5'10 women - how many calories do you intake?

jennbriere Posts: 63 Member
Hi there,

I've read so many different sites and am pretty lost on how many calories I should be eating. My BMI says I should be eating around 1800 if I'm not active or around 2100 if I'm hitting the gym that day which I find a bit much if I want to lose about 30lbs (currently 172lbs and want to be around 145-150). I'd like to loose the 25-30lbs in less than 3 months. How many calories do you tall women eat and how many pounds have you lost in X amount of time?


Jenn :)


  • mrs_mab
    mrs_mab Posts: 1,024 Member
    I just started back a couple weeks ago after a shattering my ankle last summer. Doctor won't let me do high impact yet, so most cardio is spinning or elliptical & body resistance high intensity callisthenics. I am close to 6 feet tall, and my BMI says 1700-1900 if not active and around 2200 if working out, but right now I am starting at 1230, a little more on workout days to lost those first few pounds. I haven't really weighed yet, but my clothes are fitting better and I've already gotten back into a pair of jeans I couldn't get buttoned before I started so something is working. Once I get some pounds off and my workouts intensify, or I plateau, I will make some adjustments. We are all different, I think we just have to find what works best for us and go with it so long as you're not constantly hungry, etc....Good luck! :smile:
  • mariajadams
    mariajadams Posts: 1 Member
    I am 5'9'' and in order for me to lose weight I eat 1200 calories a day. I weigh 180 right now (just started this diet Monday). I have done this once before and went from 186 to 155 eating the 1200 a day. Good luck!
  • Jennisin1
    Jennisin1 Posts: 574 Member
    I NET 1800. So most days I eat around 2300.
  • EmilyGMcK
    EmilyGMcK Posts: 37 Member
    I am at 1290 and I am 5'11 but I also do running twice a week and copy my calories burned from my endomondo into my app too so I usually end up about 1800 a day although I find it hard to hit that target.
  • Amyy1982
    Amyy1982 Posts: 369 Member
    I'm 5'9 and I eat average 1500 to 1600 a day and I've lost 21lbs in 2 months
  • cinrn68
    cinrn68 Posts: 215 Member
    I'm 5'10", I eat around 1270 cals/day and don't usually eat back my exercise calories. I've lost 17lbs in just a little over 2 months. You'll have to see how it goes for you. Finding that right balance can be tricky -- if you eat too few calories per day, your body will hang on to what it gets and you won't lose as efficiently. Good luck!
  • Scarlett_S
    Scarlett_S Posts: 467 Member
    I wear a BodyMedia Fit and my average calories burned with NO workout is 1800 a day, and on gym days, 2200. Can be upwards of 2500 depending on if I run or not. Right now, I am trying to create an 800 calorie deficit per day because I want to be at 155 or so, so I have ten pounds to lose. Once I start building muscle again (30 days, hopefully) I'll go back to eating 1800-2000 and adjust as necessary for maintenance.

    At 155 lbs and about 20% body fat, I feel fine and can wear a size 8 and sometimes a 6. That is where I want to be. I am currently 10 lbs up from that and some of my 8's are tight.

    I don't really base my calories on a daily method. I may eat 1185 one day and 1500 the next and 2000 one day a week. I just look for my average to be in the range to lose for now.
  • Mcgrawhaha
    Mcgrawhaha Posts: 1,596 Member
    i average between 1200 and 1300 per day. im 5 foot 10. have lost 65 pounds since september.
  • Orinetta
    Orinetta Posts: 21 Member
    I'm 5'10'' and I net 1400 calories.
  • skincy
    skincy Posts: 108 Member
    I am 5' 10.5 and I can say 140s and 150s are pretty small for the height at least for me, but you maybe smaller frame. I am aiming for 165, and at you weight right now I think I look pretty good. But you have to be happy with yourself.

    Anyway I don't think those calories are high for your height. I have never done well on really restricted diets so I am trying to follow the suggestions of alot of people and eat to my TDEE -20% which is 2260 everyday with my activity already figured in. I have lost about 6 pounds since Jan. Even though its says 1 on my ticker not sure why. I know that is slow, but that is the best way to go especially since you don't have a lot to lose.

