How do you lose 10 pounds in a month?



  • Thanks everyone :)
  • To be honest, I've lost 20 pounds before. 21 if you want exact. That was in 2 and a half months. But I'm asking because I want different ways to do it. I stuck to the sameeeee foods and the saaaame workout and it worked but it got boring. So, that's why I ask. :)
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    She needs positive comments...It doesn't matter if you think it unhealthy or not, just provide a positive answer to the question being asked :)

    Lots of veggies!!!! super filling and hardly any calories!!!!
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    Cut off your leg
  • I see you had a baby 2 months ago. Are you breastfeeding? That requires more thoughtful decisions regarding your nutrition.
    If weight has been a lifelong struggle for you, I wouldn't focus so much on losing such incredible amount of weight over a short period of time. I would be looking at a healthier lifestyle you can maintain for life.
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    I think some of the comments here & on other threads are pretty ridiculous in regards to 10 lbs being impossible to lose or NOT healthy in a month.

    First of all, weight is a huge factor. 130 vs 180 start point is way different.

    I believe when you are first STARTING your weightloss, if you are sticking to your plan & eating very healthy - I imagine its a huge lifestyle change from what someone who weighs 180 has been doing - it does come off fast INITIALLY.

    I myself started at 190 & from eating 1500 good calories & walking 40 minutes 3 times a week, lost 14 lbs the first month.
    Should you expect 10 lbs a month? I dont think thats realistic unless you're doing something really extreme, biggest loser style, working out 5 hours a day. That said your body is your body.

    Is it possible to lose 10 lbs in a month for you? I dont know your body chemistry, but for myself & others I know who have started at a high weight, its absolutely possible & happened in most cases - but again, dont expect that number to keep up after....if you lost 5-8 lbs a month that'd be awesome.
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    Cut off your leg

    That'll be the full 35 pounds in 12 seconds. Nice thinking!
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    One way is by reducing your carbs.. avoid starchy foods like pasta and white flour..
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    I absolutely agree. It's exactly how I've lost 130 pounds in the past year. Following calories recommendation from MFP, exercising 7 days a week, clean eating-minimal processed foods, avoiding fast food, lots of water. We make all our meals from scratch, learning to make family favorites healthy. is our "go to" website for healthy recipes. We've never disliked any recipe from there. I find exercising per MFP requirements for my settings (minutes required and calories burned/day) a helpful minimum to strive for.
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    How to lose 10 pounds a month? Start with having about a lot more weight to lose.

    Really, when you don't have 75+ pounds to lose, the 2 pound a week setting is overkill.
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    Try a new exercise that challenges your body, our bodies tend to get used to the typical exercise routines we develop so the same exercise that used to be really effective loses its efficacy overtime. Blah blah to what everyone said about not losing too much weight too fast, which is not what you asked for. Try something more challenging, if the elliptical is easy try running, if running is easy try training for a race, etc.. that helps to jumpstart my progress after a lull. Good luck!
  • I have lost more than 10 lbs in a month- you can look at my food diary to see how I have been doing it if you want
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    I'm popping in to say it's unhealthy whether or not you really want to hear it :p. Either you'll do it an unhealthy way or you'll just lose a bunch of water weight which can be easily gained back. The most you should lose is 2 lbs a week. Actually, you are where I started. I've lost 28 pounds in 7 months and I can't imagine losing 35 in 3.5 months. Good luck though.
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    I have been here since two months, 22 pounds lost so far. My height is 5´5" and my weight was 183 lbs. I eat better but not clean, I do workouts almost every day. My average burn is about 600 kcal. I eat all my burnt calories. I drink white wine, cider, eat white pasta, white rice, white bakery....And I´m still losing...2 pounds weekly. But I can´t imagine to lose so quickly in the future..
  • You can eat 6 small portion of vegetables and fruit low calories before meals . You not going to be hungry when you eat you lunch or dinner . I lose 12 pounds on 5 weeks . Some time I would like to eat more but I can't my stomach is full
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    I am considering juicing to JumpStart my weight loss. I had lost 22 pounds over the last 9 months, but am stuck at the current weight which is 20 pounds too much for my height which is 5'4 1/4" and weight today on the doctors scale was 145. Really depressed when I heard that number.
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    10 lbs a month is not unhealthy. You've got some good advice on here. Good luck, but remember that some people simply lose slower than others. If that's you, don't get discouraged. It will happen if you are persistent :)
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