95 Calorie: Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins



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    Flippin' fabulous!! I am making these Sunday! Thanks for sharing!!!
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    These look great. Thanks for sharing.
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    I'm wheat free and can totally veganize these, too. Awesome, thanks!!!
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    OMG, those look amazing!
  • Oh hell Yea!!! Im a super sweats person... Thanx! will make these this weekend
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    bump! So making these tonight!
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    Bump to try later. Those look freaking AMAZING.
  • BUMP
  • got to try this
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    Ok. I entered it into the Myfitnesspal recipe section and set it up as 12 muffins (which I noticed there was a little note saying you could do this). After doing this, here are the actual nutrition facts if you don't make the 24 smaller muffins:

    Servings 12
    Calories 202
    Fat 3
    Carbs 40
    Fiber 5
    Protein 7

    Basically, if you make only 12 big muffins, the nutrition goes from 95 to double. I thought that might be useful to note. It's still reasonable if you're eating it for breakfast on the go which is what I'm planning on doing. :)


    P.S. The directions called for making 24 smaller muffins so I decided to figure out if the nutrition matched the 12 or the 24...

    Thanks for adding that =)
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    bump :)
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    bump...another recipe to save! Yum!
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    I made these tonight, they are OK, the recipe says 1/2 cup of stevia...needs more. Its not bad, tastes like dark chocolate.not sweet enough
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    These sound delish ! Thank you for sharing! I will try them soon, need to go shopping for the ingredients.
    P.S. Your profile pic is awesome !!!
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    I will have to try these and see if my kids like them.
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