weekly cal goal?

NewTnme Posts: 258 Member
Hey MFP's how many weekly calories should one be under? My weekly calorie goal has 2640 left for week with today left. Should I be under goal? Or try and meet my goal?


  • kayl3igh88
    kayl3igh88 Posts: 428 Member
    meet it, they're there for a reason :flowerforyou:
  • NewTnme
    NewTnme Posts: 258 Member
    Thank you:smile:
  • joyinlife77
    joyinlife77 Posts: 36 Member
    It depends. If you're under your weekly cal goal because of exercising, I'd leave it and eat normally. If not, maybe you can have one splurge meal or treat. I wouldn't try to eat all 2640 in one day, but that's just me. :)

    I would, however, have that glass of wine, piece of dessert, or another treat guilt free. :)