Ever eat something that you really don't want to log?

This is probably silly, but I just made some delicious homemade stove top popcorn for a movie night with my husband. I didn't even attempt to calculate calories...I just split the bowl with my hubby. Afterward, I was trying to figure the calories...so confusing! In all probability, I could have eaten over 500 calories of popcorn! The recipe I used called for 3 tablespoons of oil and 1/3 of a cup of kernels. It made a nice sized bowl...and I ate half of it. It was pretty good, but I have no desire to put this on my diary. :(

Not sure if it's because I went waaay over my calorie target or maybe because I don't feel like I really know how many calories that I ate...

Can anyone else relate?


  • loriadm
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    Oh you bet. I'm trying to do this without feeling guilt or shame over foods I've eaten, as I think that is ultimately an unhealthy approach, but I still feel awful going over my allowance because I gave in to my desire to eat a brownie my little girl made. And then there was the damn ice cream that I shared with my husband after dinner. *sigh*

    There are going to be days I go over my allotted amount. I could have exercised to make up for it, but I didn't, which is also a source of shame/guilty. Of course I put in my stupid brownie and ice cream into the system anyway, but I sure wouldn't want to share my food tracker with anyone else. Wouldn't want them to see me fall down for the day, ya know?
  • taso42
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    So quick add 500 or your best guess.
  • mjsamee
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    :embarassed: yes shared a salted caramel brownie ice cream sundae with bacon from Denny's with my son...seriously...It was ridiculous ~!
  • pestilencerose
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    all the time. i went over yesterday and today.
  • FaerieCae
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    Usually I go over in the weekend, and I never want to log it in, especially if its a rest day! But when I do I usually find that I haven't gone over by too much, so I can get rid of that guilty feeling! Dont beat yourself up, just do a little more in your next workout!
  • anifani4
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    the mfp data base says oil popped popcorn is 55 calories per cup. Look under "snacks, popcorn" Or just popcorn and scroll way down until you come to this listing under "s" for snacks. If you can estimate the number of cups in the bowl you'll have your calorie count. Of course if you added butter you'll have to figure that in too.

    Let go of the guilt and shame. It's just food. Nobody is perfect. Going over your goal by a few hundred calories once in a while is not going to make you gain.
  • mjhedgehog
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    haha pretty much whenever I eat pizza because I end up eating a ton of it!
  • jenilla1
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    The only time I ever don't like to log something is if I've made cookies or zucchini bread or something else I don't want my sister to see. Because she will then expect me to bring some over and share my goodies and I'm selfish. Hope she doesn't read this post then check my diary. I just baked. (Don't worry I run to earn these treats!) :laugh:
  • LissaK1981
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    Oh yeah, I can relate....but be warned the last time I got lazy about logging I quit for a year, and gained it all back :/ Be very careful it doesn't become habit. I was so diligent for 6 months weighing everything. Then gave up and just couldn't get myself back into it. If I had stuck to it I would be at my goal weight instead of starting over with more to lose this time.
  • stines72
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    not yet.. knock on wood
  • I have a special meal called Cheats and Rewards just so I can log those moments I indulge in a special treat. No guilt logging it because it is acknowledged as a random event rather than a ongoing sneaky addition.
  • fluffygoodness
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    All the time and guesstimates don't make me feel better so I jis skip it like it didn't happen and jis remember it was an occasional treat not a dietary staple.
  • krissy_krossy
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    Nope. My diary is private so I don't feel anxiety regarding logging something. If I go over I can look back on it, go "oh well," and do better the next day. As for just being too lazy to figure something out, it takes me 10 minutes to log everything I put into my chicken enchiladas, but I do it. I'm only cheating myself if I don't log something. If I'm not sure, I estimate and "quick add."
  • LaurenLouG
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    ALL THE TIME. But it helps to log everything. I went through a phase of not logging alcohol on weekends because it was just too depressing but now I log it all. It's better to know, I find I drink much less often or I earn my guilty pleasures through tons of exercise.
  • kbeech06
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    Nope...I log it all. Sometimes its hard to figure out how to log something and that puts me off because its a pain in the butt, but I do the best I can. Not logging something just hurts me...and in all reality, even if I didn't log it, I know in my head that it should be there. I say just log it...that's why we DO log things....to be accountable to ourselves (not others).
  • Vailara
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    All the time! Anything that's difficult to measure! It is one disadvantage of calorie counting for me, that it's so much easier if you eat portioned, packaged food. Recently, my scales have been playing up which makes it even more difficult. I wish I had some sort of scanner built into my mouth which would just measure it all and upload it to MFP for me.
  • DaveHuby
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    Hey, logging is your choice, thing is that unlogged calories don't actually disappear!

    I tried a week or two pretending that wine and cider didn't need logging. It worked, they magically disappeared from my diary. Hooray!

    But where did the 2lb gain in the scale come from? Totally unfair cos my diary shows I was good all week!

    I'm back to truthful, however unpalatable.

  • Lupercalia
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    I do a rough estimate (and I usually tend towards a higher than lower estimate) and quick add. I did that the other day when I was cooking for my son's birthday--I kept licking spoons and all that. Who knows how many calories I actually ate? I just quick added 500 to cover it. I don't care if anyone on MFP sees that I had something "naughty" or went over my calories. Logging is for ME to know what I ate and what I didn't, not anyone else. I don't use my food diary to give people some sort of impression of how well I can refrain from eating certain foods, or how good I am at staying within my macros and calorie goals. I kept it private until a friend messaged asking me to open it as she thought she'd find it helpful to how I eat. That's fine, so now it's open to friends. I only had one weird MFP friend who got judgy at one point (over whey protein, of all things), but I deleted her. Problem solved. :drinker:
  • angelahammon
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    yeah last might, started of not to bad, ate a piece of carrot cake logged that and from then on went down hill, oops
  • PosterPens
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    oh hell no. i log EVERYTHING. living in denial only has gained me... 50+lbs! so no more denial for me.