REALLY? Are you kidding me?



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    Welcome and glad you could join us on this journey. You realized that something needs to change...that's the 1st step. We are here to help if you need it. It's not going to be easy but with all of us helping carry the should be a little easier. Support can help us accomplish many things in our daily lives. We all need it in some way or another. You can become the person you want to be!
  • Elastic is not your friend. That is too funny. It's not sexy either.
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    I know the feeling! I started my journey to a healthier me yesterday... I put on all my weight after having my son and staying at home with him.. I just ate too many snack foods and boy has it crept up on me!

    I am looking for support as well! Feel free to add me, because I'm sure we can do this together!!
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    this is my first week using MFP and I could use the encouragment as well...add me if you like
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    It's so easy for those pounds to creep on - and so hard to get them off! I stopped using MFP for 2 months over the holidays and gained 5 lbs! :-( Feel free to friend me! You can do this!!
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    You made the first step. Very happy for you and good luck on oyur journey!
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    Elastic is not your friend. That is too funny. It's not sexy either.
    But makes workouts a lot easier than tight jeans.
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    Thanks for sharing. I was thinking about buying some more sweat pants today. Reading your post reminded me that I have a goal (be healthier). The sweat pants were to feel "more comfortable" not to wok out. Kudos to you! Feel free to add me as friend, just joined too.
  • I gained 40 when I lost my job before I ever realized it. Depression is a mother f*****. Sending you a request. We can get each other on track. :) Best of luck!
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    Thank you all for the words of encouragement on this first day of my journey. My run to the consignment shop was a success, but I did keep one pair of old sweats for exercise, as advised by many of you wonderful people. I also went to the grocery store and bypassed all the junk food isles, including the bakery! Fresh fruit and veggies only! Running these errands during lunchtime proved to be even more encouraging as my new found determination, despite my hungry tummy, helped me drive right by McD's, Wendy's, and Arby's! I'm home eating salad with my homemade fat free dressing and getting reacquainted with the feel of jeans. But best of all, after I changed into the jeans, my almost 3 yr old granddaughter said, "Nana what are you wearing? You look so 'bootiful'! Wow another eye opener...this precious child has rarely seen me in anything other than sweats. Thanks again everyone. I'm gonna do this!
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    You are definitely going to do it!
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    Your story sounds all too familiar. Keep your head high and know that you just instantly inherited a very LARGE online family willing to encourage you and help you every step of the way. Feel free to add me as a friend. I don't know where you're from, but if we're in the same area you're welcomed to be a workout buddy.
  • I know how you feel. I am 65 years old and I weigh more now than I have in my whole life. Because I eat too much of bad things. So I am with you in this endeavor too to loose weight for me to be healthy and get my energy back. My daughter lost 50 lbs doing this do I am going to give it a try too. Good luck and keep me posted how you are doing and I will too.
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    Congratulations on all you have accomplished today! I too am new here, feel free to add me too. Unfortunately I wear elastic ALOT for my job as a staff nurse, but you have motivated me to stop slipping into the sweats when I'm at home. It's jeans for me now. Thank you!
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    You can do it!! This site really helps! Everyone on here is great! If you'd like to add me as a friend go ahead! :)
  • Add me -- I'm new too and have gained quite a bit of weight also.
    I joined this site a while ago and then got caught up in life -- I am back determined to make a change!!!
    Could also use all the support I can get.
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    You have found your turning point. That's big.

    I lost nearly this much (50pounds) weight two years ago and gained it all back when we hit a stress bump (my husbands employer went on vacation then came back and announced bankrupsy leaving us 20,000 underpaid)

    You reach a point that you wake up and stop punishing yourself and decide your health is important to you and you deserve to focus on yourself. (you want your children to learn this too, from you)

    So congratulation, I feel you will go far.
  • You can do it! We all get in slumps some times, I joined this as well to get out of mine! The important part is, is that you have decided to make a change in your life! You deserve happiness, stay positive! :)
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    Lots of excellent support on here, feel free to add me!
  • good luck on your journey!!!! feel free to add me, the more motivation the better, I guess that goes for everyone, feel free to add me!!!