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Why Do You WorkOut ??



  • nonstopper
    nonstopper Posts: 1,108 Member
    pretty close everyone..

    Mostly getting : TO look Good Naked!!! but we all can show that off here can we :devil:

    I CAN haha
  • Fred4point0
    Fred4point0 Posts: 160 Member
    Too look good, feel healthy and possibly live a long time!
  • EmilyOfTheSun
    EmilyOfTheSun Posts: 1,548 Member
    So I can look hot.
    And so I can eat more. I LOVE TO EAT!!
    So I can compete in obstacle course runs.
    Yeah the whole being healthy thing is just an added bonus haha
  • jesswait
    jesswait Posts: 218 Member
    I want to get back into shape so I can be active again. I really love swimming, hiking and most outdoor activities but I stopped doing them a few years back when I got depressed. I have been going back to the gym to try to build up my endurance again, I'm also trying to lose the weight I gained during the years I was inactive.
  • _crafty_
    _crafty_ Posts: 1,682 Member
    My Inspirations (directly from my profile)

    •Ending up on top when wrestling with _the_feniks_
    •Looking good naked
    •Hotter sex
    •New ink

    edited to add: beer and chicken wings
  • JezzD1
    JezzD1 Posts: 431
    I do it so I can be sexy and know it :bigsmile:
  • Hellbent_Heidi
    Hellbent_Heidi Posts: 3,669 Member
    I'm not ashamed to say I want my @ss to look good, but I also don't want to be some old bent over lady with osteoporosis when I’m 80 years old and I know that getting (and staying) in great shape will go a long way to prevent that :bigsmile:
  • DawnieB1977
    DawnieB1977 Posts: 4,248 Member
    I want to look good and be healthy, and a good example to my children. I'm married so not bothered about attracting anyone, although it is nice to get admiring glances! My husband thinks i'm gorgeous no matter what I weigh, bless him.

    Plus I enjoy exercise, it's become a habit and I get stressy if I don't exercise now!
  • skcardiog
    skcardiog Posts: 316 Member
    To feel good, look good, and look great doing the naked happy dance . . . no more belly fat !
  • Jennisgettingslim
    1. Because it makes me feel good after.
    2. I want to look HOT!
    3. Confidence when I wear someting sexy
    4. Health, so I can get off my BP Meds
  • oregonzoo
    oregonzoo Posts: 4,251 Member
    Tension release. And I want to be as fit and attractive as I can be.
  • Linli_Anne
    Linli_Anne Posts: 1,360 Member
    On top of all the health benefits, energy boosts and being able to eat because I know how to do it right....

    I want to be a MILF for when my kids are entering the teen zone - I figure that way their friends will all want to hang out at our place and I'll know that everyone is having a good time and safe.

    It's all about control.
  • AuddAlise
    AuddAlise Posts: 723 Member
    1. So I look good in a bikini.

    2. So I can keep up with my kids.

    3. Because I LOVE the running high I get once I step off the machine. I could be dying on the machine and once I step off its euphoria.
  • yoovie
    yoovie Posts: 17,121 Member
    pretty close everyone..

    Mostly getting : TO look Good Naked!!! but we all can show that off here can we :devil:

    I CAN haha

    TOS says girls cant :(
  • lizdavis07
    lizdavis07 Posts: 766 Member
    All vain reasons of course. :smokin:
  • Angie_Fritts
    Angie_Fritts Posts: 263 Member
    Because it hurts so good!
  • ggeise14
    ggeise14 Posts: 386 Member
    - Feel better -- after 2 1/2 years of exercising daily, it's my routine
    - To not like like a "typical American" -- I'm old enough (48) to remember when overweight people weren't the norm, it's wasn't a cool thing to talk about where you got your free motorized chair from
  • Danardeener
    So I can eat! Eating is my hobby..
  • runnerjenn0708
    runnerjenn0708 Posts: 400 Member
    so I can have more: FOOD - SEX - ATTENTION

    pretty simple
  • ocbrenda
    ocbrenda Posts: 19 Member
    to be healthy ,set a good example for my kids, I don't want to be like my mom, she was obese with diabetes, and passed away of a heart attack, and to look good!