• I know someone with the last name Dic who named their baby Magnus. No kidding!
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    I used to work with a Merry Christmas! I thought it was pretty. But wonder now with all th political hype that she may have to change it to Happy Holiday! Lol
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    My niece's name is Castle Brianna. My son's name is a little unusual...Ronan Alexander.

    We have a psychiatrist who treats ADD and his name is Dr. Phocas.

    And my personal favorite...the ob/gyn who delivered me was Dr. Infinger. :)
  • We have a Dr. Deathe in town. I don't know if he still practices ....
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    I think i have you all beat Denka Kunderlik, pissed myself first time I heard it lol
    also a family name here of Casebeer not the worst sorta cool actually
    and last one I always smiled at was Bertha Moosenose....
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    I used to have a customer whose name was Richard Tater. And I didn't read all the posts, but there was a pretty famous baseball player a few years ago named Rusty Staub.
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    Teacher here too. I was stunned to read the "La-a" people. I had a student named Na-a (pronouced 'Na -dash -a'). You just can't make these up:

    I actually know TWO people with this name: Hung Tran (my dance partner, my roommate's best friend)


    Qrystl (pronounced "Crystal")


    Alize' (Yep. Named after the alcoholic beverage)

    Aquanetta (Just... why?)

    There was a parent in my school who named all three of his sons "Mister" so that "they would be addressed respectfully everywhere they went"

    My high school sweetheart had twin brothers whose first names were BOTH Douglass. Only their middle names differed.

    When I was a personal trainer I had to page a new client of mine over the P.A. Her name was Melissa Cocke. Yeah. I got a few funny looks for that one...
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    Indian name, Hardik Diks*hit .

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    this is hillariious!
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    my neighboor when I was growing up was Polly Esther
  • I am not trying to be graphic or gross. BUT I SWEAR to you there is a guy who GOES TO MY CHURCH named

    "Harry ****"

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    I know of a guy his name is Harry Hunter but everyone calls him ****. huh...giggles
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    oops ****ie
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    I always was bewildered by my coworkers Michael Hawk and Richard Head. I kid you not - real people. Richard was actually quite well liked.


    What about Michael Hunt :laugh: :laugh:

    Also, I went to a church with a guy whose last name was Boner. AND it was pronounced that way! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!
    I would change that shiz so fast.
  • My middle school spanish teacher was irma footlick

    Not the worst but a friend named his daughter katana
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    We have a Dr. Deathe in town. I don't know if he still practices ....

    Oh, and I worked for a lady Dr whose last name was Cox. A bit ironic isn't it? :happy: tee hee
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    Sh*thead . .lady prononced "Sha-Theed" . .but unless you write Sha-Theed that way. .I am going to say *kitten* HEAD

    a kiddo in our school is named
    Abcde and prononced Ab-Ca-De
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    my high school gym teacher said she once had a student named Marsha Mellow.... talk about horrible names...
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    Delicious Peters. Really funny when someone was looking for the file and stands up and yells, who has Delicious Peters.

    I know a Delicious Johnson. O.o
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    There is a billboard in Savannah that shows the names of newborns. I was quite shocked one day to see that one name was just one letter away from "gonorrhea". I can't remember what letter it was, but that's not the point!