I knew this would happen!

I was so worried that if I didn't exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY that I'd find excuses to not do it!

Last Wednesday, I had a stomach bug.
Saturday, headache and depression set in.
Sunday, was my regular day off (but I should have made up for Wednesday or Saturdat, but I didn't)
Today, I'm gonna go for my walk, BUT kid home sick so it'll be shorter.

See what I mean? I knew that if I didn't exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY that I'd come up with every and any excuse to not do

The eating, logging, water part I'm handling ok, it'd just this exercise that my issue.

How do I get back on the bandwagon? And how do I stop making excuses to not exercise?


  • jenillawafer
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    As the Nike commercial suggests: Just Do It.
  • emaildianeb
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    Set up some sort of incentive to do it. Award yourself with a pedicure after 10 consecutive workouts.
  • Fozzi43
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    Just do it...no excuses!!!!!
  • belladonna786
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    yup that happened to me over a month ago :(
  • AlsDonkBoxSquat
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    You need some alternative options. When I just can't work out the way I usually do I do an at home program in my living room. Move all furniture and go to town . . . you get it in how and when you can.
  • natalie2355
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    UGH story of my life. I find setting two alarms helps.... and putting it it my phone calendar (with reminder alarms). AND asking my friends to pester me ALL the time haha
  • sbr016
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    Each day is a new day. If say you missed a day...no need to "make up a day". Just start everyday off fresh and work on whatever goal you have today no need to live in the past.

    just like life...one day at a time.
  • Who says you have to leave the house to exercise? You can make a routine to do in the house for when you can't make yourself leave the house, or when you or a kid is sick. I could be something as easy as jogging in place, jumping jacks, sit-ups, stuff like that. Walking is much more fun of course, but when you just can't get out to do it you can do this instead. Sometimes we have to make provisions for rainy crappy days just to get our workouts done and over with. We have a Wii at home here. So I use that on rainy days or days when I just don't feel like getting on the stationary bike or going for a walk. I also have hand weights that I can use to life and do reps while watching television so it's not so boring and makes exercising fun. Make it a game. Just some suggestions.
  • sevsmom
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    Sick kid = plenty of time for exercise videos!!!

    I skip workouts from time to time as life demands, but I always try to fit in something. I think kids home sick ROCK because I can do 2 exercise videos during the day and THEN get a run in after the hubby gets home.

    Don't give up due to a couple of off days. Just hit the reset button and get going!!!
  • Find an exercise you LOVE! Something you enjoy doing. If you don't enjoy it, you'll never have the desire to do it and you'll always have excuses of why you can't do it.
  • I was in a rut this last week but it was because of TOM. Then my cat had surgery so I stayed in to keep an eye on him. Then I had housework to do and then some shopping so i logged the walking from that.

    I can sympathize. Part of it is life getting in the way and the rest is "well" i can do it the next day.

    Set some time, and work your way back onto that wagon. You'll feel great when you do.

    Best of luck! :flowerforyou:
  • ChristyRunStarr
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    For me, I tell myself I'm going to do it and I do it. I know that doesn't work for everyone so you have to find what will work for you. I also will put a workout into my phone as a reminder and once it goes off, I treat it like an appointment at work, my phone tells me I have to do I will.

    If that doesn't work, try what someone else said-set up so after X amount, you'll get a pedicure or an hour to yourself or a new book-whatever will get you to want to get to that number of workouts.

    Another thing I find that helps me on those lazy days of not wanting to do anything, I use runkepper as one of my running apps so what I'll do is look to see how many workouts I have for the month we're in compared to my friends and if I have less, I use that to get my butt up and out :smile:

    Good luck!
  • holly3585
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    Jog in place at home in front of the TV. Do it until you absolutely can't do it any longer, take a break, then double your time. Do this each and every night you make an excuse not to work out. You will be so utterly tired of running in place you will stop making excuses :~)
  • Snoopy108
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    It happens to all of us, just make the time, I know its hard especially with children...but I have full confidence that you can do it!!!:smile:
  • denise33027
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    For me, I get up at 4:30 AM before anyone else in my house and use an hour to get my workout done.
  • beelive
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    Learn to trust the process....you are doing everything else and the exercise will come.
  • crazybookworm
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    Just do it!

    I know it sounds easier said then done, but believe me, I know exactly how your feeling! You just have to shrug off the excuses and JUST EXERCISE. Think of it this way: "If you worked out when you first thought of it, you'd be done by now."

    The hour your spend procrastinating and excusing yourself, you could have spent that time working out and have it over with. A one hour workout is only 10% of your day. A one hour workout is adding years to your life! A one hour workout is giving you the chance to be healthy for your children.

    If you think more about the postives, you'll focus less on the excuses!
  • poedunk65
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    get off your *kitten* and do it!!!
  • Sarge516
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    If it's important to you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.

    Make it important.
  • kimad
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    Im kinda in the same boat, I used to go 3 days a week - it was scheduled in and I had no excuses.
    I didn't exercise once last week ugh.

    But I think what you need to do (and me too) is to find some form of exercise we ENJOY doing, that will help us get out there and do it :)

    Good luck