my wife and diet.



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    I feel the same way! My boyfriend's support is amazing. He never gets annoyed when I have to work out, but he doesn't judge me when I don't. Same with eating. I like to cook healthy dinners now and he has never complained once even though I know he'd rather have pasta with rich sauces, fatty meats, etc. like we used to. He cooks healthy meals for me when I work late or have ballet class too. And again, he never judges me if I need a cheat meal or whatever. He always compliments me on my dedication to fitness and how good I look. His support is 100% essential and I couldn't do this without it. I feel so lucky. <3
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    Awww, what a great post! I just recently got engaged. Me and my fiancee currently do not live together, but once we are, we are going to be each other's support system for losing weight. I come from a household where we eat 3-4 meals out per week, and I know that is a great contributor to my weight gain. When my fiancee and I move in together in the spring, we will have no junk food in the apartment and eat 95% of our meals at home.
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    Both of yall are very blessed to have the same mind set and be so supportive of each other. My boyfriend supports my efforts as well but just doesn't want to join me in the exercise part. He used to weight train & power lift back in the day but feels like he can't do it again w/o the use of steroids (which he did ALOT of back then). I'm just happy he lets me spend the extra money to eat good and doesn't complain when I get up early or go to the gym immediately after work.
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    Very nice post. Hope she has read it.
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    I'm saddened to see how many people on here are jealous because their partners aren't supportive.... what kind of relationship can you have if someone doesn't support your basic goals and ethics :-S
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    It's really nice to hear something like this. =)
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    Congrats to all of you with your excellent support networks - it was a great post and so nice to see instead of the usual I get no support from anyone at home / work posts - I dont have a spouse / SO to support me but I do have my youngest son who recently moved back home on board with me now - only difference is he's bulking while Im losing so I have to flip my thinking on some things when I'm planning meals - but it's been kind of fun creating menus that give him the extra he needs while keeping it lower in things for my needs. Its also been great having someone to go to the gym with me all the time and best - he lets me 'rant' about the articles and info I'm learning about as long as I want since he doesnt have the patience for the research - Its a great journey!
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    LOVE THIS!!! So nice to see people appreciate and build each other up!! Support and encouragement is so essential.:happy:
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    Awww this is such a nice post.
    I think it is wonderfull that your wife is so supportive and even more wonderfull that you appreciate it with all your heart!

    See. We need more people like you and your wife. Everybody should help each other. Brings closure to a world full of war and hatred. :heart:
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    Very nice post! I hope you show it to her. :smile:

    My husband is fairly good, but............while I do the lion's share of grocery shopping and will only buy healthy foods, at least a couple times a week, he'll say he's "just going to the garage for a minute" but sneaks off to the corner convenience store for junk food. He'll try to hide it in his pockets, but when I hug him, I find it. "Is that a candy bar, or are you just happy to see me". :laugh: :laugh:
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    Such positive news is always a welcome addition to the morning.

    As a single man, I can't quite relate to the spouse aspect, but I do appreciate how much influence those you're close to and spending your time with can help or hinder your efforts. My family, with whom I spend a good bit of my off-duty time because we live in the same neighborhood, is a big motivator. We all work together to make sure our diets stay sensible, and that makes it easier to keep things going. The only friction I have with them is that my personal exercise time is in the evening and theirs is in the morning after I've gone to work. The friction comes from the fact I want to spend time with those I care about, and if it's not their gym time, I'm liable to forget my own. But they understand this and make sure I get my exercise in either before or after I come to visit. It's always easier and more pleasant when it's a team effort.
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    Wow.... that's me he's talking about folks! You are so wonderful! I am the blessed one. And it is so much easier and not just because we are both on the same page about health and fitness. But also because Mike loves me... unconditionally. We loved and respected each other before the weight came off... so now with the weight gone... we can enjoy life so much more! My husband is my inspiration! I love you Mike! You are my best friend!

    Awesome. :drinker:
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    This is awesome and I agree that you are much more likely to succeed with that sort of support.

    My hubby supports me as well - he is so proud of what I have accomplished he actually brags about me to his friends. ( cute).

    He has no interest in joining me on this journey...which bumms me out, but he does most of our cooking and will cook me a separate meal if what he is making is not something I want to eat. I am blessed to have him.

    ^^ this is pretty close to my husband. Mine does work out, with me at 5am when he doesn't have to work early, or with his friends after work on days he does work early. Mine too fixes most of the meals and will prepare something different for me as needed, but he won't change his diet. It almost scares me. Our kids are about to be graduated and moving on and I don't want to feel like I live a totaly different life than my spouse when we are empty nesters. But he did start the working out with me and changed hat much so I am hopeful it will be an easy to handle adjustment. He compliments me all the time on my progress and I must say, his new "build" is pretty sexy!
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    MAN.. the things a spouse can do to you.. bringing home things they do not even like, but they KNOW are your favorites. keeping unhealthy foods in the pantry, telling you that its ok if you cheat instead of encouraging you to eat healthy at restaurants.using guilt to encourage you to skip workouts. Its just CRAZY.

    Luckily, my wife is awesome and never does any of the above. Instead, she is a great inspiration to me in her discipline and motivation. she gets up at 4:15 in the morning to go to the gym every week day and she is about 90% reliable on that which is simply amazing. she encourages me to eat well, and never complains when I head to the gym after work, but instead is excited to hear about my workouts. She compliments my progress and is happy to see me reaching each milestone along this journey.

    they say that your odds of reaching your goals and maintaining your fitness levels are 4 times greater with the support and participation of a spouse and I can say from my experience that it is a HUGE help.

    I love my wife, and I am blessed to have her in my life.

    Kudos to the both of you!
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    Love this! A great reminder for me to continue being a support to my husband, and to thank him for encouraging me. Refreshing post - great!
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    It's so refreshing & nice to see a post that is lifting their spouse up instead of putting their spouse down. I hope your have a wonderful, long, "until death do you part" kind of marriage. :)
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    Lucky man!

    My husband isn't the least bit interested, but he doesn't try to sabotage me, either. Unless you want to call bringing a bowl of snacks over when we're watching a movie together sabotage. He does that, but not every time.
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    Love this post! My mum is on a diet but always goes out and buys my dad cakes every week, not surprisingly he has now been diagnosed with diabetes!
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    This is great, to read of all the ways SOs/couples are supportive of each other!