Quit Smoking Today

dixiewhiskey Posts: 3,333 Member
Not so new MFpal looking for support in quitting smoking. I had my last cigarette after supper yesterday after eight years of smoking.


  • gavini
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    good for you, i had my last smoke 11 days, 5 hours, 4 minutes and 51 seconds ago, feel free to add me if you want to lean on one another
  • AshyyMM
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    Congratulations to both of you!!! I wish you all the success in moving forward without smoking!! :smile:
  • mikonei
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    Congrats! I've tried quitting cold turkey before and it didn't go so well for me. This time I've been cutting back and it is loads easier. I've had one in the past week :)
  • Emilie04444
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    Good luck to both of you! I smoke now but want to quit as well.
  • sogoobtastic
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    I just started using chantix after smoking since I was about 14. Im 33 now. I tried chantix before and it really did help with the cravingsbut i found myself smoking out of habit. Like, having one upon waking up, after eating and before bed or breaks at work. I need to learn to break these habits
  • janatarnhem
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    Congratulations and all the best with this.
    Quitting smoking is the greatest health benefit you can do for yourself!
  • ShontaeB
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    :smile: Congratulations and good luck. I quit cold turkey 8 years ago so I know how hard it can be to stop smoking. But if you really want to be smoke-free you will succeed! Day one may be the hardest but it's a good start! *thumbs up*
  • rosah2
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    Yesterday made 13 weeks smoke free for me. It hasn't been effortless but it was something I really needed to do so I have done it and there is no going back. You can do it! I had smoked since I was 18. I am 63 now. I have quit many times over the years. Quitting is easy; staying quit is not.

    Thirteen weeks ago I spent one whole night waiting for morning and not being sure if I would still be breathing by then. That was very scary. Following a trip to the ER, I spent three days in the hospital on oxygen.

    Now I am trying to lose the weight I put on every one of those times I tried to quit smoking over the years and the weight I gained due to being on prednisone.

    If not being able to breathe isn't enough incentive for me to remain smoke free then the idea of packing on more pounds should do it.

    One day at a time; you can do this! :smile:
  • leanne2376
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    I quit 31st Dec 2012, and am still a non smoker - feel free to ad me for support

  • deanotoot
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    I ouit after 41 years of smoking,tuff but it can be done! Leanr to distract yourself when the urge hits.:smile:
  • CallmeFrida
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    congrats! and good luck- i still smoke but would LOVE to quit too
  • marciebrian
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    :smile: Congratulations and good luck. I quit cold turkey 8 years ago so I know how hard it can be to stop smoking. But if you really want to be smoke-free you will succeed! Day one may be the hardest but it's a good start! *thumbs up*

    What she said :smile: I quit 4 years ago, Saw 2 ladies behind me in the car puffing away and said that's me... well no more. Never had a cigarette again. Congrautlations to you and if you really want this to be it for you it will be.

    Congrats again!!!
  • ktliu
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    Congrats! It's one of the toughest thing one have to do. If in doubt consider the patch. It works for me. I had been smoking for 17 years and I'm smoke free for 13 years now. Watch the weight gain too when you are done. Proceed with caution.
  • ittybittybadonkadonk
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    I have 1 cig left .......and I am going to try really hard not to buy anymore .......I want to quit but darnit its hard...I quit before then went thru a divorce and started smoking again .... I WILL DO THIS ...congrats to the ones that have quit :bigsmile:
  • christinasalbin
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    That is really great! My husband and I quit one year ago New Years' day (Jan 1, 2012). You can do it!!!
  • ktliu
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    Why don't all the current smoker and us ex smoker start a group and we can all join in and lend support!
  • Good luck, stay strong, take it one day at a time. Don't tell yourself or others that you are quitting smoking, instead think/say "I don't smoke." :)

    EDIT: Quit cold turkey after 15 years. You can do it!
  • honeyful
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    Well im having a bash as from now
  • ShelliePAwesome
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    I started my weight loss journey in January 2012, so when I decided to quit smoking on October 1, 2012, I did not want to gain the 20 lbs back that I had worked so hard to loose. Here are a few things that helped:

    Listerine breath spray...blow out your taste buds with mint

    Yoga when you can

    Deep breathing

    Remembering how awful the first days of quitting were and not wanting to go through them again.

    Figuring out how much money you have saved on cigarettes ( i use my savings to pay for personal training )

    This is the hardest thing you will ever do! Be proud of every craving you ignore! You can do this!
  • suz155
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    I quit 8 years ago, with 30 years of smoking 2 plus packs a day...hollar if you need anything. Also, you may want to try quitnet.com That website saved my rear end. Again,,,hollar out if you need to vent.....lots of people on here went through or are going though...what you are.