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  • timmemin
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    Oooh, I must try this. I want to run the color run in April and am trying to circuit train at the moment to build strength. If the race isn't until the end of April when should I start C25K?
  • Melo1966
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    POST HIJACK - I am so interested in this but I only have an elliptical and I have a 3 year old with asthma so running outside isn't happening right now. Is there anyway I could do this on the ellipitical?

    Just speed up when it says to run and go slow when it says to walk.
  • Tschida85
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    If you're going to be training on the treadmill, have your incline set at at least 2%. This will make the transition to running outside much easier! Good luck!
  • MountainMamaMarissa
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    I will run my last run of week 7 tomorrow. When I first started week 1, I could barely run for 30 seconds before I started huffing and puffing...I ran 25 minutes straight yesterday with no walking! I love c25k! Anyone who would like to run should definitely try this program!
  • wadedawg
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    I did a program similar to this a few years back and it does work well. My one caveat to anyone who doesn't at least walk for exercise now is to do a couple weeks of walking before starting the C25K program. I'd suggest working up to 3.5-4 MPH for 30 minutes 3-4 days a week for 2 weeks. It'll get your legs and feet used to exercising, and you'll be substantially better prepared (and less sore) than if you just start the program cold. If you already walk or whatever, then just jump in.
  • mjterp
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    LOL...BOTH! ;-)
    You will love the c25k program. I graduated and did my 5k faster than what I could do on my treadmill at home despite being outdoors with hills and an unscheduled potty stop in the woods!!! I got a bit razzed by ONE person here on MFP because I "woggled" it. (walk/jogged). With the hills I couldn't quite run the whole thing, but everyone else has been marvelously supportive. I would say GO FOR IT!!!
  • PixieGoddess
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    For those interested, a group here on MFP can be found at this link:

    There are several posts answering lots of common questions, and it's a great place for support.

    Happy running! :drinker:
  • loril13
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    You should def sign up for a 5k now. I did my first 5k at week 4 and my second around week 7. I finished the program this past weekend and have started th 5k to 10k program. My end goal is the runDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler in September.

    Couch to 5k is a great training program for total newbie runers. At 42 I had never willingly run any distance in my life. Those first weeks, even the 60 & 90 second runs were brutal. I used to count the seconds backwards in my head just to get through it. Now I am running 30 minutes straight averaging about 5.2 mph. Slow by some standards, but great progress to me.

    I used the Coch-to-5k app for my Android and loved it. I am now using their 5k-to-10k app.

    You should join the Couch 2 5k group here on MFP. It is pretty active and the people on it are helpful and supportive.

    Good luck!
  • fredf2112
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    I was never a runner but started the C25k program with the help of the Zen Labs app on my phone on September 7, 2012. I now look forward to my nightly runs and I'm looking at a 5k in March as well.

    I would definitely look at the C25k group here for support and tips. Just follow the program and have fun with it. Remember the only one you're competing against is yourself.
  • abbiekgurl
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    Started this program late last fall. Had some setbacks due to shin splints (OUCH!) but after taking it easy for a bit and following some good advice from my doc, I'm back on my feet and can currently run almost 4 miles! Good luck and best wishes on your race(s). I've gotten used to the treadmill and dread running in front of everyone, but will be doing my first 5K this Sunday. :smile:
  • love22step
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    Go for it! I started C25K last January and did a 5K the 8th week of my C25K program. I walked the first 5 minutes, to warm up, and ran the rest of it. The next week, I did another 5K race, warmed up a little before the race, walked the first 3 minutes, then improved my overall time running the remainder. Since then, I've done several 5Ks, a 5 mile, and a 10K, did my warmup walk before starting, and ran every step. C25K is a great program to get you started. I'll be 61 this month, and I'm planning to run my first half marathon in March. I hope you have as much fun running as I've had! Good luck!
  • ckmom3
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    I am starting c25k tomorrow. I have registered for a 5k in February and I know I will not have finished the program, but I figured I can run/walk it and it will be a motivation. I am cautiously excited!
  • jigglewiggles
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    I have to try one of these apps : )
  • ckmom3
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    Awesome! My goal is to run a half marathon next year. At this point it seems impossible, but I am getting motivation reading these posts.
  • AshleyLo_44
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    I'm on and off with this program becasue life destracts me lol but when I'm focused on the program I love it
  • saltedcaramel86
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    I'm starting it tomorrow! Was meant to start on Monday with the dog but she was a nightmare and I couldn't concentrate properly so had to give in!!

    A few months ago, I started getting into jogging at my own pace and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it but with everything going on, it fell to the wayside. Can't wait to get back into it...and without the dog who I will walk on other days. :) After I complete the program, I'm going to look into a 5K and/or Race for Life.
  • TiffanyAching
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    5k definitely. you'll actually be up to 25 min runs from week 7, then 27/8 mins in week 8 so the last 3 weeks are very similar and you're basically at the level you need to be for a 5k. go for it!
  • aswearingen22
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    I started running about 10 years ago with the same concept...walk/run intervals until I was running 3 miles w/o stopping. I've had half a dozen friends start running with the c25k program, it works!! Two years ago my husband and I did our first 5k race and caught the racing bug...5 months later we ran our first half marathon. He's run 6 total and I've run 4 and we're signed up for 4 half marathons this spring and will be running our first marathon in October, Chicago! I absolutely love running, nothing else gives me such an amazing feeling and whether on my treadmill, the gym treadmill, outside solo, or outside with a running friend, I always love it. If I take a few months off, the first few weeks are tough, but the fitness will come back. You'll amaze yourself how quickly you'll go from 30 seconds of running to 30 minutes of running! The thought of running 13 miles (and for several straight hours) always seemed crazy to me, but now I get it!;)

    My advice...
    - repeat weeks if you need to
    - definitely sign up for that 5k, not the 3k!
    - for those having issues with shin splints (and everyone, really), buy a foam roller and use it!! You can google exercise to do with it, and see videos on youtube of how runners should use it to roll out. I swear by mine. I can feel my knee pulling when my IT band gets too tight and it hurts to roll it, but helps so much. The same will be true of your shins, roll them out and it will help!
    - for those with a 5k race farther than 9 weeks out, start the program NOW. Then when you finish, either move on to the c210k type program, or keep repeating week 9 until your race!
  • ksears23
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    I wish I could "like" everyone's responses!! LOL I'm taking all the advice given, for sure!! And I really appreciate it!! My husband hasn't gotten the chance to pick up my treadmill, but he is getting it by tomorrow night so I will be starting either tomorrow or Friday now.. but better lat(er) than never I guess! I have a 16 month old daughter, she doesn't share the asthma problem but is on breathing treatments right now for a chest cold, so I understand a little! Plus, here in Kentucky its way too cold to have her out in it regardless, which is why I'm stuck with the treadmill (which I will definitely be setting on an incline now - thank you) but I will be getting outside as soon as the weather is friendly enough for her! The color run is the 5k I was talking about also!! It seems like a lot of fun! Thanks again EVERYONE!! =)
  • jigglewiggles
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    Sorry if this question sounds dumb.....When it tells you to run, are you supposed to run really hard, like you're being chased or something, or are you supposed to jog? I'm new to running and I'm not sure what sort of pace to have with the running part. Also, with the walking, are you supposed to be walking at a brisk pace or slower?