my wife and diet.

MAN.. the things a spouse can do to you.. bringing home things they do not even like, but they KNOW are your favorites. keeping unhealthy foods in the pantry, telling you that its ok if you cheat instead of encouraging you to eat healthy at restaurants.using guilt to encourage you to skip workouts. Its just CRAZY.

Luckily, my wife is awesome and never does any of the above. Instead, she is a great inspiration to me in her discipline and motivation. she gets up at 4:15 in the morning to go to the gym every week day and she is about 90% reliable on that which is simply amazing. she encourages me to eat well, and never complains when I head to the gym after work, but instead is excited to hear about my workouts. She compliments my progress and is happy to see me reaching each milestone along this journey.

they say that your odds of reaching your goals and maintaining your fitness levels are 4 times greater with the support and participation of a spouse and I can say from my experience that it is a HUGE help.

I love my wife, and I am blessed to have her in my life.


  • DLKeeble
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    What a nice post! My husband and I are doing this together. He is terrible about logging his foods, but we get a ball park figure, since he eats what I prepare (maybe a little more) We enjoy our walks together and he goes my pace or will jog if I initiate it. He is doing the p90x and it does take a little rearranging of our meals, but no problem. We both want to get healthy and have some good years without kids in the house. :)
  • Flyer615
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    I'm with you, man. My wife has been amazing through all this. She wanted to lose a little weight, as well. Together, we have accomplished so much more than I could possibly have done alone. She does most of the cooking and food shopping and always keeps healthy stuff in the house. So far, I've lost 91 pounds. I have to give her credit for at least half of it.
  • momtobe06
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    this warmed my heart... love it!!
  • dirtbikegirl5
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    Awesome post. My husband supports my lifestyle. He also likes to eat healthy and exercise.
  • HealthyBodySickMind
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    That is so sweet!
  • Meaganandcheese
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    I hope you've told her all of this too! Very sweet!
  • karen4ever
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    That was a lovely thing to read :D

    Glad your getting the support you need from someone you love :D
  • AllonsYtotheTardis
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    My hubby has been awesome. I'm lucky to have him. He's totally on board with making sure I get time to go for my walks/runs, even though sometimes it's right after he's walked in the door from work (and both kids pounce on him, haha!). He encourages the tweaking I've been doing to our favorite recipes, encouraged the kids to try the new ones, etc.

    He knows I'm doing this for my health (so I will be here to watch our kids grow up), to set a better example for our kids, and to help the whole family eat better.
  • iWaffle
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    she encourages me to eat well, and never complains when I head to the gym after work, but instead is excited to hear about my workouts. She compliments my progress and is happy to see me reaching each milestone along this journey.

    That's great. I know what you mean. I feel guilty some times when I've had a long day and run off to the gym after dinner but she never complains. 3 cheers for having a super supportive wife.

    I knew mine was my biggest fan when she got up at 6 am this Sunday to go watch me do my 5k. How cool is she?
  • SherryR1971
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    You are a very lucky man!!!
  • grdnr03
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    great post, congrats to both of you for supporting each other!!
  • jzammetti
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    This is awesome and I agree that you are much more likely to succeed with that sort of support.

    My hubby supports me as well - he is so proud of what I have accomplished he actually brags about me to his friends. ( cute).

    He has no interest in joining me on this journey...which bumms me out, but he does most of our cooking and will cook me a separate meal if what he is making is not something I want to eat. I am blessed to have him.
  • tequila09
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    i'm also lucky to have an amazing S.O. who is super dedicated and motivates me. he works out daily and has made significant changes in his appearance. definitely more motivation for me to look as good as he does!
  • Spokez70
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    Good for you guys! My wife is also very supportive of my exercise and eating plan- which I really appreciate. I go thank her every time I read a post on MFP where someones significant other is undermining their efforts which is far too often.
  • FatDadSlim
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    Well jealous, my wife is quite the opposite :-(
  • JanieKelley
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    Wow.... that's me he's talking about folks! You are so wonderful! I am the blessed one. And it is so much easier and not just because we are both on the same page about health and fitness. But also because Mike loves me... unconditionally. We loved and respected each other before the weight came off... so now with the weight gone... we can enjoy life so much more! My husband is my inspiration! I love you Mike! You are my best friend!
  • heatherloveslifting
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    Glad you know how lucky you are.
  • aweigh2go
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    Man! This is a great post! My wife is becoming more and more supportive as she sees how much it means to me. I also support her if it means picking up the kids so she can get some type of workout in.
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    What a REFRESHING and INSPIRATIONAL post! This is how marriage should be: the two of you, better together, than you could ever be individually. The WHOLE is truly more than the sum of its parts, isn't it?

    Loved this post, all the best to both of you!
  • My boyfriend is great :) He always asked what portion I'm allowed before serving dinner, never lets me go overboard on treats and doesn't complain in the slightest when I ask him for support. Love him to pieces!