    One note I am very active working out for around an hour or more 6 days a week
  • dad106
    dad106 Posts: 4,868 Member
    I'm 5'9, started at 180, currently sit at about 150.

    I ate between 1500-1800 calories a day while losing.. and maintain on about a little bit more then that.

    My question is, why the rush to lose the weight? Losing it that quick, is going to cause loss of muscle if you are not strength training and thus the re-gain of weight. Better to lose it slower, and have more of a chance of keeping it off.
  • jennbriere
    jennbriere Posts: 63 Member
    Thanks everyone for your replies!

    I will try and stay around the 1500cal/day and go from there. As for the comment about loosing that much weight so fast, hence losing muscle -- I do strenght train at the gym. I usually do 30-40min cardio (burn around 300-350cal) and then strenght train for 30min + do extra ab workouts morning and night at home.

    The lowest I remember being was 160lbs and I looked good (so that means only losing 12lbs) ..but I remember always wanting to tone! ..so I don't really care about my weight (even at 172), as long as I'm not jelly. Right now I hate my tummy and thighs *(yes, like most women lolol) ......so am focusing on trimming/toning there. A few weeks ago I took measurements, and in 13 days I had lost 2 1/2 inches, but ont he scale, I was the same weight (if not heavier). lol

    we'll see in a week or two with the way I changed my eating if it gets me to cut a few pounds down :)
  • hydelaa
    hydelaa Posts: 184
    I'm 5'10"...in August I started eating 1600 cals a day, never going over/eating back my cals...and swimming a hour 3 times a week. By November I lost so many inches!!! And about 35 lbs..then xmas/new years/valentines came and I'm up 10 lbs..time to get back to it at 1600!! :)
  • Sunshine2plus2
    Sunshine2plus2 Posts: 1,492 Member
    I am only 5'8 I eat around 1400 calories. I have lost 13pds in 3 weeks so far!
  • ashleey1000
    ashleey1000 Posts: 256 Member
    I'm 5"11 and just started eating 1900 last week to see how it goes. Before I was eating 1300-1500 a day.
    DUCKIEGYRL Posts: 186 Member
    I'm 5'10, and I burn about a 1000 calories everyday at the gym. My BMI says 1800-2200 but I eat about 1500 calories a day because of the way I exercise.

    Now on the day I don't exercise which is Sundays I only consume 1200 calories.
  • jordanlell
    jordanlell Posts: 340 Member
    I'm 5'10, and I burn about a 1000 calories everyday at the gym. My BMI says 1800-2200 but I eat about 1500 calories a day because of the way I exercise.

    Now on the day I don't exercise which is Sundays I only consume 1200 calories.

    I'm not sure you understand how this site works, because going by what you're saying you're only netting 500 a day, which is far too low.

    That aside, I'm the same height as you OP and right around the same weight and I'm losing on 1830 net cals a day. On workout days I eat 2100-2200. It can be done, and there's no rush.
  • dogo187
    dogo187 Posts: 376
    im 5ft8 and eat anywhere from 1700 to 2000 calories a day...workout 5 to 6 days a week....
  • LauraJo08
    LauraJo08 Posts: 219 Member
    Okay, to be honest I am shocked to see so many fellow tall women here eating so little. 1200-1500 at our height? That is so little, and tiny 5 ft women are eating that to lose weight. Your body is naturally larger and you need more calories than that. Of course you are going to lose weight for awhile with that calorie intake, but there's no way that you can sustain that healthfully. MFP has set me at 1810 net to lose 1 lb per week (I'm 5'10, 175 with 22% body fat), and if I eat that, I definitely lose 1 lb per week. Since I burn 600-800 calories 6X per week, I often eat 2400-2600 calories per day. I would be very careful about going below 1600-1700 net calories at your height.

    If there is anything I've learned in the last 2 years on MFP, it's that small sustainable changes are what last, and I have been able to slowly lose and make small changes without feeling miserable or giving up a social/work life.
    DUCKIEGYRL Posts: 186 Member

    I do understand how the site works. I eat 1500 calories a day and it is hard for me to eat that. I drink a lot of protein shakes etc. It works for me I can't speak for anyone else I was just saying what I did. But now since I see you can't respond on the posts and not be insulted or criticized I will keep my stories to myself.. Thank you
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