and apples, or cinnamon/ chocolate peanut butter and apples or pears. :)
    Vitamin water zero helps a lot too
  • HotAshMess
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    sugar free hot cocoa (yum!)

    A single fun size bar of just about everything.

    I really really love Fiber One bars (90 cals)

    Snackwells is making some caramel corn in small packages that ROCK! I like the white chocolate drizzled...which is about 130 calories per pack.

    chocolate graham crackers, broken in half, with a scoop of the light cool whip between and refrozen. around 80 cals depending on the ingredients you use. Would probably work with the other flavors too.

    sugar free hot cocoa mix mixed with light cool whip. Dip fruit (strawberries).

    dried fruit (some, not all)
  • tldust
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    Weight Watcher's dark chocolate covered raspberry ice cream bars . . . .80 cals. Fresh raspberries and banana slices with Trader Joe's Organic Chocolate syrup.
  • Healthydiner65
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    Flat out crackers(9) and laughing cow garden vegetable(1) = 70 calories! Nom Nom!
  • bstall1976
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    be careful with the pre packaged low cal sweets

  • lamilli09
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    Try munching on a serving of Hershey's Chocolate Chips (~70 calories) or a sugar-free/fat-free chocolate pudding cup (~100-150).

    Otherwise, get your chocolate fix via yogurt! Yoplait has two flavors which I really like -- Whipped Chocolate (160 calories) and my personal favorite, Light White Chocolate Strawberry (100 calories).
  • birdieaz
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    I love Bali's Favorites Espresso candies...you can eat 8 for 108 calories. They are hard, so it takes a while to suck on all of them.

    wait...that sounded wrong.
  • Tracey0013
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    the mini chocolate mini wheat's are great if you eat 1/2 a serving it's only 100 cal. It gives you 26 pieces. it's sweet and chocolaty !
  • itsuki
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    Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars are like 90 calories each and pretty yummy.
  • SoDamnHungry
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    I always get those packs of fun size candy bars. They're perfect!
  • californiagirl2012
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    My favorites are not really true sweets, I've learned to love the flavored liquid Stevia products and add them to things like yogurt, cottage cheese, or simply have one peice of toasted bread with a light coating of honey or sugar free jam. Then if I want a real treat whenever I want it (like a real cookie) I enter it into the diary first and work around it with low cal foods.
  • Italian_mom
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  • RaeN81
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    Healthy choice premium low fat fudge bars...amazing!
  • Acg67
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    Just about anything, portion sizes will vary of course
  • elijhasmomma
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  • viasophia13
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    Fiber One 90 calorie brownies...I'm addicted :tongue: they have chocolate fudge ones, which have chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle, and they have chocolate chip cookie ones. Also, sugar free hot chocolate, with only 50 calories(: and Dolce de Leche Cheerios, with 100 calories per 3/4 cup!
  • NearlyJen
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    I keep a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips in the fridge. 32 chips = 70 calories!
  • mbajrami
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    Jello makes sugar free mousse cups (in the refrigerated section) that are 60 calories each. There is regular chocolate and dark chocolate. DELICIOUS.
  • jmuller06
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    If it's just the something sweet, I like Edy's Fruit Bars (25 cals./popsicle) and so refreshing after walking. If it's the chocolate you're after, Weight Watchers Toffee Crunch bars (100 cals/popsicle) do the trick for me. As the weather changes, I'm sure I'll need to find something else. LOL