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The worst part about losing weight....

My boobs are shrinking!! Wahhhh
Soon I'm going to need implants.... Hahah


  • dixieracer27
    dixieracer27 Posts: 79 Member
    I hear you! Ugh and now I need new bra's but I keep trying to wait until I lose more. Why do they have to shrink? lol
    TIDDYBEAR Posts: 63 Member
    You are EXACTLY right!!! I went from a 38D to a 36C. I guess we just have to take the bad with the good!
  • jillyk89
    jillyk89 Posts: 240 Member
    Well at least we know we are losing fat... I just wish they were the last to go not the first haha
  • pastryari
    pastryari Posts: 8,646 Member
    It's called a push up bra.
  • KathrynNicole86
    I was a 36DD at my heaviest....and at my lowest weight, 32B. I'm probably a 34D right now, but have already told my fiance to start saving for the boob job! LOL!

    Also...really working on my pecs! To lift what little boobs I have left when all the fat is gone :)
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,371 Member
    Wish i could give you some of mine. They're not going anywhere yet.
  • ChgingMe
    ChgingMe Posts: 539 Member
    push ups will help in that area. Perk them up without flattening them..
  • SmartWhatever
    SmartWhatever Posts: 718 Member
    It's called a push up bra.

    I went from a 40dd to a 36b...
    and there are lots of exercises that help.
    I'm happy with mine now...
  • jillyk89
    jillyk89 Posts: 240 Member
    Got it! Push up it is haha
  • harvo
    harvo Posts: 4,676 Member
    as a friend of mine on here would say.....

    Pics or it didn't happen....
  • HealthyVitamins
    HealthyVitamins Posts: 432 Member
    The headaches from lowering my sugar intake...ouch!
  • PennyM140
    PennyM140 Posts: 423 Member
    The worst part about losing I'm not losing any :sad:

    lol, can't think of anything i'd complain of if I was though. My boobs were too big anyway.
  • SnicciFit
    SnicciFit Posts: 967 Member
    It's called a push up bra.

    I was just having a convo with myself the other day... "Do I REALLY need to start buying push-up bras now that my girls have shrunk so much!" Sad, sad day.
  • sammniamii
    sammniamii Posts: 669 Member
    Ok, please tell mine this is SUPPOSED to happen because so far they are ignoring my protests! Lost "band" size but the damn cups are STILL THE SAME. (46dd to 40dd) Double grrrrr!

    Although the look on the "fitting" lady when I was in trying to see what size I know fit and her "tape measure" gave me something totally stupid - that look alone was worth it :)
  • Snikkee
    Snikkee Posts: 295 Member
    I dont mind the boob loss at all. It is worth it. What I do not like is having to work twice as hard to burn the calories I did when I was heavier.
  • jenbrenica
    my tail bone hurts when I sit down:)lol
  • mitch16
    mitch16 Posts: 2,113 Member
    Mine are changing shape, but I'm not sure they're really getting smaller... At my heaviest I was a 38C (we won't even talk about the 42FF that I wore when I was pregnant), and now I'm in a 32F. It's not an easy size to find--have to go to the bra fitters or order online.
  • jmc0806
    jmc0806 Posts: 1,444 Member
    is that I now can't find any shorts in my size that are actually in stock right now. Never had this issue before...
  • hausofnichele
    hausofnichele Posts: 531 Member
    I would gladly take small boobs over being this fat any day. The worst part for me, if I ever make it there, will be having extra skin! yuck!
  • tinak33
    tinak33 Posts: 9,883 Member
    I bought some really cute new bras, and now I'm hoping to lose a little bit in the boobage area because they keep popping out!! Ugh..... I border the C/D cup so I can wear both and I can't wear both.... it depends on the brand. SO annoying....