Looking for mommy friends.



  • roohill
    roohill Posts: 87 Member
    Mommy here also. Feel free to add me. I sign in every day ( 70 days strong) and I'm determined to reach all my goals. :)
  • danessa1
    danessa1 Posts: 31 Member
    Add me. I am a full time working mommy of 2 girls, 1 1/2 and 3. I am struggling with that last 13 lbs that won't seem to budge. I'm trying to focus on health, eating well and excercise, but also cutting myself some slack about the scale.
  • natalienicole502
    natalienicole502 Posts: 268 Member
    I had my four in 5 years as well!!! Any other moms can feel free to add me as well! You can never have too many friends/too much support! :)

    My 4 are 2, 3.5, 5 and about to turn 7!
    Three boys and the oldest is my only girl!
  • mz_asher
    mz_asher Posts: 87 Member
    I am a mother of two boys ages 9 and 1. Feel free to add me :) I also have a mommy group page. Search "phat to fit mama's" mothers doing it together one lb at a time :)
  • laumanu0507
    laumanu0507 Posts: 21 Member
    Mother of 3 boys (7,4, 3 month old) I'm already under my pre pregnancy weight but I still have a lot to lose .. Feel free to add I could use some motivation =)