What can be done in under two months???

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For those of you who have recently decided to get in shape or need some motivation.. I want to show you what change can be done in just under two months.

I am a mother of two beautiful children, our latest addition was born in February of last year. It was not until the latter end of last year that I decided I wanted to take control of how I looked and wanted to become stronger. After the Christmas holidays, I took this desire more seriously.

Last month, I started with 30DS everyday, took 3 rest days (because I did either two levels or the entire 30DS (all 3 levels) in one day) using 4lb dumbbells. This month, I have done the 30DS atleast 3x a week and incorporated HIIT on the treadmill, walking atleast 1hr a week and using 7.5lb dumbbells. I don't spend more than an hour at the gym.

I try to eat atleast 1670 calories everyday - no junk food, no juice, no packaged nonsense, an occasional glass of wine or shot of whiskey here and there.

On January 1st, I was 22, 181 lbs, 5' 6"
Before (Jan 8), barely fitting a size LARGE pants:

22, F, 169.5lbs, two days ago (Day 52) and now fitting a size SMALL pants:

Before (Jan 1st) & After (today Feb 23):

I am now less than half way toward my goal weight of 160lbs (pre-pregnancy weight).


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