You are defined by your mug

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I think anyone who drinks coffee has a mug, cup, or vat for the hard-core that is an extension of their personality. So show us your mug, or mugs!



  • TssCnn
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    Ha! I thought by "your mug" you meant the other "mug" as in your face....I was going to say that explains the adventure I had this AM!

    Only an Iced Coffee drinker, not a hot coffee drinker so I do not even own a mug. :noway:
  • NotRailMeat
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    I have two I use

    This one is for meetings at work with certain individuals (I make sure it faces towards them):


    The other is from my favorite coffee maker:

  • diodelcibo
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    What if one does not have one?
  • devilwhiterose
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    I have a white travel mug that has hot pink bedazzled sequins all over it. defines me. :tongue:
  • devilwhiterose
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    What if one does not have one?

    Then you are not defined.
  • ejbraun
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    My favorite ones say "Medicated & Motivated" and "Coffee makes me poop" :drinker:
  • Cr01502
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    Here's mine on the left.

  • Mine = Caffine based liquid motovation
  • iWaffle
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  • Shock_Wave
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    I think anyone who drinks coffee has a mug, cup, or vat for the hard-core that is an extension of their personality. So show us your mug, or mugs!

    Creative thread and lol strangely enough I do. Although as you can see because of the handle I rarely use it.

  • MagicalLeopleurodon
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    I have two. one is white and red with a big heart on it-ive had it forever (my dad got me flowers for valebtined day when i was young and they came in the mug)
    The other is black with a red cowboy on a bucking horse from marlboro-back when my dad was a heavy smoker. it was the first mug i ever had coffee in (back when i was three and got up at 4am to watch my dad get ready for work. he filled the mug with 90% milk and a splash of coffee so i could drink a cup with him in the morning).
  • _the_feniks_
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    My go-to mug is one I got for Father's Day with pictures of my daughter and I.
  • oregonzoo
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    I have 10 different travel mugs.

    On my desk today, is one from Disney World.
  • _DaniD_
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    I use sippy cups.
  • _crafty_
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    I have no less than 15 travel coffee mugs. All sizes and colors. Today mine is multi-colored polka dots.

    The mug I use at home is one my sister gave to me for my birthday. It has pink and black flowers on it and says "Sister" on one side and the other says "I can't remember if I'm the good sister or the evil one"
  • __RANDY__
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  • MelsAuntie
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    Nah. I'll drink out of anything. Selection soley dependant on nearness to hand.
  • wolverine66
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    For work: silver, metal Starbucks travel mug that keeps the coffee hot longer than any mug i have ever owned.

    preferred mug at home: a CafePress mug with the title of the sports podcast I used to do with my siblings.