Ok runners - do you do it alone, or with a group

Just answered a post about running with someone who paces slower than you by RunnerElizabeth, and it got me thinking about running with people in general - curious how many people prefer running alone, with a group, or a mix of the two. As I answered in that post...

I've been asked a couple of times to join a running group at work. It'd probably be nice to build some comraderie, but honestly, I really enjoy the "me and the road" aspect of running alone. After listening to inane babble at work all day, and then my kids screaming at each other, it's a welcome bit of downtime to just focus on breathing, do some introspection.

And, of course, I'm way too fast for all of the casual runners in the group at work, haha :)


  • jemimasmum
    jemimasmum Posts: 249 Member
    I go alone! Never tried running in a group but I think I would feel awkward - too fast for me, too slow for me (unlikely) - perhaps they'd be embarassed by my warthoglike breathing...I can't be doing the run and chat thing.
    Nah - better as a lone wolf.
  • LoosingMyLast15
    LoosingMyLast15 Posts: 1,457 Member
    alone. it's my me time and don't care to share. even when i race with friends i usually pull away or slow down whatever i need to do to end up alone. i'm so anti social when it comes to running.
  • rybo
    rybo Posts: 5,424 Member
    For a good while I was a solo runner. The occasional run with someone. Found a partner to run my long runs during marathon training with, but they were very annoying & I went back to lone running. Then I started running with a different partner and it's been great. Now when I run alone I'm lost & bored.
  • cbeckl
    cbeckl Posts: 79
    I run at 3am so the only "people" I run with are my dogs. It's my mental preparation for the day- where it's just me and the quiet of the outdoors.
  • Amy_Andrews
    Amy_Andrews Posts: 106
    I run alone. Love the ME time. I have on occassion run with my husband, and that's fine, but we don't chat, just run. So it's more like running alone with someone next to me, if that makes sense. But I like to get lost in my music, in my thoughts and just run.
  • n8dawg77
    n8dawg77 Posts: 216 Member
    It's always better in a group ... although I'm pretty good alone too! Man this is a hard question!!!!
  • Angelsrose12
    Angelsrose12 Posts: 37 Member
    I would love to run with someone. Unfortunately my running "partner" hasn't committed as much as I have and rarely joins me. I like having a partner for motivation and conversation/distraction. But I think it is better if you are running outside. If I am indoors I prefer running alone.
  • LoraF83
    LoraF83 Posts: 15,694 Member
    I run by myself sometimes. This is important because it allows me to go at a slower pace, which helps me work on my distance and endurance.

    I run with a partner most of the time. This is important because it allows me to have some social time and work on my racing pace.

    I run in a group occassionally. This is important because it helps me work on my speed.

    All of the above can be beneficial when applied properly.
  • misskerouac
    misskerouac Posts: 2,242 Member
    Generally, if I "go for a run" (not treadmill warm up stuff at the gym) it's because I need to relieve some stress or tension and get out of my head, so I like going alone.
  • nycgirlie87

    I do runs during the week solo but on the weekend when I do my long runs, I have my running buddy. There have been plenty of times when I wasn't sure I was going to reach my goal but having a friend there push you was what I needed.
  • dorianaldyn
    dorianaldyn Posts: 611 Member
    No one I know wants to head out at ~4:15 am from my house and run at exactly the pace I want to run at for exactly the distances I need to run according to my training schedule - so I run alone. I'm completely happy/fine with that. I listen to my music and think about all kinds of random stuff. Oh, and I do my best to avoid the skunks I see on the trail!

    I also try to run with some friends on the weekends and in those cases I go at whatever pace they want to go, do whatever run/walk intervals they want to do, etc. Those runs are more about fun and friendship for me.
  • ms_leanne
    ms_leanne Posts: 523
    I run alone. I'm in early days and I imagine slower than a lot of people. Plus, I like to keep to my own times and doing different shifts will run at different times of day either before or after work.
  • ValerieMomof2
    ValerieMomof2 Posts: 530 Member
    I do both, but I really prefer running with my friends. I really look forward to our Saturday running adventures! I have realized I am a very social exerciser
  • iWaffle
    iWaffle Posts: 2,208 Member
    It's rare that I run with anyone else. Honestly it's rare that I ever see anyone except for longer weekend runs. Pretty much just me and whatever animals are awake at that time of the morning. I did try running with someone last year but it never worked out. He couldn't do more than a mile and a half without walking. If I found someone that had the right pace it would be fun.
  • Duck_Puddle
    Duck_Puddle Posts: 3,233 Member
    Nobody runs as slow as me, so I'm alone. But I'm really cool with that. I run to clear my head. I don't listen to music because even that over occupies my brain. I think running with someone would take that head clearing aspect away-unless we didn't talk-in which case I'm not sure why I'd run with someone else.
  • silvergurl518
    silvergurl518 Posts: 4,123 Member
    i do it alone, with another person, but i haven't tried it with a group yet ;)


    oh, this is about running? (i do that too).
  • omma_to_3
    omma_to_3 Posts: 3,265 Member
    Alone. I'm too self conscious about my slowness. Plus, I have to have music to listen too! the only people I've ever run with were my kids.
  • iulia_maddie
    iulia_maddie Posts: 2,780 Member
    I only do it alone when I really, really have to. But I don't enjoy it as much. I have yet to do it with a group, though. One partner is enough.
  • What316
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    I go alone but only as I need all the air going in to breath and stay alive if I was with someone I'd have to talk and then down I go:)
  • Admiral_Derp
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    I only do it alone when I really, really have to. But I don't enjoy it as much. I have yet to do it with a group, though. One partner is enough.

    :laugh: :drinker: