Sweets under 100 calories?



  • schustc
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    Chocolate pb2 and half a serving of mini pretzels. Depending on the brand, 55 calories for the pretzels and 45 for the pb2. Chocolate dip and pretzels for 100 calories, how can u go wrong? To be honest, I double it for my snack at 200 calories. Enjoy!
  • Swiss Miss 100 calorie Fudge Bar found at Sams Club. Deliciously creamy and chocolatey.
  • A sweet fix for me are dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses.
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    Dark chocolate chips.... a handful is about 70 calories (depending on your hand of course)... you can also do a small scoop of peanut butter and add in three of four chips for the chocolate kick. Keep them in your freezer and they are pretty darn cheap.
  • ladybug71399
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    I love to have the Edy's Fruit popcicles. They are delicious and are either 80 or 90 calories. I also like to have sugar free jell-o at night because it will not undo my day. Another treat are the 100 calorie packs with chips ahoy, oreo crisps. If I think of any more I will let you know.:happy:
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    I do sugar free jello with a splat of sugar free cool whip.. not to mention you can eat the entire box for very few calories :)
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    I prefer extra dark chocolate as a way to sate my sweet tooth. I only have one or two pieces, though, to stay under 100 calories (I'm still learning moderation/portion control.)
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    I have just discovered weight watcher dark chocolate raspberry ice cream bars and they are delicious and satisfying and only 85 cal each.
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    17 Haribo brand gummy bears is 100 calories. Yummy!:happy:
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    I remember this article from Halloween.
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    Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt...100 cal each and very tasty flavors
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    be careful with the pre packaged low cal sweets


    Thanks I was looking for the thread about that article.

    Arctic Zero calories were a lot higher than they say on their label. If I'm going to eat 250 calories of ice cream...might as well have the real thing instead of the Arctic Slime...uugh
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    Since certain sites aren't available to me now I will just tell you about it and hope to remember the site later....

    pinterest has a recipe for 100 cal puppy chow

    For those who don't know what puppy chow is, its chex cereal covered in chocolate and powdered sugar basically. Not exactly healthy but keep it in moderation and change up your recipe and it's just fine!
  • PiggySweet
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    next organix chocolate covered banana pieces. They're 150 cal for 12 pieces but 6 usually satisfies me. They're also vegan, if that matters to anyone.
  • Blue Bell frozen fruit bars- here, they come in lime, strawberry and peach. They are 60-70 calories each and taste wonderful. The lime is like licking a fresh frozen lime, and the other 2 have chunks of frut in them.. .I love them.

    Also, a little more decadent is the Blue Bell Dream bar. It is another frozen treat- a vanilla icecream bar covered in orange sherbet. I believe they are also 70 calories each. Love 'em!

    If you like crunchy, there are Quaker Oats Rice chips. They are like little mini rice cakes - very crispy. The cinnamon apple and chocolate flavors are sweet and crispy without being sickening sweet. I like them too. As I recall, they are 100 calories for 7 chips.

    I hope these help you out some!!
  • citizencrp
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    1 serving of Dutch Cocoa Somersaults (sunflower seed nuggets) is 140 cals.Tthey are sweet and a little salty and have about the same protein as almonds (which I'm allergic to).

    Chocolate milk with real cocoa and skim milk.

    a viactiv calcium chew.
  • cotton candy? it's only 2 spoonfull sugar. 30-60 kcal ! At least that's how we make it.
  • Kasya007
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    I have a MAAAAJOR sweet tooth, but I don't lose an ounce unless I completely cut out as many sugars as possible, so here are a few of my treats:

    - Hershey's Sugar-Free Caramel-Filled Chocolates - 30 calories per chocolate.
    - Reese's Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cups - 36 calories per cup.
    - Werther's Sugar-Free Hard Candies - 8 CALORIES per candy. (Comes in Regular, Mint, Coffee, Cinnamon and Caramel Apple.)

    For my servings of protein on a daily basis I do the following:

    I mix either Torani (Monin, DaVinci or Starbucks brand), Sugar-Free Italian Soda syrups, Splenda or Smucker's Sugar-Free "Jam" into either Light Ricotta, Plain 0% Greek Yogurt or Fat-Free Cottage Cheese. This option is great as you can mix it up however you'd like, one day you could be having sugar-free & fat-free vanilla yogurt, and the next you could be having strawberry "jam" & ricotta that tastes like cheesecake. :smile:

    Run, don't walk, to the diabetic section of your grocer or pharmacy, because only there will you find the sugar-free treats. :smile:

    OH SHOOT, I forgot Sugar-Free Jell-O! All flavours are 10 calories per half cup serving, with the exception of lemon, which is only 5 calories per 1/2 cup, (meaning the entire package is only 20 calories!!!) :bigsmile:

    Which reminds me, I'd better whip some up for tomorrow. When it comes to sweet treats, trust a skinny b*tch, we know where it's at. :laugh:
  • bulldogsrule
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    Some of my favorites snacks that are about 100, always under 200 calories:

    ~Air popped popcorn - about 4-5 cups popped = 100 calories (no butter)
    ~Weight Watchers Strawberry yogurt bars - 1 bar = 60 calories
    ~Almonds - whole, natural - about 15 nuts = 100 calories
    ~Raw veggies - carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, sugar snap pears - with Kraft Roasted Red Pepper with Parmesan dressing (2 tbsp = 40 calories) = 100 calories
    ~Kellogg's protein bar - chocolate peanut butter = 180 calories (yet fills you up for about 3 hrs; also good for meal replacement)
    ~Dannon Vanilla yogurt – 80 calores (sweet tasting since it is vanilla; can add fruit)
    ~Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese fat free – 2 tbsp = 30 calories (then add something pretty harmless like celery or fruit)
    ~Kroger (grocery name) - Mini Rice Cakes Caramel Flavored, 16 mini cakes = 80 calories
    ~Del Monte - No Sugar Added Diced Pear Cups, 1 cup = 40 calories
    ~Del Monte - Diced Peaches Fruit Cup No Sugar Added, 1 snack cup
    ~Kraft - Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Cream, 2 Tbsp = 40 calories
    ~Kraft - Cool Whip Low Fat - 95% Fat Free, 3 tbsp = 25 calories (add this to the sugar free jello cups)
    ~Grapes 1 Cup - Seedless (Red or Green), 1 cup = 100 calories
    ~Kellogg's - Eggo® Cinnamon Toast Waffles, 1 waffle = 100 calories
    ~General Mills - Cheerios (From Website), 1 cup = 110 calories
    ~Baked Lays - Barbecue Snack Bag Size, 1 package = 140 calories
    ~Sobe Life Water - Acai Fruit Punch, 1 container (20 fl ozs ea.) = 0 calories
    ~Pretzel sticks fat free – about 39-45 sticks = 100 calories
    ~Hershey's Ice Cream - Cookie's 'n Cream Premium Ice Cream, 1/2 cup = 170 calories
    ~Nestle - Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters 28 g (1 oz), 28 g – 120 calories (great substitute for candy bar cravings!)

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    Everyone's childhood favorite - Flavor Ice Freeze Pops!!! Only 25 cal each. And cold and frozen goodness. Also incredibly cheap!