My 90 Day Adventure (pic heavy)

dixiewhiskey Posts: 3,333 Member
The 90 days has not been a grueling task or just about "weight loss" or even about my transformation but about growth as an individual. Growth as a young adult, mother of two children and professional who often used her life (and everyone else in it) as an excuse not to engage in a exercise and eat right. I had started before, in fact, many times over the years when I weighed less but was never able to keep going because I gave up. I didn't understand proper nutrition and viewed exercise as a boring, one-way street.

This time around was different - I ate over 1600 calories a day instead of 1200 (now eating 2100 mid March), experimented with various at home workout videos and when I was ready (February), joined the YMCA. I take part in their fitness classes atleast 4x a week which keep me entertained and challenged. I even stepped foot in the lifting area of my gym in March, usually occupied by men and was an area I had been incredibly scared of.

Although I have accomplished a lot in 90 days, the go-getter in me has set more goals set to keep me busy. I am just here to share what I've gone through in hopes that anyone out there who was the "old me" will become inspired and believe that they, too, can accomplish anything they put their minds too.

181.5LBS / 32% BF
33" Waist
39" Hips
39" Navel
23.5" Thighs
121.8 lbs of Lean Mass
59.2 lbs of Fat
Size 12 pants & dress

CURRENT ME (3/31/13):
166.5LBS / 24% BF
30" Waist
35" Hips
34" Navel
21" Thighs
126.9 lbs of Lean Mass
40.1 lbs of Fat
Size 6 pants

Day 8, front

Day 30

Day 55

Around Day 60, I fit a size Small pants instead of a Large!

First day in the lifting section of my gym

Day 80, front

Day 89/90

Day 89/90 front

Thanks for reading about my 90 day adventure :flowerforyou:


  • tonilizzy88
    tonilizzy88 Posts: 968 Member
    u go girl :)
  • angelpearls
    angelpearls Posts: 17 Member
    Incredible, great work!
  • dixiewhiskey
    dixiewhiskey Posts: 3,333 Member
    Thank you :smile:
  • Lauralei36
    Lauralei36 Posts: 61 Member
    You look fab! Well done.
  • janetsalley
    janetsalley Posts: 122 Member
    Congrats, good job u look great
  • niemannre
    niemannre Posts: 11 Member
    Awesome job! Keep it up!
  • RunForChai
    RunForChai Posts: 238 Member
    Incredible!! Congrats!
  • RunningRichelle
    RunningRichelle Posts: 346 Member
    I'm so excited for you!! You really hit the nail on the head. It's not just about weight loss. It's about growing up a little and taking charge of life! And you've done it... AWESOMELY!!! Congrats. I'm gonna nerd out and quote Jillian Michaels- "Health is the platform you build the rest of your life on." You've got a pretty awesome platform!
  • Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing!:smile:
  • MoniMoni2u
    MoniMoni2u Posts: 211 Member
    Holy Cow! That is the difference that 14 pounds made for you? You are a ROCK STAR! Nice job! :) Thanks for the pictures, measurements and story-line. They all provided different points of information and facts about eating/exercising. Keep it up, you are doing so well.
  • dixiewhiskey
    dixiewhiskey Posts: 3,333 Member
    Thank you all for reading, for the feedback and encouragement!! :)

    I never would have thought 14lbs lost would make such a difference but it did. There are a lot of stories here that talk about larger amounts of lbs lost but that never should be an primary indication of success.

    I focused a lot on weight training then moved to heavy lifting. This month was only a 3 lb loss but it's been slow and steady!
    One of the things I've learned here is patience. it hasn't really been one of my strongpoints but I've learned to be patient with my body and give it time to change.
  • maryannelk
    maryannelk Posts: 707 Member
    Awesome! Thanks for posting. You are inspirational!
  • jamaicanlady
    jamaicanlady Posts: 844 Member
    Way to go lady! Great results! Your next 90 days is going to be even more spectacular!
  • gr8pillock
    gr8pillock Posts: 374 Member
    SOOOOO inspiring. Currently just on the fourth week of our own 90 day challenge and this right here has relit the fire. 12 to a 6 in 90 days. It can be freakin done, and I'm doing it! (and I started at a 10! Bam!)
  • AnnaVee84
    AnnaVee84 Posts: 345 Member
    looking hot mamacita!!!! woooot! keep up the heavy lifting, YAY!!! :flowerforyou:
  • b3kah5
    b3kah5 Posts: 280 Member
    You look great!!!
  • skinneeme007
    skinneeme007 Posts: 24 Member
    Thank you for sharing your journey. You look incredible and are such an inspiration!!
  • hreu213
    hreu213 Posts: 76
    Great job! :) I started a 12 week challenge today and seeing what you've accomplished has got me feeling great about the next 3 months!
  • mjay26
    mjay26 Posts: 133 Member
    well done, you are looking fantastic!
  • valjean5
    valjean5 Posts: 17
    Very nice
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